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Proposal on mass adoption campaign
« on: March 06, 2018, 04:22:25 AM »
Proposal to undertake an awareness creation campaign for BBP coin.
Hi! Respected ones
My name is Adams (Cryptoshot) on the Biblepay Forum, I am from Ghana, West Africa. I am presenting my first proposal to the community Dub "The Biblepay Conference and meetup tour"

This is a tour I intend to embark on, with the sole aim to promote  mass embracement of Biblepay as a cryptocurrency. Ghana is one of the favourable home ground for crypto currency growth in Africa as technological expansion among the youth is increasing everyday. The country has an approximate total population of over 27million people with the youth forming the majority cohort.
 However, when it comes to Crypto currency awareness, many are still newbies, with majority of the exposed ones  looking for the opportunity to be given proper orientation regarding the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Obviously, there is no argument when it comes to ranking Biblepay as one of the coins with best technology, Social intervention projects and future orientation. This stock of good qualities I believe when properly conveyed to  cryptocurrency investers in my setting, it will definitely catch their attention

I intend to embark on a nationwide tour dedicated to the spreading/awareness creation campaign for Biblepay. But for the mean time I am submitting this proposal to undertake at least 2  conferences in two regions namely; the Upper West Region and Upper East Region for the meantime, with the expectation of receiving at least 50 or more  people in each conference, giving  a projected attendance to be over 100people  for both.  Out of this two conferences, one will be targeted at university students as they are predominately the fans of cryptocurrencies. Another conference will be targeted at the working  force namely teachers and other civil servants, as they are now also in the run to search for prospective and better Crypto homes to rest their  fatigue. However, I will also be meeting some social and religious (churches) working groups as a means of introducing the wonderful initiative of Biblepay coin and the need for them to come on board for business partnering. I intend to use 4 weeks ( a month) to roll out this project. This I believe by the grace of the Lord will bring many on board to buy into the idea of Biblepay. I therfore humbly appeal to the community to help me realize my dream of helping the community grow by supporting me with an amount of $885 USD (276,562 BBP) of Biblepay coins at market value of (0.0032) to enable me execute the activities well.The Detailed budget Description is presented below.

The conferences shall be organized during weekends for the purpose of recording high attendance.
During each conference, the audience shall be taken through the following;
√ A full presentation on the uniqueness of Biblepay and our Philosophy of giving back to society
√ How to create a Biblepay wallet
√A training on how to trade for Biblepay on the Exchange
√ how Biblepay can become a micro and macro medium of exchange for goods and services

1. I shall submit to the community a video recording and pictures of all the activities and presentations I execute in all conferences
2. Publish it on social media for the benefit of the general public
3. Submission of receipts for all transactions

Transportation to and from the various Towns= $95 (29678 BBP)
Accommodation during all conferences= $8 (25,000 BBP)
Hiring of conference rooms for the 2 meetings= $250 (78,125 BBP)
Biblepay T-shirts printing= $190 (59,375 BBP)
Refreshment for participants= $180 (56,250 BBP)
Camera for video and picture recordings=$70 (21,875 BBP)
BBP tokens to comitted participants, as motivation and to show practicability=$20(6250 BBP)
TOTAL BUDGET= $885 USD  (276, 562 BBP)
Thank You all for your support towards the promotion of this wonderful community, and I plead for the support and approval from all the noble ones.
Thank You
By: Cryptoshot