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Re: BiblePay | 10% to Orphan-Charity | RANDOMX MINING | Sanctuaries (Masternodes)
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Status update on Development - and Future Projects

Roadmap (Milestone deadlines have been verified, and everything is accurate):

Highlight for this Christmas:
- We want to go live with BiblePay social media.  This would move out of Beta and into production.
- This gives us a YouTube compatible presence (one for churches, one for users), and we will also have a Facebook type presence (that is not released yet).
- Facebook gives us Christian friends, find a friend, and a prayer network.
- We are currently integrating with a successful prayer platform that went out of business!  We will provide more details on this as those features are release in Beta (ETA:  beginning of November 2021).  What's exciting about this is the CEO of that platform is joining BiblePay to give us authorization to use his ideas, and he's helping us with it; this should make our prayer system very powerful, and our #1 focus is Gospel features for the Kingdom, this is in alignment with that vision.
- Unchained is going to be rolled out on more than one domain!  This is exciting also: meaning that we actually have a potential client that wants to brand biblepay.  That's all I can say about this at this time; ETA end of December 2021.

So remember, you can play with, you can send and receive funds in TestNet or MainNet mode, but it is still in beta.  Help us make it prod ready by Christmas.
(It will also be an alternative wallet for BiblePay that works on cell phones and does not require the core wallet to run).

BiblePay Core Wallet:
We plan on releasing Harvest at Christmas also.  This new version of the core wallet strips it down to the basic fundamentals, for high security.  All of our custom features are being moved to  We will ask everyone to move their Portfolio Builder positions over to unchained as well.

NFTs:  We are moving these to the sidechain.  In the mean time before Christmas, you can expiriment with those in unchained.

Amazon:  Our storefront still works, if anyone wants to SPEND biblepay:


BiblePay TV:  BiblePay TV is still in alpha.  I confirm that its still running because I have a family member using it.  With low demand, I imagine we will keep this project in the background.
 Once more interest is shown, we will add more production orphans to BiblePay-TV.

Don't let any naysayers tell you BiblePay is dying;  it's not true.  I've been receiving phone calls (7 hours of calls this week) from interested investors.  One owned a $6 billion copper mine and is Christian.  Another is an unbelievable opportunity but requires mass integration, etc.  Bottom line is good things are coming and God is opening doors for us.  I have volunteers helping me, working in the background to field the calls and assist for this next quarter.  We have radio ads planned for the end of this year to rollout the 'new' feature. 

God bless everyone and their families.

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Re: BiblePay | 10% to Orphan-Charity | RANDOMX MINING | Sanctuaries (Masternodes)
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That's some great news/updates! 
I just wanted to say to any interested readers, I DO NOT think BiblePay is dying. Market/history/volume shows a steady climb up, over a longer timeframe. That's "good stability", folks.  Associates/buss/charities/investors all check out, and there are several.  I've spent the time researching BBP for a couple of weeks, prior to recently joining/mining/supporting. I support this project! I HODL and share!

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Re: BiblePay | 10% to Orphan-Charity | RANDOMX MINING | Sanctuaries (Masternodes)
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