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It appears my sanc 45.63 has upgraded to Deterministic (dip3).  I manually voted on a proposal and the vote went through, and it says ENABLED.  Checking now to see if it votes on the next GSC automatically.

NOTES:  We must remember this critical Note!  After we upgrade all of our testnet sancs to deterministic, and I flip DIP15, this will make the non-deterministic list dissapear.  We need to ensure that someone can still create a legacy sanc and upgrade it after that moment (so we know how to deal with that scenario).  I hope that also works, because we will surely have some stragglers who want to add a few sancs after dip15 is enabled - who dont want to go through the long process of creating a deterministic sanc.

It didn't work :,(
It looks like 100% of our sancs are in pre-enabled status right now.  Lets re-test when 5 of us become deterministic sancs.

I think im going to try to upgrade a sanc now.

I believe what brought on the instability was I flipped dip15 on then off.

I realized we need to wait on dip15 until the sancs have already been upgraded, then flip it back on.

Sent, but Im not sure that we have enough sancs for this to work properly, but we will see.

Hmm... My Sanctuary seems to have gone missing... And I can only see 4 in total, all of which say 'PRE-ENABLED', My own Sanctuary wallet says "Not capable masternode: Masternode not in masternode list"...

The hash for both my wallets for block 62042 is the same as yours though...
This usually happens if one of the mn* files wasnt deleted, I would delete the gov* and the .dat files and restart the controller, let the mnsync status go to 999, then restart it.

Then post your sancs ip and I will also see if it says enabled on my end too.

I just enabled InstantSend autolocks.  I believe this feature allows us to instantly send money and get an immediate 6 confirms for the receiver.

If anyone wants to paste their address I can send some IX to you ?

One of the prerequisites before we upgrade to deterministic sancs is SPORK6 (New signatures).

I just set it to Enabled, lets make sure we dont fork next. 

Great, well I see 6 enabled now - thats great.  For some reason only 4 voted.   Maybe 2 upgraded synced and shut off.

Well I guess we can test Watchman (we now have it integrated into the core wallet) so we no longer need the python watchman-on-the-wall with Evo.

I see someone was nice enough to create one proposal just now (Coinmarketcap ad).

Lets all add a proposal and see if it pays right.

Ill add a couple right now.

I've upgraded to the latest version, and finally got my Sanctuary working :)

I don't have a lot of spare time, but if I can help with anything specific, just let me know!
Great, well I see 6 enabled now - thats great.  For some reason only 4 voted.   Maybe 2 upgraded synced and shut off.

Upgraded masternode earlier to v1.4.2.5, upgrading again to v1.4.2.6
Ive just been upgrading, havent been testing anything lately (but still interested to try out TOR)

Keep fighting the good fight Rob!
Every attack makes BiblePay stronger!

Bitcoin Security: Bubble Boy and the Sewer Rat by Andreas Antonopoulos
Yeah, thanks.  It appears we have mitigated the problem.

Good video, I watched it.  Its funny how he calls each bitcoin node a sewer rat. 

Regarding Tor, this will just ensure the user does not reveal their IP to biblepay, but like I said in one of the prior posts, biblepaycore does not store the IP anywhere (so it is more of a precautionary measure for one of those ultra-secure hackers who have an identity to protect like maybe Satoshi).  It would actually be more important to tor into a pool (as the third party services like forum.biblepay, pools, and any web code generally stores the IP all over the place - every major web server stores the IP in the logs even without a dev writing a line of code - bitcointalk stores IPs etc).   (Plus you mentioned Tors endpoints are probably infected anyway).

Impo Im still really concerned with the user being empowered on how to create an anonymous and untraceable cold wallet balance with sancs attached  (and wth those rewards going to an anon cold address also).

Well it looks like everyone resynced in this version thats nice we have 1.0 diff.  Hash:
getblockhash 62042

70 Upgrade for TestNet

- Prevent tithe spam in memory pool


We have a vagrant trying to hack biblepay (someone who is not God Fearing).

I say this because I feel we are creating a tool (BiblePay) - to help spread the gospel to IT geeks, and to blockchain enthusiasts, and we are helping orphans.
Therefore this project is doing Gods will.

Please everyone stop testing until the next version is ready.


72 Upgrade for TestNet

- Added our bible verses to the txlist details (this is the txlist
double click drill in ui)
- Made the Leaderboard highlight work again, and sorting only on the
numeric cols
- Add ability to send diary entry using the autounlockpassword without
prompting the user for the wallet to be unlocked from the send coins
entry page
- Made prayer and diary entries on overview page take up the entire
width, diary entries be from reputable cpks, and diary entries to span
up to 7 days old to be included in the scrolling overview
- Made sancs reward 0 points to those who tithe 666 variations to the
foundation (we received 13,000 tithes for 666 variations)
- Make nickname visible on diary entry

So, I see we still have people playing games with the Diary entries (the kind of babies who ruin it for everyone else in the class, but vengeance is not ours, its God's).

Either way, we can't go to prod with the ability for a demonically controlled derelict to deface BiblePays overview page.

So I thought about options this morning, but I want people to be aware, I would rather wait and finish a really nice feature for biblepay properly, so we have something to be proud of, the feature that allows upvoting-downvoting of Christian content lists, and this is not going to be ready in time for the Evo release (as it is also waiting for another dependency that is being programmed). 

In light of that I think a good temporary measure that we can use (until approx the end of the year when the above is ready) is I will add a spork containing the list of CPKs that did not deface and use this to bubble up those those diary entries to the UI. 

At the end of the year we can roll out something that will allow upvoting-downvoting and affecting the reputation score of the actual CPK and the content, then we can add business logic that will show or not show things based on these instead.

PS Although I regretfully was joking about 'Healed a leper', now lets change and put in encouraging things in going forward.

Thank you for your advice, Rob. (2) worked for me. For (1), when I tried to lock the "unlocked" coins using "toggle lock state" button, the "locked" become "unlocked" and vice versa.

I thought I would try multiple sancs in testnet since it I would not be able make any on the mainnet with the new requirements....  :'(

We should all be on the same chain as I can see all 10 testnet sancs.

getblockhash 59604

Ok great, thanks.

Yes, it looks like now we are all on the same chain.

My hypotheses on part of the network going out of sync during upgrades is I think one of our nodes bans a network segment, that segment mines on its own with higher hashpower than my 3 sancs, the other half starts rejecting my sancs blocks (and vice-versa) and then a day after this higher POW chain is established then I upgrade.  At least its happened like this a few times now.

Either way we are all synced now, but we must do some thorough analysis over the next 14 days to ensure we dont have any "ERROR"'s in the log pointing to any fork rules or bad checkblocks as we must get all these problems worked out before prod preferably this month as I would really like to go live in June.

I cleaned wallet and reindexed, and restarted masternode

getblockhash 58859

Do I match?

Hmmmm,  I kind of thought we had this fork ever since block 57800 or so (this is when I added the overbudget rule to the last mandatory).

Whats strange is I resynced a couple sancs and ended up on the .10 chain (I think you guys are on the .05 chain).
I assume you guys are all running without sancs?  Solving empty superblocks?  You can tell by looking at Sanctuaries | All.  You should not see my 3.

Let me re-index a couple sancs and see if I end up on my same chain.  Its 4 of us - uptimeminer, plus my 3.
Maybe your nodes have banned mine, thats why we didnt resync, when we reindex we should also delete the banlist.dat file.

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