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Recurring payment for Kairos Children's Fund Scholars
« on: August 04, 2018, 06:54:02 AM »
In June KCF (Kairos Children's Fund) received 365,000BBP, which was used to sponsor 10 children for 3 months (June to August), as well as help provide rice to the families. Although the sponsorships are until the end of August, I would like to pre-pay the scholarship for another 3 months if possible.
Since the next superblock is due in September, I'd like to get this proposal out as soon as possible.
The monthly amount per child is $20 for elementary students or $22 for high school students. We have 5 elementary and 5 high school students at the moment, so the cost is $200 per month. You can see the details below or on the website.

1. I would like to ask for 300,000BBP.
2. This would help us also with the rice allowance (given monthly per child) and pre-pay scholars for another few months.
3. This will also help us to pay for some school expenses for both high school and elementary

You can see our new website here                                        <-- More information about the sponsorship                                                       <--- Biblepay scholars

I will attach below the original proposal with background information on KCF.
   Andrew Scribner

Hi! My name is Andrew Scribner, and I am a pastor in the Philippines. I'm an American, from Maine, USA.

We have a program called Kairos Children's Fund. We primarily provide sponsorships for kids to go to school.

Education in the Philippines is not free - tuition is, but there are a lot of expenses. There are miscellaneous fees, then parents must provide lunches, transportation, uniforms, and homework.
Many of the children from poor families either don't go school at all, because parents can't afford these things. Many kids go to school walking, and often don't get enough to eat. They often get poor grades because they are bullied, hungry, or ashamed. (I have more information on our FB page (see below)

We provide an allowance for the kids, and we also pay school fees. We have a volunteer who visits the school, pays the fees, and checks on the children.

The cost for an elementary child is $20 a month, while a high school child (grades 9-12) is $22 (this is based on the current exchange rate)

From that, we give a weekly allowance and pay their "miscellaneous fees."

My proposal is for a sponsorship of 5 elementary, and 5 high school children:

Since there are nice months left in the school year the cost per child would be:
elementary $20 x 9 = $180
high school $22 x 9 = $198

elementary $180 x 5 =    $900
high school $198 x 5 =    $990
total                               = $1,890

If it would also be ok, we could make it a flat $2k if the community wants to donate to the rice allowance, which we call the "Bugas nga Gasa" (meaning rice gift)

We have a rice gift which we give to families. I propose that 110 would go to the rice allowance, which we call the "Bugas nga Gasa" (meaning rice gift)

This could be spread out over a couple of superblocks, since we don't need the money all at once.

You could take a look at our Facebook page ( or by joining our messenger community (type: @kairoschildrensfund). We are working on a website as soon as possible.

I have been in touch with Jaap Geurts van Kessel about this. We have exchanged several emails this and last week.

Please see our FB page and join our messenger group. You may email me with any questions at [email protected]

By the way, I love the Biblepay concept, and I love how it is community driven (including sponsorships.)
I also think the transparency of the whole system is great.

By the way, $22 is about Php1,100.
We give Php900 to cover their daily needs.
       Php100 will cover any misc. school fees.
The exess P100 helps us with overhead.

Thank you!
   Andrew Scribner
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