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QT Wallet: make BOINC sign up & CPID registration easier
« on: September 13, 2018, 02:37:30 PM »
I'd like a screen in QT wallet that makes signing up for BOINC (Rosetta & WCG) easier.

We'd have buttons that takes BBP users to registration screen.

The CPID could be pasted into QT wallet.

Wallet scans for CPID RAC > 100, then suggests registered CPID on blockchain.

Make it easy to get 2 BBP from or make cost to register CPID 0.01 BBP so one time payment is sufficient to register

Then when PoDC payments are happening... QT wallet prompts for changes in biblepay.conf so it points to purepool since you can just use your wallet address as the workerID. would be okay too but not sure how workers or automated registration would work... trying to think what's the best user experience for new BiblePay members.