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Kairos Children's Fund
« on: November 05, 2018, 05:01:32 AM »
Kairos Children's Fund is a program that helps kids who otherwise would not go to school. We give them allowances for transportation, food, and homework, and pay their school fees.

If it wasn't for you, most of these kids would not be getting an education at all. We believe that this is the primary way for their family to be empowered and rise out of poverty.

Many Filipino families trying to educate their children are facing numerous financial challenges. Though technically free in the Philippines, there are a lot of expenses. Unlike the USA, the Philippine government does not pay for the things that American children are privileged to receive.

Last month and this month I requested 750,000 BBP, which at the current rate will be more than enough to support these children for a month, and help them with some other misc. expenses.

For those BiblePay 'members', a big thank you from our scholars and from the organizers of Kairos.


Since it is almost Christmas, we are saving money from other sources for small gifts and a Christmas party. Click if you want to give.

Click here for more information about Kairos Children's Fund.