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1) It appears your remote sanc node is not listening on 8080 (I tried to telnet to it).
Try to add "port=8080" to your sanctuary config file and restart it.

2) Were you able to resolve not being synced yesterday, was it a non issue?

Thank you. It was not working with ip:port but adding port=8080 as an extra line in the config works. Now shows ready.

Syncing was not the issue. I accidentally deleted the entire .biblepayevolution folder but I learnt my lesson from before and restored from a backup wallet.dat. So all 3 sancs synced and ready.

Update to non standard port not working

The sanc appears enabled on the list but is unable to connect to the non standard port.

 >sanc status
Code: [Select]
  "outpoint": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000-4294967295",
  "service": "",
  "proTxHash": "71ac8f0a0b11a7070b4aa2e1862c19a8c5d5106bc5172502ebe8ce87772afc5d",
  "collateralHash": "24ba631e105c9f1d1923fe32d9c534e51556cddb15f625a5c42d5c902c868583",
  "collateralIndex": 1,
  "dmnState": {
    "service": "",
    "registeredHeight": 6092,
    "lastPaidHeight": 6097,
    "PoSePenalty": 0,
    "PoSeRevivedHeight": -1,
    "PoSeBanHeight": -1,
    "revocationReason": 0,
    "ownerAddress": "yQkfqAeFpZzwHmpXti7avavNAu6etwCjAn",
    "votingAddress": "yQkfqAeFpZzwHmpXti7avavNAu6etwCjAn",
    "payoutAddress": "yTwJA2VCYQWpWXH8HS7UvEpqRE3Aj5ciUV",
    "pubKeyOperator": "139234c6a2d2f2f449fe5b25006fef684a5be440372756d903f1c793da49812202933c13a8d750ebeb270ea96b62480d"
  "state": "ERROR",
  "status": "Error. Could not connect to"

>sudo ufw status
Code: [Select]
Status: active

To                         Action      From
--                         ------      ----
22/tcp                     LIMIT       Anywhere                 
8080/tcp                   ALLOW       Anywhere                 
40000/tcp                  ALLOW       Anywhere                 
9998/tcp                   ALLOW       Anywhere                 
19998/tcp                  ALLOW       Anywhere                 
40001/tcp                  ALLOW       Anywhere                 
22/tcp (v6)                LIMIT       Anywhere (v6)             
8080/tcp (v6)              ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)             
40000/tcp (v6)             ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)             
9998/tcp (v6)              ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)             
19998/tcp (v6)             ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)             
40001/tcp (v6)             ALLOW       Anywhere (v6) 

Well, I think it was the reboot that did it.  After poring through the code yesterday on that non default port stuff, the code uses the testnet default port if its missing the port #.

But more specifically in our case, I think what happens is we set up a sanctuary, we run it, and if the pro-tx is sent after the sanc boots, (I think) the sanc actually starts up and goes to enabled, but -- I could be wrong about this -- but I think the activeMasternodeInfo (this is the struct that displays its status) isnt actually updated until you reboot.

My big question on that will actually need an answer soon for apollon, because they want us to provision a deterministic sanctuary without asking them to reboot the node :).  So we will have to figure this out for sure soon.

Hmm am i on a different chain? I seem to have lost the tBBP you sent....

I had to stop the controller wallet to lock the outputs and when i restarted ( several times), the balanced was not updated.

I can see both of your sancs as enabled (however in the phase we are in, we arent in LLMQs yet, so they wont be pose banned anyway until after block 8400). Anyway when I right click on those I can see the Pro-tx.  Did your status ever update in the sancs themselves to Enabled?

I just created 3 sancs.  In my case, one of the three already went to enabled (in the masternode status in the sanc) with all of its info.  In the other 2, I also see waiting for pro-tx to appear on chain.  So Im going to leave mine like this and see if that changes later.

In my case, I used our upgradesanc command.  Heres how I created a deterministic using the legacy with upgrade method:
- Send 4,500,001 to myself using QT wallet
- Type masternode outputs - copy the TXID and ordinal
- Edit the controllers testnet3/masternode.conf file
- Past IP:Port MNP txid ordinal (in the file)
- Type 'upgradesanc sancname 0' .  Verify this will work.
- Type 'upgradesanc sancname 1'.  Copy the masternode bls priv key to the Sanc "biblepay.conf" file.  Also ensure the sanc has masternode=1 in it.
- Reboot the sanc so it uses the bls priv key.

On another note, Im testing an upcoming feature that will let Apollon host deterministic sancs, and let Apollon (or biblepay users) host sancs on nonstandard ports.
I wanted to see - do we need any code changes in testnet (or in the upgradesanc command) to support nonstandard ports.

So I did this:  In the sanctuary itself, in the biblepay.conf, add "port=nnnn" where nnnn is your non standard port #.  In my case I used 39998 (as you can see from the sanctuary list now).
Then in the masternode.conf file, I changed 40001 to 39998 (in my controller wallet).
I see our upgradesanc command did honor that without any changes, and - because we have recently merged in a change that allows nonstandard ports for pro-tx the tx was broadcast.

