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    • April 24, 2018, 02:02:20 pm
I wanted to propose an ongoing selective bounty/tipping for various content to promote BiblePay members, wallet features, scripts to automate process, or web sites that are useful for BiblePay members.

17,500 BBP Q&A (member feature)
 2,000 BBP external miner hash rates. Bonus 1,000 BBP for picture of their rig.
 5,000 BBP scripts, documenting steps

Asking for 100,000 BBP as initial seed, then will ask to top up each month if funds are considered well spent by the community. I hope this provides value for BiblePay in terms of marketing, member growth, search engine visibility, word of mouth, content creation, etc.

The member Q&A will be a pre-selective process (finding members which I think may be a good fit).
External miner hash rates would be based on willing participants providing accurate info.
Scripts & documentation would also depend on quality, usefulness, etc.

I will post monthly updates here on how funds are spent.

I will also send bounty from the receive address that will be its own wallet and used only for bounty purposes. This will not be used for other campaigns (podc, pog, healing, etc).
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