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2018 November 14 updates:
« on: November 14, 2018, 08:49:35 PM »

  • Rob posted an update to : new Detail Drill in capability for : Leaderboard View, Superblock View, Rosetta Machine Leaderboard View and Rosetta Unbanked Report.  This allows the user to see the highlighted record without referring back to the header.
  • Jaap has finished updating the website with the ‘five fold vision’ (This is the last feature of the round of website updates Jaap and Togo created about 45 days ago, when we undertook a campaign to make it easier to mine, explain, and invest in).  To see the vision, click on the main biblepay center bible logo.
  • is synced
  • new explorer:  currently syncing.
  • Biblepay released, with some fixes for Mac/Linux setups