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Production Proposals / CAMEROON ONE May 2019
« Last post by Rob Andrews on May 17, 2019, 01:31:25 pm »
We have 11 children with cameroon one, we have donated $893 in 2019, and our annual due is $4026.00.

Requesting 5 million to shore up the deficit.

Mining / Re: mining, may 2019
« Last post by thesnat21 on May 17, 2019, 08:11:31 am »
Is the PODC portion done? ive been mining on it (reinstalled last night) the heat mining paid in, but i see no magnitude on the wallet or any recent references to CPID or Boinc..

PODC has been gone for a while now.
Production Proposals / Restarting BLOOM Sponsorships - Uganda
« Last post by orphandefender on May 16, 2019, 01:20:06 pm »
Hello all,

As our partners in Uganda have begged us to restart the BBP kids' sponsorships, I'm stepping out in faith and praying we can still cover them. I'm requesting 2.19m BBP to start covering 10 of them again in June. It's approximately $88/month per child once we help the team in Uganda cover the bank wire fees and conversion rate deductions.

As a reminder about our program:
Side by Side Christian boarding school rescues children from child slavery, potential witchcraft child sacrifice and abusive situations and places them in a Christian boarding school where 100% of their needs are met, from school fees and uniforms to food and medical care. This is truly a life-saving program guys! Sarah, our partner there, approached Rob out of desperation for a few of the kids to get picked back up, but I would like to keep all of them in the program if possible, which is why I'm requesting for all 10  kids. Each life matters equally.

If you think it's not sustainable, we could drop it down to 6 or 7 kids, and I can resubmit the proposal, but I worry about the 3-4 that we can't cover if this is the case. They will have nowhere to go in most cases.

Thanks for your consideration and for all you do to support orphans.

God Bless you all,
April Wareham
Executive Director
Be Love Orphan Outreach Missions (BLOOM)
Production Proposals / Whale Revival
« Last post by Rob Andrews on May 15, 2019, 07:40:09 pm »
I'm considering the idea of starting an Orphan Whale Fundraiser.  I'm doing this partially because I feel we as a society are entering into the end times (Matthew 6:19, do not store treasures on earth but in heaven), (Rev 3:17 Hoarding in the last days), 1 Timothy 6:17 (do good with your blessings), and therefore I feel as if I should give back my retirement account back to the orphans (or to other good causes).

Obviously, this could be done as an individual alone, but I think that if we have a chance to design this fundraiser to 'increase the impact of the deal' where it makes a positive impact for BiblePay, and also for the giver then it is better to do this as a team for biblepay than alone.

Also, I have been reaching out to two of our vendors who offer Orphan early-termination insurance, meaning that they both guarantee the orphan will not be dropped from the benefits program if we pick them up and drop them (they will be subsidized by the insurance they carry or moved to another beneficiary).  Both and CAMEROON ONE offer this.

As far as a personal tax deduction, I believe it will be possible to receive the deduction if you give to Cameroon One.  As they will allow the check to be sent to them, and the orphan to be in the BiblePay account.  Compassion on the other hand does not accept checks from third parties therefore the tax deduction is not possible with them.

So here is what I am thinking as a rough idea:

I ask the community for an idea of how many orphans our whales are willing to sponsor each.
I agree to match an equal amount of BBP/USD to sponsor an equal amount of orphans (IE I match the whales commitments).
BiblePay sponsors an equal amount of orphans out of that monthly superblock also.

We then increase our orphan count by 1/6th of that number (IE we adhere to our 6 month buffer).  After BiblePay can no longer afford to pay, we scale back.

So an example looks like this:

Whales 1-5 decide to sponsor 40 orphans ($1600).
Rob matches this number (40) @ $1600.
The money raised goes directly to Cameroon One and Compassion (and those that pay cameroon one receive a tax deduction receipt).
We enter a proposal for BiblePay for $1600 that month also (benefiting 40 orphans).

With this combined action, we receive total funds to sponsor 120 children / 6 months  = 20 new orphans.
That same month, we sponsor N from Cameroon and Y from Compassion (depending on how many went with Cameroon).

BiblePay assumes liability for the children at that point going forward.

Note that the whales do not receive anything back for this (except a tax deduction) and a positive experience as a cheerful giver.


Also would anyone be up for this?

Sanctuary Discussions / Bug Bounty Program
« Last post by Rob Andrews on May 11, 2019, 03:33:34 pm »
If anyone finds a critical security bug in BiblePay, please start by announcing it here.

We will work with you and reward up to 2 million BBP for the bug, depending on its systemic nature.

We offer two beautiful things with GSCs: 

- We will be able to support orphan mining in the future without any major technical change.  I'm going to reach out to one of our vendors who said they are interested in evaluating this, and see if we can design this in as a possibility.  I think its feasible to offer this as our major replacement for PODC within a year (**only if this particular vendor is on-board with the DAP idea that anonymizes the identity of the sponsor).  This also aligns well with the DAC vision.