I was able to successfully create two more sancs on non standard ports.

So now you all should be able to see in the masternode list:  ports 40001, 39998, 39999.  Lets see if these nodes survive.

Thank you for the advice.

All mine were still waiting for ProTx but when i added the port to the IP and restarted it immediately went to ready, so the port ( even if default 40001) is needed in the conf.

Iíll try a non standard port later tonight.

Thats awesome you are firing up 5!  Thanks!  Yeah, Im firing up 3 sancs + 1 controller, so we should have most of the bases covered this time.

I sent something like 12 mil-13 mil I believe to you.


I forgot an important note for everyone; Oncoa can you please do this also;
please delete your SAN/prayers*.* files and restart (just delete the whole directory SAN if you want), and then you will see that ABN isn't required.

This is because in testnet, our sporks are cached (until they get replaced with a new value).  Since we restarted the chain, the wallet thinks its still in ABN required mode.

(ABN is currently not required in testnet).


Yes, our hashes match, great job!

Thank you for the tBBP - I have set up 2 DIP3 sancs.

Although they both appear to be enabled on the masternode list (and both receiving block rewards on consecutive blocks 5802,3), masternode status on both say
"status": "Waiting for ProTx to appear on-chain"

I struggled for quite a while in the set up as unlike previously, this time the VoteAdd must be the same as the OwnAdd.  As can be seen from my post (on Jul 31, 2019, for example, my last sancs had different addresses for both, as I set them up from scratch using the dash method.

Thank you also for the tip about the deletion of the SAN directory, the VPS are now mining without ABN.

Starting testnet from scratch

cli getblockhash 5682

New address:

I cannot mine and accumulate tBBP due to ABN. Can you please send enough for setting up of Sancs if thatís required. Thank you.

I have 5 VPS synced and ready.

Starting testnet from scratch

cli getblockhash 5682

New address:

I cannot mine and accumulate tBBP due to ABN. Can you please send enough for setting up of Sancs if thatís required. Thank you.

Dear Rob,

Based on published data Ref:
And the approx current output, I have calculated the approx BBP allocation based on current QT, can you please confirm? Thank you.

Planned emission   

                %                BBP
Total monthly    51,914,467.00
Per day                  1,730,482.23
Curr QT    0.6        1,038,289.34

Sanc          0.25         259,572.34
PoBHv2    0.25         259,572.34
SB(?)         0.10         103,828.93
GSC           0.40          415,315.74

GSC breakdown:
POG            0.475     197,274.97
POOM        0.475     197,274.97
HEALING    0.050      20,765.79

Thanks guys!

Yeah, one of my 3 was pose banned too.  I have been deliberately waiting to see if it revives by itself.

As the Dash-Evo code hints at an automatic revival process; but - when I read about people who were POSE banned, they generally recreate their nodes.  But that doesnt make too much sense to me, because there is a strict control on not being able to re-use the same IP.

I have one well known working method to undo a POSE ban - but its like using a cannon - you can spend the output and recreate the sanc using upgradesanc - and that is allowed - because the network sees it as spent and undoes the lock on it first - and allows recreation.

Before I recreate my third sanc, let me do some more expirimentation.

Thank you. Initially, the testnet sancs were enabled even when the entire VPS was off for extended periods of time; now when they temporarily drop connection, all of the sancs appear to be banned and none appear to gave recovered without intervention.

 sanc count
  "total": 6,
  "enabled": 0

Am I on the same chain as you, as all the sancs on this testnet chain appear banned?

I believe Im the only 2 sancs left; MIP & Oncoapop are you guys still participating?

Jaap said he would, but we havent heard back from him after that.  I havent seen Togo here either despite coming back on the payroll.

I have the following machines on testnet but all my sancs have been pose banned so i need to reactivate them but this back-to-school week is a bit busy for me.

Thats awesome.  I see .181 in my sanc list now also, with 0 POSE.
Just a guess, but maybe it was your masternodeblsprivkey on the old one, not matching?  In both of my cases it was using externalip=.  I found after I recreated without that, they stay up. 

Yes, good to know you were able to use the Dash method.  The pro for the dash method is you have more control over the operator and voting keys (which, we can expose in the future in our upgradesanc command, for more versatility).  The con is you have to remember to save those private keys in a file by yourself.  (In the case of a person who has a lot of sancs, the deterministic.conf might be convenient.  In my case, the deterministic was more useful for me to write a monitoring program to manage the sancs later - I need to loop through them and control them, etc.)

Great, we have 5 sancs now enabled!  We can start testing chainlocks pretty soon.
MIP, is yours up?

Have I forgotten to answer any questions about .14 other than making a test-list?

Btw, how did you lose your testnet controller wallet, was it a rabid animal, or a mad family member?

