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Hello Daniel.

Even if you have no masternode, still just running core client helps out.  Also im thinking biblepay 20 satoshis in the future!
Thanks for all your kind words.  Thats how i feel aswell.  Lets hope and pray biblepay goes to a brighter future, i feel theres alot of good that we can do.

I love the ability to tie up value of other coins I wouldn't normally spend money on because of their expensiveness to BBP. I hodl hardcore and when I do spend biblepay its a donation. I am going to put more cash into BBP. And try ETH staking too.

This is the most fun project to participate in in crypto and I do marketing and promotion work for Devcoin  ;D

General Support - Solved / Re: Southxchange BBP Wallet offline
« on: March 21, 2021, 05:51:55 PM »
I turn off my BiblePay Core software (with my wallets in it) every day and reboot the computer so my system performs efficiently and my CPU processing power is faster. Seems everything is going offline (Fedwire lolol, Square's CashApp customer support, etc) this past quarter, and lately :)...

Probably a good thing for hodlers don't worry!


Oh to be a master node :(

Started TeamBiblepay on BOINC - WCG January 6, 2020. Crunched viruses, cancer, etc all summer. As a former ICU patient when I was just 27 and a lung surgery survivor - PODC appealed to me.

FF to today. I never stopped updating and testing, crunching, and running BiblePay. I finally figured out UTXO mining last week and staked my DOGE as well as two of my larger quantities of BBP, one with the DOGE and two solo - so I suppose three. I am not SELLING this coin, it is a project that hits home.

I love the development, the technological advances not only provide meaningful work for my poor Core i3 CPU, but enough for me to leave RandomX, BOINC Manager, etc running almost 24/7, stopping for short times when I have to use my only PC.

And I bought about 1/5 of what I've accrued in BBP, maybe more, having given much away for a guppie my size to donations and the various philanthropic projects you run on this project when I come across them.

But alas, here I am. I remember the first fork I had on July 4, 2019 and I thought I hit the mother load to make a difference. Turned out it helped me realize on the dot when I need to update software. And update I have. I don't wait to be reminded, I regularly check.

Rob, Sunk, MIP, Togo - everyone else I haven't named. You make this worth while. I just put what little cash I had into boosting my organic 670,000 BBP into the 850000 region. I feel I may never make it to master node. This coin is catching steam and why should it not - its Dash meets FIlecoin meets the core protocol of Bitcoin, plus Education, Monero merge Mining (fair CPU mining yields for all! Even my poor Intel Core i3 from 2017 --- I hope to make it to the top of that 4500001 mark because I wanna be here validating txs when the herd comes and joins us. I grew up Catholic, I am not a saint. In fact, God probably would put me on timeout the day I arrive in heaven, but my heart is pure - always had a soft spot for humanity.

Rebrand or not, keep the bible inside, it makes it special. Everything in Bitcoin is Genesis this, Exodus that anyway. We are involved in a top 10 project. Nothing and I mean nothing I run of all the coin daemons and platforms has the potential and ingenuity of this one. It's almost as though Rob, Sunk, the testers, MIP Togo and other devs have tied together the perfect vision.

And I'm thankful for that.

If you have ways for me to achieve masternode status by working hard toward it - feel free to float it by me in PM or email me at [email protected] I work as a developer with Devcoin, but if you need anyone to test software (I already do), market by writing reviews, or spread good word - I'd do it for free.

I only wish I got here in 2017 instead of the end of 2018. But I am happy never the less.

Thanks fellas. You are the type of people that lure me to projects. Sometimes I just can't take the greed in this space. The project and the vision will take care of the value in our pockets long run. I mean this project freaking Roku mined. Rob, you're ahead of your time brother.

Kind regards,

Daniel Treccia
Chicago, IL based dreamer

Oh and I have tons of Devcoins if you ever wanna use some for staking. I have a feeling our third altcoin ever created after Bitcoin (7.22.2011) will have its day. And I like to share. Checkout our genesis block and then checkout the one on BTC Block 0 on ;) - notice a similar P2PKH?? Haha.

