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BiblePay discussion / Idea: Advertise Biblepay BBP
« on: November 10, 2017, 05:37:27 PM »
Banner Advertising At Forums
Advertise at forums, such as christian forums,
there are some big ones out there...

but make more forums here at before doing the advertising,
to make it easier for people to post in categories they find here.
I am willing to post for you to fill up the forum more, for some bbp in return :)
but please make more forum boards first


Hi, I notice that more sites associated with crypto are now using 2FA images for so-called 'security'
at their websites, such that users have to select certain images correctly in order to access their accounts
on the website.

and I am thinking there may be corruption   behind the scenes at the 2FA image creation companies side of things,
or that somehow people are corrupting those images,
and some are trying to use hypnotism(with subliminal images inserted in the midst of the 2fa images for example) to alter the minds of people who are staring at those 2fa images
when they are trying to select images to access their accounts on websites.
There are the evil and wicked out there who try to put subliminal evil thoughts into the minds of people
through their images( there might be a virus on the computer which is corrupting the 2fa images you look at on the internet, put there by some satanic evil, wicked, perverted persons over the internet)
That is why I do not like the 2fa images for so-called 'security' because it seems they might be used
for evil like that, and what is the motivation behind the evil attacks?
One possible motivation for this wickedness is because of the money involved with crypto,
but these persons wantonly and even randomly 'target' people over the internet.

And what about corruption of the forum software or forum software makers?
I think, when there is money involved, corruption imay be more likely.
What about  possible corruption at cpanel?

sites associated with crypto need loads of security,
partly due to the people involved with crypto having lots of computer or programming training
biblepay coin will need to work hard on security of the websites associated with biblepay

General Discussion / Forum needs more forum boards
« on: November 01, 2017, 11:43:11 AM »
Here is an incomplete list of some forum board ideas:
1- Mining forum
2- Trading, exchange forum
3- Introductions/Newcomers forum (this is where there might be giveaways to newcomers  and introductions)
4- News, press forum to link to news stories on the internet about biblepay, at least noteworthy news
5- Meta forum, to discuss any issues with this forum itself
6-  Invisible to public, private forum for members only, or only certain members,
a lounge forum

This is an incomplete list, go ahead and give some ideas about what you would like to see at the forum

General Discussion / The Lord Leads Me To Walk Beside Still Waters
« on: November 01, 2017, 05:27:37 AM »

Blessed Be The Lord :)

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