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Unable to receive mined BBP - CPID error
« on: May 20, 2018, 07:29:07 PM »
I'm unable to received what I've mined, because errors involving CPID. Here is some information about my wallet, my BOINC, etc.:

Code: [Select]
  "Command": "getboincinfo",
  "CPID": "00d7144c5bde88819f6228e52749caa8",
  "Address": "BGTzcrnoYeLJZjUeVs6GAVEbCXaSz7tdTf",
  "CPIDS": "00d7144c5bde88819f6228e52749caa8;",
  "CPID-Age (hours)": 424128,
  "NextSuperblockHeight": 47765,
  "NextSuperblockBudget": 1161612,
  "00d7144c5bde88819f6228e52749caa8_ADDRESS": "BGTzcrnoYeLJZjUeVs6GAVEbCXaSz7tdTf",
  "00d7144c5bde88819f6228e52749caa8_RAC": 85.06999999999999,
  "00d7144c5bde88819f6228e52749caa8_TEAM": 15044,
  "00d7144c5bde88819f6228e52749caa8_WCGRAC": 0,
  "00d7144c5bde88819f6228e52749caa8_TaskWeight": 100,
  "00d7144c5bde88819f6228e52749caa8_UTXOWeight": 2,
  "Total_RAC": 85.06999999999999,
  "Total Payments (One Day)": 0,
  "Total Payments (One Week)": 0,
  "Total Budget (One Day)": 1161612,
  "Total Budget (One Week)": 6969672,
  "Superblock Count (One Week)": 7,
  "Superblock Hit Count (One Week)": 7,
  "Superblock List": "47560,47355,47150,46945,46740,46535,46330",
  "Last Superblock Height": 47560,
  "Last Superblock Budget": 1161612,
  "Last Superblock Payment": 0,
  "Magnitude (One-Day)": 0,
  "Magnitude (One-Week)": 0

Code: [Select]
  "blocks": 47696,
  "currentblocksize": 1000,
  "currentblocktx": 0,
  "difficulty_podc": 1747.263817682034,
  "difficulty_pow": 17355.4454713374,
  "difficulty": 1747.263817682034,
  "errors": "",
  "genproclimit": 2,
  "networkhashps": 1452061.227862928,
  "hashps": 159.7645970097458,
  "minerstarttime": "05-21-2018 00:18:41",
  "hashcounter": 11049,
  "pooledtx": 0,
  "testnet": false,
  "chain": "main",
  "biblepay-generate": true,
  "poolinfo1": "Unable to sign CPID; Unable to sign CPID; ",
  "poolinfo2": "Submitting Solution 05-21-2018 00:18:49; Failed to sign CPID Signature (Private key not available); ",
  "poolinfo3": "",
  "podc_tried": 0,
  "podc_sent": 0,
  "podc_sent_amount": 0,
  "podc_average_amount_sent": 0,
  "miningpulse": 40,
  "poolmining": true,
  "pool_url": "",
  "poolmining_use_ssl": false

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Re: Unable to receive mined BBP - CPID error
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2018, 10:11:37 PM »
No one seemed to respond to this problem.   :( .  So I will "second" this issue with a few details of my own.
I have been running the Biblepay Core Wallet x64 for a few days now and when I look online to see what I have mined, it shows NO progress, only error messages.  They are "Invalid CPID" and "Illegal CPID".  I have also been running the [email protected] for a few days now and have received almost 5000 credits, not sure what those are for, but I am not sure what is going on and why I am unable to obtain any shares for mining.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Unable to receive mined BBP - CPID error
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2018, 03:10:33 AM »
Not that I am in anyway related to the BBP team, but I think I know what the issue is.

I have had the same problem (and the same lack of response :) ) and I somehow managed to solve it. Maybe my input can help you.

As far as I can see from your "00d7144c5bde88819f6228e52749caa8_UTXOWeight", you are staking 2 BBP and from your "00d7144c5bde88819f6228e52749caa8_RAC" that your RAC is 85.

The way BBP mining works is that you are essentially part of a lottery. All miners participate with a weight, called "magnitude". For details I refer you to the docs.
In essence, the weight is based on the number of coins you have and the amount of work you have done with Boinc.

For the optimum payout, you should have 20 BBP for every unit of RAC. In your specific case 20 * 85 = 1700 BBP. However, with these numbers, you are a small participant in the lottery. Your "magnitude" is very close to zero. Which is why you don't receive BBP for the mining you have done.
In fact, you are still submitting valid shares to the pool, but they still get rejected because of the zero magnitude. This is where the CPID errors come from.

As a reference, when I had ~9000 BBP and a RAC of ~900, I received ~40 BBP for a full day of mining.

Interesting detail is that, the way this reward-system is setup, the payout increased to ~70 when my RAC dropped to ~700. This has to do with the formula they use: BBP / (RAC * 20).
This means that if the result of that formula is less than 1, you should stop Boinc, because at that stage, curing cancer actually decreases your reward. I agree that it is a strange side effect, but it is true non the less. If the amount of BBP increases (by mining or buying) you should make sure that the outcome of the formula sticks as close to 1 as possible by increasing/decreasing RAC.

Just to let you know, I think the mining and reward system is flawed. The first flaw is that mining is virtually impossible without having (=buying) coins. The second flaw is that doing too much to cure cancer through Boinc, will in fact decrease your reward.

In conclusion: If you want to keep mining, you should buy some BBP :( .
Once you have more BBP, you can resume Boinc, but only up to a certain point.

Anyway, I hope this information helped.
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Re: Unable to receive mined BBP - CPID error
« Reply #3 on: June 15, 2018, 08:22:50 PM »
Thanks for the reply!  That at least gives something to go off of.  All the info you were referencing was related to the first guys post I am assuming.  I am not sure what RAC is or where to find out what my value us.  Can you help me out with that?

Also, I am unable to run "getboincinfo" as a command in the wallet.  Where do I run that command to get the data?
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