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** Off grid water production with only air and sunlight **

$6,500 for a system, link to website:

It would be cool if this price came down for those in 3rd world countries.
Building a water filtration tank in an area that has rain isn't that hard - just getting a large enough tank to hold the sand, rocks, etc. needed to filter the water is the key. There are arid places in the world this might not work so well, but for the most part a lower-cost and MUCH lower eco-impact solution would be really good!


Graviex no longer has BBP.

Not sure on FreeFaucet - I will ask.

SX, I can put some more BBP on there, but wanted to use bounty funds for pay-to-click ads for announcing wells, dash stake, etc. So, I'll ask a small amount < 1 BBP.

The unfortunate part with faucets is that although there is ROI, it is incredibly hard to measure what kind of conversion you get from faucet users as opposed to it being anonymous welfare. We should at least have banner ads linking to internal pages of so there's a purpose for the faucet beyond just giving out BBP.
Good morning, Sun.

Thanks for the update on the faucets / exchanges.
As for FreeFaucet =
That link still works, but it is hidden. Biblepay is in the wallet, but you can't get to the faucet without knowing how to reach it.
Also, you cannot withdraw BBP from freefaucet. I have found that their "server is temp. down" banner comes up every time if you try to withdraw BBP. But, if you exchange to Brazio, you can then move that currency anywhere you want... yeah.

Not sure on the SX faucets. Most of the time, the faucets have some coin that you can't do anything with anyway. Adding BBP there again may just cause confusion? just my two cents.

1000 BBP

Yeah, good points.  I don't see why the GSC system could not pay out the daily content related rewards (based on article popularity and content originality and traffic etc).

Im thinking now of making Gas for the system, so that navigation in the system requires payment.  So for example, imagine if we had 5,000 contributed URLs in our search engine, and 100 were original content.  Any click made to any URL automatically charges an amount of GAS (which could be of course, a BBP debit).  Im trying to design the changes to the web browser.  If we keep chrome and firefox without using any plugins, we could have it so clicking on a BBP URL requires the browser to send the Gas in the header of the Get request.  So basically we extend the IETF spec for HTTP 1.1 to include an additional Get and Post header (containing the Gas).  Then the gas could probably go into the pool of rewards for original content (to held reduce coinbase emissions).

Also, Im going to create a proof of concept for the markdown editor.  So far I am using opensource version of '' which is very powerful.  My goal is to make a public facing page in c#
 - in the pool - that lets someone create an article and save it in the chain.  Then we can adapt it to this project after that.  (Its 100% javascript, so it could theoretically be used inside biblepaycore also).
N00b question here:
Would the authors of any articles or content need to understand C#, python or any other languages to do so? Or, would that be a part of what you are describing as a solution to type, save and "pay for" text in the form of an article? TGIF!

1000 BBP

Amen - those are good verses - and Zephaniah 1:18 always stands out - it makes me wonder when the hyperinflation causes a days wages to pay for 1 loaf of bread, I think it means 'for those who trusted in riches' their silver and gold will not deliver them (they will hide their face from the wrath of the lamb).

And of course that God expects Israel to be a Holy Nation, so they are only going to be blessed when they keep his commandments!

Praise God!
I wonder that too. I have to say, however, that these verses and others (such as Jerimiah) do point to the previous Babylonian Empire destruction of Jerusalem and Judah as a whole. The 70 years was spent in captivity and then they were allowed to come back. However, those same books and verses do still hold a warning to all of us today!


Thank you for starting this new thread. I was sure there was another elsewhere on the board, but this is good. The Youth Pastor at my church preached this morning. The text was from Zephaniah ( It was really good. The justice of the Lord will come down on Israel and the world at some point (maybe sooner than later). However, we've been given His Grace via the blood sacrifice of the only perfect lamb to have ever lived as a man, Jesus. Thank God!

The future of the American Dollar:

This is interesting to read.  It also has some links at the end of the article about "global currencies" being proposed, possibly the new world reserve currency for the NWO.

4300 BBP
Rob, thank you for sharing this article. It brings up some very serious forecasts for the average US citizen. I agree with you that if the USD was no longer the "currency du jour", then that vacuum would most likely be the impetus for the NWO currency!

1000 BBP

Good morning, Biblepay, and Happy Wednesday!
in the last three days, there have been some pretty massive credits entering my wallet. For weeks, the results of dual mining were coming in pretty low, such as 0.3, or 1.0. From Monday (9/28) on, I have seen credits as high as 2700+! I am surprised at such a drastic change. Did anyone else experience the same? Should I expect it to stay that way, or is this an anomaly? Thank you and God bless!

1000 BBP

Rob -
Its still happening. I am using Chrome Version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Please see attachment to see what I am seeing.
However, the change does allow me to download the wallet with https!

1000 BBP


I Believe this is fixed now.

Its funny because the menu dropdown did not have this bug, but the Wallet page did.
The wallet page redirected the download from HTTPS to HTTP.


Please try now.

Rob -
Its still happening. I am using Chrome Version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Please see attachment to see what I am seeing.

1000 BBP

marcelogamboa -

I followed the link you provided and found that the page loads fine. I was able to download the file as well.
If your computer does not allow you to navigate to that, then try the git site. Anyone know the git site for the BBP Wallet?
Edit - I took a look at the site again. There is an issue with the site not being "Completely Secure". Perhaps your security software is stopping you?

1000 BBP

Hi guys, where do i find the download of the wallet version for windows?

When i try to access the website i get this error :

You don't have permission to access this resource.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."
marcelogamboa -

I followed the link you provided and found that the page loads fine. I was able to download the file as well.
Perhaps your computer is confused by the https to http on the page? The page is http, port 80. If your computer does not allow you to navigate to that, then try the git site. Anyone know the git site for the BBP Wallet?

1000 BBP

BiblePay Core Upgrade

- Disable LLMQ (send it back to testnet)
- Add POOS POSE banning (to resolve Sanctuary payment slot issue)

MIP is building MAC.

4200 BBP
I upgraded my wallet to and it is stuck on blocks from Monday, 14 SEP 20. I have not erased my chain - should I?

1000 BBP

** The Last Days Remnant will Teleport **

I remember hearing a couple testimonies of Sundar Selvaraj teleporting from an airport bathroom (to Britain) and I think one other place.  I also heard of Henry Gruver teleporting.
Mike444 recently had a dream of last days saints teleporting (to be able to evangelize efficiently) and he mentioned the place in the book of Acts where Philip did this, here it is:
Acts 8:39

4200 BBP

Absolutely! If the Lord wants you to be in a specific location, He will get you there. Either that, or we'll be running like Elijah!

1000 BBP

Official Block Explorer Upgrade has been upgraded to HTTPS (will redirect if HTTP url is used)
Nice Job on the Explorer, MIP! It looks really good and HTTPS is much better all around!

1000 BBP

Francis Chan on What's Wrong with the Prosperity Gospel

2700 BBP

Excellent add - Thank you Sun! I agree 110%!!! :-)

1000 BBP

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