Code: [Select]
Abe logo Devcoin 0
Short Link:

Hash: 0000000062558fec003bcbf29e915cddfc34fa257dc87573f28e4520d1c7c11e
Next Block: 000000002f751a5066b708d65240c63128183fb67e009027f52cac8a6eb4f81a
Height: 0
Version: 1
Transaction Merkle Root: e61339a40aa4e90e983fe0d64cf09eed5fa1e6eac227b6761f06ac7af1929baf
Time: 1311305081 (2011-07-21 23:24:41)
Difficulty: 1.000 (Bits: 1d00ffff)
Cumulative Difficulty: 1.000
Nonce: 3085127155
Transactions: 1
Value out: 50
Transaction Fees: 0
Average Coin Age: 0 days
Coin-days Destroyed: 0
Transaction Fee Size (kB) From (amount) To (amount)
e61339a40a... 0 0.225 Generation: 50 + 0 total fees [b]1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa: 50[/b]


In awe of this projects potential thank you Rob!

General Support - Solved / Re: Wallet download links are broken
« on: March 09, 2021, 06:11:30 PM »
Latest update is for Windows 64 bit but I'm seeing a peer running

Code: [Select]
[quote author=Rob Andrews link=topic=748.msg9890#msg9890 date=1610564818]
So hopefully, everyone here may potentially agree with the vision for UTXO mining.

It obviously needs an in depth explanation and wiki page.

On a side note, its a pity that Biblepay hasn't appealed to a broad range of Christians yet.  We've not only not scratched the surface but we haven't even scratched the wax on the surface.  We only need 3BTC of crypto buyers on SX to put our ticker back on track for free-floating.  Its a real shame to start out in the hole on anything.  So that is prayer #1 - Im praying that God sends a few mystery buyers to buy up the latent coins on SX to start us off with a 'square' start.

Anyway, the idea with UTXO mining is for us to sort of act as a cryptocurrency with return on investment for holding the currencies, similar to a CD in a bank, but for multiple homogenized coins:  BTC+BBP, DASH+BBP, or BBP (to start).

The leaderboard is replaced with Stakers instead of PODC miners.  The entire daily GSC reward is split among the stakers (except for the 5% that goes to healing - I left that in).[/quote]

I really love PODC mining. I don't have BTC DASH etc. I am too poor to afford amounts for UTXO staking :( BOINC is altruistic and free and I love doing something I don't get paid directly to get a little more BBP than I had a day earlier through GSC :) I value BBP GSC payments from PODC like I value my BOINC credits or WCG points. I don't spend them or plan on benefitting myself, they're a token reminder of who I helped across the global initiative.

[quote]The main appeal to this is we have about 500 million distinct users across the two tickers who could become biblepay stakers.  They can earn returns on their native currencies plus either or BBP.

Can you consider adding my Project I am part A-team member of then since its Merge Mined with Bitcoin since 2012 and was born of Bitcoin's bare bones codebase back in 2011? It was the guinea pig for merge mining. I could get you set up with our lead dev @develcuy. He's a genius much like yourself. Great coder, leader, finds great initiatives. (We're also looking for an artist to pay handsomely for some (Deviant)Art work for our first NFTs. :) You have some skin in that game and the expertise shows!

Take a look at the leaderboard and once you are in, you can double click to see your positions.

I wasn't too crazy for the in Wallet leaderboard it never showed the correct accounting for my BOINC crunching contributions. But that's okay. I don't mind there not being a leaderboard as long as we still can do PODC in some helpful way. It'd be a shame to kill the Team BiblePay group... I had fun being involved. Since January 6, 2020.

EDIT: Maybe we can add ETHER+BBP stakes also, soon.

I'm 100% in favor of that. Could that bridge us to other types of Ethereum Blockchain and Layer 2 apps using BBP? Maybe BBP could transition to a token at some point once initial mining distribution is done. Although it seems ever since this distribution and mining started this project wasn't doing it's POW variations to distribute coins generally (like SHA, SCRYPT, etc) - but it was distributing its coins to cross-script, cross-networks, merge and acquire functionality of various projects as it grew. Just look at where the functionality is today. A lot of it, UI - Which thanks to you Rob we have some of the best UI I've ever seen in crypto (functionality wise, I could careless about pretty graphics, I'm talking menus, account keeping - etc. This is becoming a very good example of a charity/kickstarter type DAC or B Corp as they're called in the UK. In the US, Benefits Corporations. That's a bit what my Project Devcoin has been like, except it focused mainly on BTC and the more ancient projects so its a lot more alpha to this unique project. This is where I would love to see it get though. It's because of your UI UX work I was able find SMF Shop/possible future WooCommerce/WP/Facebook Messenger plugins for the forums themselves. Messenger for WordPress is open source btw... Can only imagine the users we could attract that way. This Forum however is almost like a portal/bank of its own. A DAC where the team accounting is there for all to see our legitimacy. Kudos!

