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Biblepay-Central Relaunch / Work by Lichtsucher Apr/May
« on: May 21, 2018, 11:05:52 AM »
Dear Sanctuary owners, Dear Forum users,

again it's time for a small proposal about the work done in the last weaks. Or this time, days, as most of the work one done in the last days, the first time I could work on something fun for some weeks.
Again I choosed to send in a combined proposal, at it seems a lot easier to handle than multiple smaller proposals, I hope this is ok for everybody.
The focus of work was on updating biblepay-central and make it more awesome. I wanted to make it more like a toolbox or a swiss army knife, something that is not in competition with the regular website, but adds a usefull set of functions. To make this happen, new functions were added, but also the design was changed a lot to make it look quite different from a regular website, and more like something like dash ninja.

Biblepay Central
As written above, a lot had happend with biblepay-central in the last days. The main work:

1. Proof of Distributed Computing update view (4h)
This was done shortly after the last proposal and shows the podc_updates found in the blockchain. Usefull if you want to know if the biblepay client is doing the right podc_updates without needing to sit at your pc.
It took me some time to figure out who to get these information for all users, but now it works fine.

2. Improved the documentations and How-Tos (6h)
No guide out that can't be improved. This is true for the guids of biblepay-central, too. As they seem to be one of the main sources to introduce new persons to the mining in biblepay, it is very important to keep them correct.
My work includes updating all screenshots that were out of date, fixing spelling errors, improved sentences and adding small new infos.
I also added a multi-pc mining guide and laid the foundation for an upcoming WCG guide.

3. Redesign (6h)
The old biblepay-central design was like a lot of websites, and that was a problem. It was never intended to be a competition to the main homepage, to more of an addition to that.
To ensure that all people understand that, the design was changed a lot. Plus the new design is a lot more clear, while at the same time showing more information on one screen.

4. Revamped overview (8h)
As part of the redesign, I changed the overview/startpage of biblepay-central to fit more information on it. Some of the boxes are unchanged, only reordered, but must are changed deeply to show the really usefull infos. The whole page is build from scratch, no old code was reused, as the internal working is very different. The change might be look small from the outside, but it was a very important refactoring.
This was needed, as I plan to offer and option to personalize the frontpage later on (not yet started).

5. Proposal view finished (4h)
The proposal view on biblepay-central was startes some weeks ago, but was never working as intended, a thorn in the side...
But with the redesign I found the worst bugs, and now it looks good and is working as it should.
The idea behind this section of biblepay is to give users the best possible overview of the current proposals, without hiding any useful information, and combining this with nice looking and useful charts on top. You can even visit older superblocks to see what was voted on in the past.
More features will be added in the future, like a view which masternode had voted what, plus a detail view for every proposal.

6. Masternode List (2h)
Completly new is the Masternode Section of BIblepay-Central. It gives you a nice and short overview of all existing Masternodes.
Future releases will see a detail page per Masternode, with payment infos, changelog (status changes) and other information available

7. Login & Alert (10h)
Last, but not least, is the new Login and Alert function on biblepay central. This the new release, users can register on the site and mark Masternodes, PoDC User and Proposals, so that they get alerted if something changes there. Like if a Masternode changes his status from ENABLED something else, or if a proposal gets votes. Or if a user gets a payment from podc.
This is a very important change, as it opens the gates to a lot more cool features, like the personalisation (see above).
To make this possible, most of the code had to be touched, refactored or replaced. But I'm optimistic that it is worth it.
Important: The system is NOT sending our alerts right now, as I still need to test it enough, before I "spam" users.
Right now, there are still bugs in the new biblepay-central release, but I plan to fix them asap.

Ubuntu Packages
Debug time: 5h
As most of you will know, I'm also building the Ubuntu packages for biblepay. Last month a new Ubuntu Version  18.04 was released. Sadly, Biblepay won't compile on that system right now. It took quite some time to understand the problem, or better to understand that external help was needed. It took me some hours to check all possible problems by myself, before thesnat21 could explained me the problem in detail:
The problem is not fixed yet, but at least we now know whats happening.

As always, no work on the pool is part of the proposal, but I like to use this space here to keep you updated.

1. Error informations
The pool shows (added in the last weeks) if a worker pushes invaldi solutions. Usefull to debug broken workers.

2. Rating was removed
With the improved solution checking, the rating of all miners is fine, so the function was removed. The old 150% rule is no longer used.
That's it for the pool. Not much todo here, it simply works. Stability is my main target.

Calculation in EURO:

1 BBP: EUR 0,0030 (coinmarketcap)
Per Hour: 40/h

Time Log:
Biblepay-Central: 40h
Ubuntu Packages: 5h

Budget: IT
Requested budged for this proposal:  600.000 BBP (45h @ 40)

P.S.: The proposal itself will be online soon

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Re: Biblepay-Central Relaunch / Work by Lichtsucher Apr/May
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2018, 11:30:37 AM »
Beautiful redesign! I think links that go outside (e.g. explorer) break up the experience visually, so I wonder if those links should somewhere and not on left side? At some point, I'd love to see to adopt the re-design.  Perhaps as part of switching servers/hosts this is a possibility.

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Re: Biblepay-Central Relaunch / Work by Lichtsucher Apr/May
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2018, 12:18:07 PM »
Thank you :)

Yes, there is still a lot of fine tuning required. Not all of the design is as good as I would like it, some of the sub-pages have different paddings to the border. But this will be fixed over time :)

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Re: Biblepay-Central Relaunch / Work by Lichtsucher Apr/May
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2018, 10:18:59 PM »
The new upgrade looks really good! And I really appreciate the monthly superblock graph!
I note that your pay rate is in Euros which makes your hourly rate more than Robs!
IMO, Rob should have the highest pay rate in this project!

Edit: BTW I'm not saying change it, but perhaps as a group we should define standard pay rates for the project?
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