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Archived Proposals / Mike (nananaminer) - Pool mining Script
« on: December 21, 2017, 12:51:23 AM »
Two months ago I created an automated script for auto installing and mining BBP on the pool.
The script was created using Togo's guide.

This is sort of a test proposal for real BBPs.

Posted here:

Script here:


3 hours to compile and test the script, 2 hours debugging and support. [$30 x 3 hours + $15 x 2 hours]
I am requesting $120 for it.

$120 = 16692 BBP (@ 12/21/2017 @ 6:43am (UTC))


This proposal is approximately 0.28% of total superblock budget.

80% for Miners and Sanctuaries sounds good to me. Since 10% goes to charity, currently we are left with only 5% for IT and development. 
This is not like Zcash where 20% of rewards goes to founder's fund. Since we have DAO set up to manage the proposed 10% fund, the community has the control.

PR is very important for Biblepay since the coin is belief based and there are a lot of questions going to be raised again and again for which few dedicated members answering them would be helpful.

My take on the break down is
80% for Miners + Sanctuaries
10% for Charity
7.5% for IT and development
2.5% for PR activities.

Only constraint I would incorporate is the PR fund should only be used in periodic cycles (say 3 months) for prominent activities like branding/exchange listing instead of handouts for minuscule tasks like tweets every day. Long period because that way we can store a significant amount of coin and use it for expensive tasks like listing BiblePay on good exchanges like Cryptopia. Cryptopia alone charges about 8 BTC for listing.

Like Rob said, if we dig into the IT fund for other purposes we would end up compromising the life of the coin.

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