The Sanctuaries are the oracles-- they make calls to assess the utxos as they assess the blocks.

Exploring your forward path to the video/mp4 file using HTML 5 from your "Random X" mining view-source on that page I was thoroughly impressed with the video embedding and noticed the copyright for the embedded script to retrieve that video/mp4 was a form of NAS from a company I deeply respect Synology, Inc..  As a matter of fact the ties to Microsoft employees and the company spreading from Taipei to worldwide since 2000 reminds me a lot of a project that has talented people in countries that have conflicts or authoritarian blocks on the censored country they migrated away from as well as too much overreach in the America they thought they came to escape censorship by way of litigation and stupid senseless trade wars/restrictions/tariffs. Ugh... The app layer protocols we're using in this project has me excited we can get around these stupid bureaucratic and intergovernmental political roadblocks the more ways we can message, chat, mail, and communicate BBP to the masses :). One way I'm helping is by mining BBP+XMR using [email protected]'s ;) - after all, his old personal website once used an embedded Google WWW and Site search widget, QQ Online Chat, and registered DNS at quite a few domains back in December 2006. Recent web crawls show 400 and 500 level errors at crawl time, but the last grab from 2016 was overrun by state media, PRC licensing, an expired copyright, and just far too much mandate info. Maybe drorow is using BBP+XMR mining himself to get around the Great Firewall himself. Maybe :) - he also has a peculiar history of email addresses, one [email protected] - that must've been hard to get :) - then again he may have other reasons for using Monero as of 2016 his website tab title and about us section was all about gambling online and live in Macau (Checkout the "Texas" bulletpoint - we're from "Texas" as a project - or at least a datacenter that's potentially block storage and safely stored with fast enough 10gbps wired directly to our physical on site servers)  - where you can use google free of persecution and without VPN :) :) :) - IF Macau was a country it ranked as one of the top richest nations in the world - its a former Portuguese colony, and retains some of those colonial rights even though the 1500's were a long time ago. Lorem Ipsum type persistence - it lives on in writing on many platforms. Sans ink, now in binary code, or hardcoded into software hehe.

PS 2:  Remember the concepts related to 'portfolio mining', 'long portfolio positions', and interest rate marketplace.  This is all, I believe fulfilled, with UTXO mining.  We may want to create a better name that is user friendly, for the position manager.  This is one thing that has not been done with biblepay yet:  making it user friendly.

I'm sure I'll understand why we have to move on from BOINC crunching and GSC to UTXO mining. It is the lords work, and that of both our Christ as Christians and the Hebrews Yahweh since the days of translations of bitcoin-qt and functioning as an alt exchange to Mt. Gox within Bitcoin's (OTC) Web of Trust that these motions were set forward. With Serbia reversing course on its rulings against digital asset issuance and trading this past week, Israel and UAE, other middle eastern countries making historic treaties and deals to open lines of commerce with eachother for the first time in history, and China having 80% of the world's Bitcoin miners (funded in the Bitcoin they mined!) that use hardware and not rented hash to produce coin we need to bypass every possible way the DAC/B Corp/future DAC's charitable and idealistic efforts can be crushed and blocked by authority. We're not doing anything wrong, we're just innovating. And a day is coming where we realize maybe governments we're on board with this for a long time - merely making us develop and persist harder to develop and compute the rest of the internet connections and protocols for them at our own expense. Which is why in the end, whatever currencies we issue in bits of transmitted message and cryptographically immutable on the blockchain files/ledger passed from node to node at such a fast rate Bittorrent will seem like transmission by the telegraph once our mesh is finsihed. So like I said, the more I see the more I like and this is your lead Bob, ;). We are a worldwide community working together in ways that will go down in history because of the way we connect allowing us to accomplish so much more.

God bless.

