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    • February 20, 2020, 03:23:34 AM
POBH or PODC: Which is more profitable and when?
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Hello everyone,

Although I don't have exact numbers at hand, I have noticed that mining (POBH) with a specific machine I have available provides more coins than using PODC on the same machine. On the other hand, I read that most of the coins produced go towards PODC, so I would expect the opposite to be true.

I was wondering whether up to some point indeed POBH is more profitable than PODC and if there is a "sweet spot" (combination of available coins and RAC) where PODC becomes more profitable. Does anyone who knows more details regarding BiblePay have any comment to make on this? I think this could also be an interesting guide for beginners in BiblePay, that would help them decide how to start with the coin.

Thank you in advance!