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March 2023 - Red Sea Release
« on: November 12, 2022, 07:51:18 PM »
March 2023 Release - Red Sea

Welcome to TestNet - Red Sea!

Testing commences: Dec 12th, 2022
Testing Ends: February 12th, 2023

In this thread we will be testing:

- HLS264 Video Conversion Mining on Sanctuaries

- Verify emissions for core mining subsidy, core sanc reward, daily governance, and monthly governance

- Generating a deterministic Read Access token, and a BBP Upload token

- Monthly file storage debit process for a storage user

- Uploading a sample video, playing a sample video as a user, accessing or removing your files independently from the BBP network (disaster recovery) or customer exit

- POVS sanc banning

Explain Changes to Entire BiblePay Network:   

- Explain transition from RandomX to Video Mining

- Explain usage instructions from customer and user perspective

Wiki Articles:

Older - Create a Sanc:

Older - Installing BMS:

Starting Version:

(Please ensure your version is greater than this, in order to sync.  See post #2 for current hash.

Testnet Download Links:

NOT Ready:
     Windows 64-bit:
     Linux 64 bits II (QT/biblepayd/biblepay-cli) zip:
     (Inquire first before downloading) MacOS QT:

To self compile:
git pull origin develop

TODO during release:
Move Mobile Endpoint for mobile wallet unchained:
From to


Create a biblepaytest.conf file with the following contents:
(optional:  debug=1)

Place the file in ~/.biblepay

Start testnet by typing:
./biblepay-qt -conf=biblepaytest.conf

(Note the blocks and chainstate will sync into the ./biblepay/testnet3 folder.

NOTE: If you only have one machine, you can run in testnet side by side a prod node.

To create a TestNet Sanctuary:


                                                                   OUR BIBLEPAY CORE TESTERS

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#2 -

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