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Foundation Donation Empowerment Feature
« on: June 30, 2019, 08:19:37 PM »
So that BiblePay can maximize the good that it does globally and help as many orphans as possible, I am proposing that we add a feature that will allow a foundation donor to designate which partner charity a foundation donation gets spent on, if they feel they want it spent on one of our partner charities other than   (By default all foundation revenue gets liquidated and sent to

(One example of how we will sponsor more orphans than our monthly budget + monthly donations currently allows for, is we have a donor that is willing to pay for a certain number of Kenyan orphans at HFOC, but BiblePay currently has too small of a budget to handle the new Kenyan orphans.  So in this case, the donor will send a donation to the foundation once per month, and BiblePay will forward the BBP funds from the donation to HFOC, allowing the relationship to continue.  This will give BBP more of a global monthly sponsorship count also, helping us become more of a globally recognized charity - important when we make new partners and also for due diligence with integrations and exchanges).

This feature will work with both POG donations or standard donations.

Note that the donation amount must be greater than $100 USD (or approx 250,000 BBP) to use the feature (as clerical work is required to store the transaction and liquidate the transaction).

The user must direct the funds to go to a currently integrated Charity such as:  Compassion, Kairos Childrens Fund, Cameroon One, BLOOM, Side by Side Ugandan Women,  HFOC (as these charities accept BiblePay currently).

When the user designates a specific charity, BiblePay will store a record (for 10 years) of the revenue and expense.   This will allow us to produce accountability reports and also report a greater net giving total as a community.

To use the feature, first send a donation to the foundation using either our standard send money checkbox (or a POG donation) of > 250,000 BiblePay (or $100, whichever is less).  Copy the TXID to the clipboard.  From the Pool, navigate to Account | Donation Director.  From this page, paste the TXID of the transaction and select the designated Target charity from the dropdown list.  Click Submit.

Note: The donation director record must be received before 3 days before the current month superblock is paid, otherwise the record will be designated for the following month.

To see the donation director records, click : Reports | Donation Director Records.

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