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Those wells looks fantastic. It's really good to look at it, but on the other hand it's really sad that still many people don't have access to clean water source :( Thanks Biblepay for donating this.

1000 BBP

I have upgraded 5 PCs  to 1528 and all are stucked on 219999. 2 on WIN a 3 on Ubuntu. I've tried everything. -erasechain and reassesschains for many times, I've tried to ban all peers on wrong chains, but nothing helps. What to do?

1000 BBP

Normally, it would be, but Ill explain why not.
A) The location of the install directory is set by you.  So what I usually do is install testnet builds in my program files\testnet directory (for the EXE) on windows then I run them with the -conf=biblepaytest.conf when I test them, just to ensure my binary never gets mixed with the current prod binary.  Then you can test on your home windows box without a problem.

Problem was, that previous testnets used "c:\Program Files (x86)\" and prod "c:\Program Files\"...
Now I don't see this change and testnet was installed in classic prod "c:\Program Files\" :)
Next time I'll take a better look on that and install it in different folder again :)
BTW: Today I was get over that stucked block, so I'm synced in testnet

Hi Orbis, is this windows version?
yes. W10 64bit.
And BTW, it installed in same directory as proper BBP and my BBP standard wallet is in new version...
Is that problem?

So, I've tried to run testnet BBP and I have problem to connect.
I have 1521, but don't know if it's 1521b, or not. I've downloaded it few hours back from first post of this thread.
I'm stucked on block 51851.
I've tried clean install, blockchain delete, ... but nothing worked. Still stucked.
Any idea?


The concept has the following cons:
PODC would need to be eliminated to raise the POOS budget.
More administrative burden for each sanctuary owner (approving mining permits monthly).
Stringent verification requirements to prevent fraud.

Hi Orbis, its nice to see you have been hanging around!  No problem--

So, we are not retiring PODC, so you can still receive PODC and RandomX rewards.

POOS simply requires all the existing sanctuaries to re-lock their capital, and sponsor a Cameroon-One orphan for $40 a month in order to receive sanctuary rewards.  (Otherwise they get POOS banned in the sanctuary list).

You still have to keep the machine sending GSC stakes for PODC though daily (but of course for POOS, you dont need to power up your home PC, but you need to have a dedicated sanc running instead).

As far as POOS being connected to a sanc, take a look at the QT testnet sanc list.  Cameroon one will make a bio for each sanctuary.  If it exists, the sanc gets paid.  If it does not exist, the sanc starts getting banned, etc.  Cameroon will EDIT the bio if the user falls behind in payments.

Sancs pay a dynamic reward (depending on how many exist) so I believe that completely answers that question, but let me know.

I added a blurb in the DAC (coin-name) discussion thread that I think we should wait and put that decision off for 6 months.  At this point I personally lean a little tiny bit more to BiblePay again, based on our existing reputation we have built up.  The votes for it were really mostly neutral.

Thanks for answers.
I was asking about retiring PODC, because I read POOS wiki and there is written, that it's neccessary to retire PODC to be effective.
Maybe in 2-3 months I'll be lowering down my VPS, so my income from PODC won't be so interresting as now :)

As I understand it correctly, what look worse to me is POOS on MN. I was hardly try to get enough BBP for my next MN (even with thanks to your fractional sanc :)), but now it looks, that I won't be able to maintain even one sanc, so my BBP will be laying down on my wallet and not earning anymore :(
Now my sanc gives me around 100k BBP which is around 10-12 and I think it won't be profitable even with lower number of sancs.  $40 a month is too much for me. Sorry. But it will be better to others :)

I'll try to check testnet before mandatory to take a look on changes.

Have a nice day to all :)

Hi all,
sorry for not be here for a longer time, but I have busy time at home and work :) :(
But I'm still keeping an eye on BBP :)
Today I have try to read, what will be changed in next mandatory and I'm little bit confused.
Rob, can you please try to explain me what and will be changed?
As I read it, I get that there will be POOS, but I have few question.
POOS will be here instead of PODC, so it won't be necceccary use PC power to take rewards?
What is the lowest possible donation to POOS? Or it still 38$?
I'm asking, because my payment for my VPSs is 12/month and that is maximum what I'm possible to invest monthly. Does it mean, that I won't be able to mine?
How will be POOS connected to sanctuary? Will it be necceccary to donate for sanctuary rewards too?
How will be the rewards (payouts) changed?
Will be the coin name changed (BBP to DAI)?

Once again, I'm sorry, that I didn't helped in testnet this time.

Thanks Rob.
Now it all works like a charm :)

So, the test scenario was successful.
I was able to do all steps.

I've tried to change my pic.
On menu panel it's changed, but it didn't changed on prayer.

BTW site is now working good on both phone and PC.

Now, I was able to login and to fill a Prayer request.
On mobile it's now looking good a it's working nice.

But after removing that "left banner" it's problem with site on PC :)
Menu is now hiding some side part. I think, that this was the reason, why it was there.
I'm able to hide the menu (with close cross) but I'm not able to take it back. Only way is to get back in history to previous side.
It's interresting, that when it works on mobile, it's not working on PC and vice versa :) :(

Link on forum is working, but it didn't login me on the site even if I'm logged on forum.
E.g. opened link is but it didn't worked.
And when I click on login on Foundation site, it transfer me to Forum, where I'm logged :(

On the other site the foundation site and "new" menu is working a lot better then those drop down menus.
But on mobile phone there is some kind of "frame" on left side of site and it's not using whole display (orange rectangle on attached picture).
This frame is on whole side.

I tried it and on mobile phone its really hard to use it. I think it needs some improvement in this area, because todays traffic is made mostly on mobile phones.
On PC its working good, but personally I dont like those drop down menus.
To that login. Won't it be possible to login with forum credentials? I really don't want to create more credentials on one site...
I'm sorry to be not so positive, but I try to think like "normal" user and have it user friendly.

I was looking on and tickers DAC or DEC are not available.
You have to look for others.
And for that name... Like you said, 3 words are very long name and 3 syllables will be better.
What about something like DArity?
But only available ticker for this name was ITY :)
It looks that almost all tickers are reserved :)
And to the rebranding. I like it. I like dual brand, but won't it be too complicated?
Rob, don't take it personally, but Biblepay sound too Christian.
I know, many of us are here due to that name and coin message, but it looks like there aren't many of us and we need a change to get more people.
How if it'll be working in dual brand? It will be still in one chain? I really dont see into this :)

BTW: It's possible to put Smart-Contract reward on main screen recent tx?

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