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Medical support
« on: August 31, 2020, 03:19:23 AM »
. Moises cabrera got really sick and was told he had a bacteria in his stomach. As the days went by, we noticed he didnít get any better and due to the severity of the issue he was hospitalized last month. For an unknown reason the bacteria started causing heart failure. Moises cabrera had an open heart surgery in the past so this is a major problem. The doctors are not 100% sure what caused it but his heart is not doing good or getting better. The medicine he is on at the hospital is what is keeping his heart going. After speaking to the doctors the next steps would be to get him an LVAD surgery that can cost up to $200,000 while he is on the list for a heart transplant. Without this, he doesnít have much time left. He will need to stay on the medication that is making his heart work and this will cost $2,000 per month. Moises cabrera was the sole provider for his wife and two young daughters (ages 17 and 8 ). We are doing what we can to help provide but we cannot afford the surgery or the medication for him to have it at home. I know times are extremely hard right now but if there is any way you could give a small donation or share this, it would mean the world to us. We are hoping this can help us afford his medications, any treatments and help the family with essential expenses. Thank you in advance for helping and donating. Please keep moises cabrera  and family in your prayers, we truly need it more than ever. We know God works in amazing ways so we are trying to stay as optimistic thank you and may God bless you .
You can donate fiat here:
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