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Thanks Rob.
Now it all works like a charm :)

So, the test scenario was successful.
I was able to do all steps.

I've tried to change my pic.
On menu panel it's changed, but it didn't changed on prayer.

BTW site is now working good on both phone and PC.

Now, I was able to login and to fill a Prayer request.
On mobile it's now looking good a it's working nice.

But after removing that "left banner" it's problem with site on PC :)
Menu is now hiding some side part. I think, that this was the reason, why it was there.
I'm able to hide the menu (with close cross) but I'm not able to take it back. Only way is to get back in history to previous side.
It's interresting, that when it works on mobile, it's not working on PC and vice versa :) :(

Link on forum is working, but it didn't login me on the site even if I'm logged on forum.
E.g. opened link is but it didn't worked.
And when I click on login on Foundation site, it transfer me to Forum, where I'm logged :(

On the other site the foundation site and "new" menu is working a lot better then those drop down menus.
But on mobile phone there is some kind of "frame" on left side of site and it's not using whole display (orange rectangle on attached picture).
This frame is on whole side.

I tried it and on mobile phone its really hard to use it. I think it needs some improvement in this area, because todays traffic is made mostly on mobile phones.
On PC its working good, but personally I dont like those drop down menus.
To that login. Won't it be possible to login with forum credentials? I really don't want to create more credentials on one site...
I'm sorry to be not so positive, but I try to think like "normal" user and have it user friendly.

I was looking on and tickers DAC or DEC are not available.
You have to look for others.
And for that name... Like you said, 3 words are very long name and 3 syllables will be better.
What about something like DArity?
But only available ticker for this name was ITY :)
It looks that almost all tickers are reserved :)
And to the rebranding. I like it. I like dual brand, but won't it be too complicated?
Rob, don't take it personally, but Biblepay sound too Christian.
I know, many of us are here due to that name and coin message, but it looks like there aren't many of us and we need a change to get more people.
How if it'll be working in dual brand? It will be still in one chain? I really dont see into this :)

BTW: It's possible to put Smart-Contract reward on main screen recent tx?

Hi all,
I was out for a moment, but it looks, that it's all working good for me.
What is needed to test? Some special scenarios? (but except MN)
It looks that taking tBBP to WCG only from CPK address is working for me good.
But I don't know if it's instantsend working good.
When I sent tBBP to myself, it everytime needs 6 block to confirm.
BTW. It'

Thanks for answers.
That question about more WCG accounts was just a curiosity.
I don't have more accounts, so I wouldn't be able even to test it. Thanks for clarification.

Wau, I received my first wcg reward :)
So, it looks that I've made it all good :)
I have few questions :)
1. Rob, what happens if my wallet will be closed during "next_podc_gsc_transmission"? Is it enough to send "sendgscc wcg" once per day?
2. When the wallet is open, it's needed to have it unlocked?
3. Will setautounlockpassword and -headlesspassword works if it's needed?
4. When I send "sendgscc wcg" manually e.g. 10 blocks before "next_podc_gsc_transmission" and I forget to close wallet will the gsc tx run again?
5. What happens if my coinage in that second tx will be lower then expected, but in first tx it was enough?
6. It's possible to associate more wcg accounts into one wallet?

So, after latest update I'm finally in :)
Thank you for catching it.
Code: [Select]
10:41:19 exec rac
  "Command": "rac",
  "cpid": "04fba56d89a5eb38b1b82f8a6240132c",
  "CPK": "ygjQUutb2MnpVJKyjQ3mTne4rg71FFPcwg",
  "wcg_teamid": 35006,
  "next_podc_gsc_transmission": 15375,
  "team_name": "Biblepay",
  "researcher_nickname": "orbis",
  "researcher_country": "SLOVAKIA",
  "total_wcg_boinc_credit": 7973175.77,
  "total_wcg_points": 55812230.39,
  "external_purse_total_coin_age": 50251.48444444445,
  "coin_age_percent_required": 0.99,
  "NOTE!": "Coins must have a maturity of at least 5 confirms for your coin*age to count.  (See current depth in coin control).",
  "coin_age_required": 81196.20475721419,
  "wcg_id": 1065540,
  "rac": 5978.138139

10:42:02 sendgscc wcg
  "Results": true

Can you do me a favor... please try the exec associate again with force=true after it, and see if it shows your CPID and RAC right after association?
CLARIFICATION:  Plz do it this way:
exec associate wcg_username wcg_verificationcode true

Ill have to try to reproduce this; so far Ive associated my cpid 4 times successfully.  Lets also see if anyone else has tested this yet.
So, it looks that I'm totally noob, because it still doesn't work.
Code: [Select]
exec associate orbis XXXXX true

