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BLOOM Uganda Sponsorships Impact Report
« on: July 30, 2018, 04:27:16 PM »
EXCITING NEWS FROM UGANDA! BiblePay currently sponsors 10 orphans in Uganda through BLOOM who go to school at Side By Side Christian Ministries. I just got letters and photos from almost all of them (still trying to get one more letter), addressed to BiblePay, thanking you for your sponsorship! Here they are:

Rania- 5 yrs old

Hakim- 9 years old

Favor- 8 yrs old

Praise- 7 yrs old

Isaac- 4 yrs old

Laira-10 yrs old

Musigale- 10 yrs old

Sharon- 10 yrs old

Sylvia- 12 yrs old

Edrine- 13 yrs old

As a reminder, Side by Side Christian Ministries in Rakai, Uganda, rescues a child out of an abusive foster or biological home and places them in a Christian boarding school until a suitable family placement can be found. Children are provided education at one of the best schools in Uganda and are given everything they need each month including: food, housing, school fees, uniforms, necessities, etc.

A few statistics:
Every 20 minutes a child is orphaned in Uganda.
Rakai District has continued to experience high HIV rates at 12%, compared to the national average of 7.3%.

Thank you all for this life-changing support to these children.

Executive Director, BLOOM
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