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PODC issue
« on: April 14, 2020, 02:44:08 AM »
It seems today is not my day :-) Until yesterday I had no issues with PODC, exec rac showed the correct information and I also got some rewards. But today exec rac gives me:

  "Command": "rac",
  "cpid": "xxxx",          <----- Replaced by me
  "temporary_cpid": "xxxx",    <----- Replaced by me
  "Error": "Your CPID is linked to your CPK, but we are unable to find your research records in WCG; most likely because you are not in team Bible Pay yet.",
  "Step 1": "Log into your WCG account at '' with your WCG E-mail address and WCG password.",
  "Step 2": "Click Settings | My Profile.  Record your 'Username' and 'Verification Code' and your 'CPID' (Cross-Project-ID).",
  "Step 3": "Click Settings | Data Sharing.  Ensure the 'Display my Data' radio button is selected.  Click Save. ",
  "Step 4": "Click My Contribution | My Team.  If you are not part of Team 'BIBLE PAY' click Join Team | Search | Bible Pay | Select Bible Pay | Click Join Team | Save.",
  "Step 5": "NOTE: After choosing your team, and starting your research, please give WCG 24 hours for the CPID to propagate into BBP.  In the mean time you can start Boinc research - and ensure the computer is performing WCG tasks. ",
  "Step 6": "From our RPC console, type, exec associate your_username your_verification_code",
  "Step 7": "Wait for 5 blocks to pass.  Then type 'exec rac' again, and see if you are linked!  ",
  "Step 8": "Once you are linked you will receive daily rewards.  Please read about our minimum stake requirements per RAC here:"

I logged into and I confirmed that I am still in the BiblePay team.

What could be going wrong?


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Re: PODC issue
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2020, 08:18:37 PM »
are you seeksilence1 on btc talk?

what is your cpid?