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August recurring payment for Kairos Childrens Fund
« on: June 12, 2019, 07:42:52 PM »
Kairos Children's Fund is a small sponsorship organization. Biblepay is supporting 10 of the Kairos Children's fund kids. We are a charity in the Philippines helping children to get a good education, knowing that this is the best way to help them climb out of poverty. 

This summer we had some projects. We didn't have to raise support through Biblepay since we had donors to cover the programs.

Go to our website to learn more about KCF. You can download our brochure and form here (

We also encourage sponsors who will want to develop a relationship with their scholar and desire to encourage them throughout their education.
I am requesting 700,000BBP, which at the current rate is $341 (as of June 13). This will cover the monthly expenses for 10 children. Details of the expenses and children sponsored by Biblepay are on our website.

Our Website:
Biblepay Children:
Facebook Page:

   Andrew Scribner - KCF Director
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