Just letting you all know the development UI works great on production net :) Still configuring my Internal Email :P

I got the SMTP e-mail feature working in Windows.
Basically, it was a pesky problem with \r\ns (carriage returns) becoming 1 1/2 carriage returns (\r\r\ns). Meaning that the feature didnt work at all on windows.

So this will be fixed on the next release, but first, let me look through the punchlist and see if we have any other issues to check in.

SMTP? Add another amazing and underappreciated way to send bits in and out of DAC Core wallets :)

I am currently using the latest TestNet release on the production net and merge mining XMR+BBP (RandomX mining). I am still doing PODC by running BOINC on the same machine daily. They all seem to work quite well. IF you think about the XMRig 6.7.2 mining in terms of how many jobs it accepts and how many the CPU accepts from the net instead of "Monero" or BBP payouts (frequency and amounts) the operation works very well. I also think its very unique in mining from the foundation directly, with the XMR Inquiry embedded into the Biblepay Foundation subdomain part of itself and having the service provided by "MineXMR" encoded into the URL itself. never seen anything work that well. Devtome tried doing it with a " but didn't encode the URL or implement it properly (a URL within a forward slash ('page' 'section') of a website...

Some of these things are above me, but because part of the mining requires registration and activity with attention to detail via web browser and the mainsite and its subdomains (basically filling out forms  ;) ) and the other end requires simple mining configuration and launching a .cmd or (in my case a .bat "Batch file" - I prefer those on WIndows) to run another program (xmrig.exe > XMRig 6.7.2) its probably the most unique mining I've ever been a part of. I do similar things like using a folder full of source code to launch .exe and .bat files from other ancient programs that use Java in the background and launch localized sites that provide a UI like the foundation here and I launch .exe of old Bitcoin modified clients to be the only one still mining Tenebrix ;) - but this one is the most fun. BOINC in that its a great cause. The payouts are very generous in BBP. And then this Biblepay foundation merge mining setup because the community is involved and you see the people on the foundation site actively participating. Other UI from previously mentioned products are lonely, you only know your connection counts. There's no social aspect to it.

And like the previous post you replied to said - its nice to know your doing all this computing for a great cause and not just issuing IOUs for people to use as future money or whatever. I already do plenty of that on Tenebrix and its quite boring. Maybe lucrative some day, but this project has my heart more than others. And I could careless if BBP is every valuable enough for it to be justified in someone elses mind. I do this because I believe in it. It's in my ethical prerogative to participate. Probably why I haven't sold a BBP even when I could above a satoshi. It's my collection of building a community. A DAC.

Devcoin, of which I am on their A-Team, operates like a DAC in its own right. Benefits Corporation like. DAC's and Benefits Corporations of hard working peers from all over the world with good hearts and a CPU are the future of this new paradigm.

1000 BBP

Archived Proposals / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: January 15, 2021, 11:33:50 AM »
How can I ever repay you. You should get a DVC wallet or Stellar account so I can send coins and tokens :)

Archived Proposals / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: January 15, 2021, 08:42:55 AM »
  Country: USA (sorry, can't find edit buttons)

Archived Proposals / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: January 15, 2021, 08:40:59 AM »
I spend my BBP CPU and Memory on BOINC and gsc/one-click mining 24/7 but I could see if it's possible to run another XMR+BBP type operation in a way that doesn't consume what's left of my computer. Not sure I ever did this giveaway but I'll take any left overs and jump on this tonight if you feel generous. I love BBP :) HODL'ing coins is easy, I feel like I'll be using them for the community and project goals anyway - I would've joined this if it was just BOINC credits. I have really loved my time here since joining in Summer 2019.


Disregard address. Faucet code here: BNmyajfpURJ89cDBsrwuytds9PivJXqhCy-569-73-8-240-113

Archived Proposals / Re: RandomX Giveaway for New RandomX Miners
« on: January 15, 2021, 08:39:04 AM »
I spend my BBP CPU and Memory on BOINC and gsc/one-click mining 24/7 but I could see if it's possible to run another XMR+BBP type operation in a way that doesn't consume what's left of my computer. Not sure I ever did this giveaway but I'll take any left overs and jump on this tonight if you feel generous. I love BBP :) HODL'ing coins is easy, I feel like I'll be using them for the community and project goals anyway - I would've joined this if it was just BOINC credits. I have really loved my time here since joining in Summer 2019.


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