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Hey, sorry TheSnat, I finally accidentally encountered the long load time for the block index on one of my windows machines (IE > 5 mins, compared to normally 20 seconds).

I think this has something to do with the loading of the prayers in the background...  It makes me nervous; will need to look into it today.

At the worst, I feel its safer if we let the prayers load serially like we used to-and delay the start by 10 seconds... Ill take a look.  I hate to delay the release much longer.

I appreciate the apology, I tend to run things harder than most :)
I posted separately I think I understand why my clients were acting up,  (mining slowed to 1/4 the speed with the large mem usage as well)

I don't know if it has been resolved, but there was an issue in the older clients if you delete the block data, and let the client re-sync it won't pick up the CPID for mining until you restart. Easy workaround i'll see if it still happens here. (Edit: still there i'll throw it as an issue on the github later)

I started working on the UI notifications, 

Testing this morning on one home linux and one VM block index seems to load fast, I think it might have been an anomaly.

I deleted and re-created the chain and let it re-sync.

I think it was due to all the forks and the client processing through them(memory was clocking in at 2-2.5gb on a few machines that were online in prod throughout the last few days)

No, doesn't take longer to load the block index.  Lets try to only post a statement if you KNOW its true.  Meaning that you ran a baseline and have something to compare to.  And you know your hard drive cache was empty both times.

Hmm, shouldnt have any crashes if you are mining on one thread.  What are you mining with, 60 threads?  And what OS?  It would be helpful to post the tail of the log (in a code snippet of course) if you encounter a crash.  Try to reproduce it on linux with valgrind then you can give me the line #.
Loading of the index, was noticeably longer on several machines in prod(I'm talking 30sec to 5+min difference) I suspect this is due to the current issue and all the orphan blocks.   

as for mining,  I have several machines mining 4 cores...  windows of course so no valgrind.  I won't be around tomorrow, but i'll see if i can get logs.

All, is ready for testing for all platforms.

In this version we now have the ability to add proposals.
NOTE: You must have your wallet unlocked before submitting the proposal.
After submitting the proposal you must check back on the Proposal Add page after 6 confirms to see if it went in the chain.

Lets test that.

Lets also test the ability to heat mine in 1136.

We also moved the Proposal List to an integrated tab for more professionalism.
Additionally, we made the List update whenever you switch tabs and give it focus.

Hopefully this version will become the release candidate.

hmm, testing heat mining, did you change something there?

I noticed .3.6 seems to take longer to load the block index. (could be cause of the forks going on currently in prod).

I also had some crashes on the windows client on 3.6 while mining.  (go back to machine and the wallet is just gone heh)

edit: crashes seem to be because of the mining issues today, may not be related to the update. so far had 3.1,3.3, and 3.6 crash

On the Full Budget Bar Chart:
I have Bhavani working on our new Great Tribulation feature (thats the one where we have a Map of all Christians with longitude and latitude of the street corner they are near for privacy), so I think I can get Bhavani to add this Full Budget Bar Chart feature also.

I'm curious the logic behind this feature...  If in fact its during the great Tribulation, the last thing i'd want is to give away my position..
What is the source for this data?  (sounds interesting overall)

On everything else:  All I can suggest is if TheSnat wants to do them.  Snat, if you want to do the popups, there is a place in the code where we show a bible verse upon receiving BBP inbound.  You could potentially use that code to make these other pop ups, if you want.

Sure sounds good.

I think there should be a control option for the popups as well..  (ie simple way to turn them off in the gui)
Perhaps a new tab on the options screen?

I'm not sure if its the same thing, but when heatmining on windows I see several c++ crash messages pop up briefly as i'm closing the wallet. 

Still trying to get to debug it, my assumptionis the mining threads are not stopping before the rest of the client is shutting down.

Once I can find the smoking gun i'll let you know.

Wow, nice work!  I actually thought you were pulling my leg all this time, I didn't know you actually knew how to program.

Great job dude!

Alright I merged it in and the next version is out there for Linux, but I have to get my son, so I don't think I can get windows out til tomorrow.

That's was a small thing.. but yeah not entirely sure how to take this! lol

Got  a few more things i'd like to throw in .. things have been a bit more hectic the last week or so ... hopefully it'll be ready soon.

Did you make sure to set the watchdog.conf to testnet?

i dont have watchdog setup, the MN is runnin on windows same as the controller wallet.  maybe thats my problem?

Based on the instructions on pg1 it didn't sound like this was required.. i'll see about setting it up

how do you deal with WATCHDOG_EXPIRED message when i'm running the masternode from the wallet?

We need to reach out to Bhavani to see if he will take care of any of Togos UI bullets.  Togo, were you going to make a list of the top 5 requests?

I submitted a pull request to for some simple UI filter options.  It seems there are a few more on github waiting to be merged /reviewed as well.

edit: re-enabled my masternodes on the latest ver.

Archived Proposals / Re: May 2018 IT Expenses (Payroll)
« on: June 22, 2018, 06:30:59 pm »
I am curious why you keep posting activity from Feb.

170hrs of work in May,  could you elaborate on what it was?

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