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General Support - Solved / Re: wallet hi cpu usage
« on: June 08, 2020, 04:16:38 AM »
ok, thanks for the info.

General Support - Solved / Re: wallet hi cpu usage
« on: June 05, 2020, 12:05:41 PM »
yah, i see. I have gen=1
Now it doesnt make sense to have gen=1 in biblepay.conf since its mining xmr?  I wasnt here for a while and I am a bit  :o

General Support - Solved / wallet hi cpu usage
« on: June 04, 2020, 01:07:55 PM »
wallet is eating a lot of cpu power 30% on a 16 thread cpu. Is this normal?

 gen=0 is the first thing I did.

I saw in debug " 0 addresses found from DNS seeds" so I was planning in adding them manualy but ok.
prict from previus post

no, there is no reason. didnt even know I am hiding it.
I uncomment this below and now it got the connection.

nope, something doesnt work at all. Like I am on my own

what are the nodes, i saw them in previus version, but cant remeber.

We should technically re-sync better on this version (I mean the initial sync after upgrading only), as now we have classic's code for mandatory upgrades in.

BTW:  Please dont erase any files, just upgrade.
ha, to late. I deleted everything and now I have a problem, no peers

I've been having a hard time resyncing every time we have a mandatory upgrade.  I know part of the problem is when we force a new protocol version, it knocks all the sancs offline.  (I have an old biblepay classic feature I am going to port that prevents that, allowing us to sync easier but still forces us to upgrade), so I will need to put this in today.

Two other things, I have realized one of the reasons we have trouble syncing when the diff is < .02 is because the wallet is having a hard time figuring out which fork is valid (in its diff calculator).  I believe we will need a couple consensus rules added.  For one, we should only add and enforce ABNs when the diff is > 1.0 in testnet (and a higher number in prod).  I think this would help us immensely (coming to consensus).  The other is the same with anti-gpu.  We shouldnt really be monitoring or enforcing that if the diff < 1.0.
what about checkpoints? I saw in some wallets using checkpoints for easier sync or what.

i have the same hash

I send you some "change"

After resyncing my sancs and starting them I see this hash:


getblockhash 40668



Anyone agree with mine?

well I resynced and my last block is 34929

I had to delete everything, than it synced headers as well.

I am stuck the whole day at Syncing Headers 96,3% , progress bar  is  2sec behind.

getblockhash 36743


emm, I have differnet hash on that block like yesterday-


getblockhash 25354



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