  "Command": "associate",
  "wcg_member_id": 1065540,
  "wcg_points": 55771096,
  "cpid": "",
  "rac": 0,
  "researcher_nickname": "",
  "Purse Status": "Successful",
  "External Purse Address": "ygjQUutb2MnpVJKyjQ3mTne4rg71FFPcwg",
  "Remember": "Now you must fund your external address with enough capital to make daily PODC/GSC stakes.",
  "Results": true,
  "Welcome Aboard!": "You have successfully joined the BiblePay Proof Of Distributed Comuting (PODC) grid, and now you can help cure cancer, AIDS, and make the world a better place!  God Bless You!"
After six block still nothing and here is result of exec rac:
Code: [Select]
  "Command": "rac",
  "Error": "Not Linked.  First, you must link your researcher CPID in the chain using 'exec associate'.",
I checked that associate  command many times, it looks good, but I'm now not sure because it still doesn't work :)
I read your posts again and I found, that in this post you wrote this:
The normal newbie would do this:
exec cpk nickname
wait 5 blocks
exec associate orbis wcg_userid wcg_code
wait 5 blocks
type :
exec rac
So, I tried it didn't help too (my nickname on WCG and CPK is the same "orbis"):
Code: [Select]
exec associate orbis orbis XXXX true
Unable to find orbis.  Please type exec rac to see helpful hints to proceed.  (code -1)
I really don't know what I'm doing bad :(
I'm using downloaded WIN wallet 1469.
BTW after each associate it still get 5k tBBP from me:
I've tried do make "exec cpk orbis" again, but it didn't worked, because nickname is already taken.

BTW, it's needed to run any command after associate (e.g. sendgscc) to run WCG within BBP network? Or it's enough to wait?

No wonder you are having so many issues Orbis, you are on the wrong chain, please resync with "-erasechain=1" then verify this hash:

getblockhash 14700

Then, start over with the 'exec cpk your_nickname' then the 'exec associate wcg_username wcg_verification_code' command, and see if that is successful?

I will not be able to track the 5K you refer to until you are on the same chain as me.  If it happens again please re-paste.

Sorry, but I was few days away. Now It looks that I'm on right chain and associate was successful.
Code: [Select]
  "Command": "associate",
  "wcg_member_id": 1065540,
  "wcg_points": 55771096,
  "cpid": "",
  "rac": 0,
  "researcher_nickname": "",
  "Purse Status": "Successful",
  "External Purse Address": "ygjQUutb2MnpVJKyjQ3mTne4rg71FFPcwg",
  "Remember": "Now you must fund your external address with enough capital to make daily PODC/GSC stakes.",
  "Results": true,
  "Welcome Aboard!": "You have successfully joined the BiblePay Proof Of Distributed Comuting (PODC) grid, and now you can help cure cancer, AIDS, and make the world a better place!  God Bless You!"
My associate TX was again with 5k tBBP. here is: 0fcb5b796acc141badc30954ac5fafa3d4d1fd458398b24cbde31ea2da0642a7
I sent all of my tBBP (75k) to external purse so I'll be waiting if it goes good. Thanks

Ok your right, there is a problem when people do the 'exec join' instead of 'exec associate' it puts you in a state you cannot escape from!  So I had to add a line of code to allow the wallet to honor the 'true' (force) to always re-send the association in the next version.

For now, could you please try this:  exec unjoin wcg
Then wait just 2 blocks, then do the 'exec associate' again?  (With force=true)?  Then I think it will go out.

You should not be sending 5000 bbp for association; could you please give me the txid so I can analyze how that occurred?
Here are my results :)
Code: [Select]
17:17:50  exec unjoin wcg
  "Command": "unjoin",
  "Results": true
So, it looks good.
Then, after 2 blocks, my first try:
Code: [Select]
17:22:47  exec associate orbis XXXXX true
Unable to find orbis.  Please type exec rac to see helpful hints to proceed.  (code -1)
So, I wasn't successful.
After 6+ blocks:
Code: [Select]
18:26:00 exec associate orbis XXXXX true
Sorry, we found you as a researcher in WCG, but we were unable to locate you on the team.  Please join team BiblePay or team Gridcoin to proceed.  Please type 'exec rac' to see more helpful hints.  NOTE:  You may check back again once every 12 hours to see if you are on the team.  (code -1)
Still unsuccessful :(
It looks, that I'll wait for new wallet version.
BTW: after "exec unjoin" there were -5000tBBP tx again: 875df26d46d3667f1443a5f3e13aedddad0a0142687faf28c893047e42ad6986
So, it looks, that "join" and "unjoin" tx are "paid".

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