- Technically some day, we might be able to bring in PODC cancer mining again, as a GSC project on a smaller scale, just to flex our muscles (as GSCs support this technically).  However, I would ensure that we remove the Oracle first (as there is a way to accomplish that).  Realize this is a low priority (IE probably by 2021) since we have a larger and more exciting project coming by the end of this year that dwarfs PODC and consumes all of our resources.

Before I draft an upgrade plan to transition to Evo I thought I would share my idea here first.

Please comment if you have any questions concerns or possible enhancements.
Also, I haven't heard any negative comments on POG/Healing or the payment system, and I assume everyone is happy with the payments compared to the coin age and the tithe levels.

Upgrade to Evo Plan of Action:

Around June 2nd 2019 (this is after our May monthly superblock pays out in biblepay-classic): (Height approx 124000):
At this height, all Sanctuaries must upgrade to Evo, and re-lock 4.5MM in Legacy Sanc mode.
Notify entire network to upgrade to Evo (also at 124,000).  Note: The entire network will be running in classic mode in Evo, with non-deterministic sancs.
Notify exchanges to upgrade at height 124,000 (this is Optional, but I think for best practices, we will ask them to upgrade along with us at 124,000).
Pools upgrade at 124,000 also.

The goal from blocks 124,000 through blocks 131,000 will be to finish upgrading all sancs to non-deterministic sancs, and through this entire period we will be in POBH (classic mode) - this will also give a little extra time for late upgraders who are running classic.  This plan also ensures that we do not break biblepay classics block structure while we upgrade to non-deterministic.  (Note that sanctuary payments will start as soon as approx 10 sancs upgrade (this will most likely happen the first day - IE June 2nd).

At block 131,000 (after the June superblock budget is paid in Evo with non-deterministic sancs), we start upgrading to deterministic sancs (this should be a transparent change as we will not flip dip15 until block 138,000). 

At approx block 132,000, we will also enable GSCs, and QT.  ABN & Anti-GPU will be enabled around block 134,000 if the network is healthy in small phases.

After the July superblock (height 139,000) - we enable dip15 (which makes deterministic sancs permanent).

Production Proposals / June recurring payment for Kairos Children's Fund
« Last post by AndrewScribner on May 10, 2019, 09:16:12 pm »
Kairos Children's Fund is a small sponsorship organization. Biblepay is supporting 10 of the Kairos Children's fund kids. We are a charity in the Philippines helping children to get a good education, knowing that this is the best way to help them climb out of poverty. 

This summer we had some projects. We didn't have to raise support through Biblepay since we had donors to cover the programs.

We are really thankful - as the kids are also - for the support from Biblepay.

Now, the next school year will start in July, but students are starting to enroll and buy school supplies. Besides Biblepay's support, we also appreciate individual sponsorship. There are always kids on our waiting list, especially elementary age.

Go to our website to learn more about KCF. You can download our brochure and form here (

We also encourage sponsors who will want to develop a relationship with their scholar and desire to encourage them throughout their education.
I am requesting 740,000BBP, which at the current rate is $280 (as of May 11). This will cover the monthly expenses for these 10 children. Details of the expenses are on our website.

Our Website:
Biblepay Children:
Facebook Page:

   Andrew Scribner - KCF Director
Production Proposals / Explorer Hosting (April 2019)
« Last post by togoshigekata on May 09, 2019, 10:55:42 am »
Running Explorer server costs $40/month (Vultr 4 CPU server)

I am requesting $40/month for April 2019
$40 at $0.000423 per BBP = 94,563 BBP from IT


Previous Proposals:


Sun was funded and started running an explorer

Its cheaper, faster and has more features

If someone else steps up to run another Id be very open to take mine down
Production Proposals /
« Last post by togoshigekata on May 09, 2019, 10:41:49 am »
I was contacted by MasterGlenn#1090 on Discord, he works for,
they are interested in having us listed on their platform

Its 0.15 BTC for a lifetime listing, and they are open to being paid in installments,
and since MasterGlenn and Cliff are both Christians, they are also offering us a 20% discount,
so total is 0.12 BTC

From a google search of "masternode list", they rank as #5 link


If the community is interested, I would propose that we pay 0.03 BTC in 4 installments,

(0.03 BTC /0.00000007 BTC per BBP) = 428,571 BBP from PR budget


We are currently listed on:

Masterndoes.Online - [0.125 BTC lifetime, currently they charge 0.25 BTC]

Masternodes.Pro -  [0.1 BTC yearly] (currently in maintenance until next wallet release)

TradersGateway  [?] (Chinese) - [0.1 BTC lifetime]

Coins Masternode Buzz - [free] (I believe they're the same people from
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