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Mobile Wallet App Crashed - Coins Gone
« on: May 15, 2018, 02:31:42 AM »
 I just recently sent some BBP from my Biblepay Core wallet to my mobile wallet on my Android. The transaction was successful but the app froze and now when I try to recover my wallet, my balance remains at 0. I used the correct words from my paper wallet. Any clues? I am attempting to re-sync the chain now....

Status: 1/unconfirmed, broadcast through 4 nodes
Date: 5/14/2018 23:59
To: Ben's Mobile BBP Wallet BLgCNFPME4JxXmPNZtKNhyamU3jCqQfbzJ
Debit: -3039.72221087 Biblepay
Transaction fee: -0.00006560 Biblepay
Net amount: -3039.72227647 Biblepay

Height: 46583
Difficulty: 1866.567189
Time: 05-15-2018 07:29:13
Subsidy: 430.8430

MESSAGE: Mobile wallet setup deposit
Transaction ID: 2570ce101e780e9ade52629cc5a3aeef138de1cd0b4023124338e478275059ed-000

Debug information

Debit: -3838.44153800 Biblepay
Credit: 798.71926153 Biblepay

CTransaction(hash=2570ce101e, ver=1, vin.size=1, vout.size=2, nLockTime=46582)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(7012e6d7ff4275cff3011d7516ea24a6ea41f7244d196d48c32c827625da15f4, 0), scriptSig=483045022100bca5e1c74666, nSequence=4294967294)
    CTxOut(nValue=798.71926153, scriptPubKey=76a914f2c7e31e2764d4ff08bb86c0)
    CTxOut(nValue=3039.72221087, scriptPubKey=76a914b1fd0e1da36cd65d1658b51e)

Amount=-0.00000001 Biblepay IsMine=false IsWatchOnly=false

{change}1{/change}{PACK}{MT}MESSAGE{/MT}{MK}OUT_TX{/MK}{MV}Mobile wallet setup deposit {/MV}{/PACK}
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Re: Mobile Wallet App Crashed - Coins Gone
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2018, 08:15:17 PM »

If you do a search for the wallet address and transaction ID, there's nothing on the blockchain.

I am not convinced your transaction is successful. If you right-click on the transaction in the QT wallet (desktop?), do you see an Abandon Transaction option?