Hmm, my sanc has the external IP in the biblepay.conf:

Code: [Select]


Not that exciting, Iím afraid. I thought each time in testnet we start from scratch so I didnít pay much attention to the wallets. Anyway, I managed to resurrect the 239.200 as the VPS was still around.

Oh ok, yeah you can't spend the collateral then, so you cant free that node the easy way, right.

Well, anyway, the other way to do it is if you have the deterministic.conf file (this has the bls private and public key in it and the original pro-tx-txid), you could send a  ProUpServTx, (because sending a new pro-register-tx with the same IP results in bad-protx-dup-key error), but you could only do this if you had all the pieces saved from deterministic.conf (proTxHash, blsPrivKey) - see this section for future reference :

Well anyway I hope you have a Vultr Snapshot then you can rebuild without all that work.  Good luck.

PS: Can you please try the quick sync from zero when you rebuild so we can test that?

Set it up using the binaries from MIP and the quick sync script and it was fast and effortless! Used the Dash method from scratch (bit more complicated) and here it is...
Code: [Select]
"33ff087061fad94af7e4f1f73ff56af47f9b34e802cd845f5cf765b13944d453-1": {
   "proTxHash": "520ebc4e8fb36d335e89d3527c88e0096bb605983efbd339f78d17be12ce453e",
   "address": "",
   "payee": "yXhRHuA2YsV44K5VZJyQSxZurQ8s7diKbq",
   "status": "ENABLED",
   "posescore": 100,
   "posescoretries": 0,
   "posescoresuccesscount": 0,
   "lastpaidtime": 1564615177,
   "lastpaidblock": 182751,
   "owneraddress": "ygXsP7NRxDJtKKqRc2i1JXvxKZmXysYf76",
   "votingaddress": "ya5TqeZC7GRbibSzT8jbfHCLEQNTKT6LDL",
   "collateraladdress": "ydbZ7ppEEbq28Awyt2iQXTnM3JSn5fxKHF",
   "pubkeyoperator": "90856729abbe57866ec136e1505b59bf2fb5c399e04581df8264ba0ce49709cccd8c3e74c45ea1815e71572d602110c0"

Hi Oncoa,

Nice hashes, so it looks like we are in agreement on that block hash (for your 3) plus mine.

As far as getting pose banned, you can get banned if:  Your masternodeblsprivkey does not match your deterministic.conf private key, or if you transmitted the same IP on more than one pro-tx, or if you are using the 'externalip=' setting in your wallet, or if your node is out of sync and acting strange in the quorums.  You would have to defer to the dash docs I pasted above for the rest of the reasons (as I am not familiar with the others yet).

If your not sure after reading this, I have found it is very easy to do this to recover:

Spent your collateral Tx in the controller wallet
Create a new public key for a new sanc
Create a new legacy sanc using the new address
Perform the upgradesanc command on it

I did that and Im chugging fine.

You can use the same address as long as you spend the old sanc funds first.  (Unlock them to spend them, spend them, then spend a new amount for the new sanc).

This would only happen in testnet but i lost / destroyed my controller wallet with my VPS and hence the collateral is locked and hence I cannot recreate the sancs using the same IP as you mentioned without spending the collateral which is not possible without the wallet!

Iíll have to destroy the VPS and recreate it with new A fresh IP and start from scratch. This might take awhile... sorry.

So can we get a little update from everyone on testnet, do you all agree:

getblockhash 180650

Id like to see all 5 of our sancs in agreement before we talk about testing chainlocks.
I see my 3 non-pose banned sancs are in agreement.

MIP, Oncoapop we could use feedback - and anyone else that wants to test chainlocks.
Dear Rob,

I just have three VPS running in TESTNET. I did have one sanc but it is now banned, I have no idea how to get it unbanned. I restarted it to no avail. How does one get banned, other than not running bbp daemon?

Code: [Select]
 "outpoint": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000-4294967295",
 "service": "",
 "state": "POSE_BANNED",
 "status": "Masternode was PoSe banned"

The VPS is up and running and port appears to be open
Code: [Select]
telnet 40001
Connected to<>.

mnsync status
 "AssetID": 999,
 "AssetStartTime": 1564531134,
 "Attempt": 0,
 "IsBlockchainSynced": true,
 "IsSynced": true,
 "IsFailed": false

If you want to check my machines, you can see the automatically polled hashes of my three machines at any time on:

They are pretty puny VPS  so one or more may be offline syncing or updatingÖ


Dear Rob,

Given your stressing the importance in testnet of the sancs testing of LLMQ (kindly remind me what this is again?), I have (surprisingly) resurrected one of my initial DIP3 sancs (just using old biblepay.conf and masternode.conf files left on the server WITHOUT the controlling wallet which I may have destroyed....), so I am hoping that it will be okay.

Let's test this to ensure, as far as we are able with a fraction of the network in testnet, we roll out a stable product in mainnet. Could you kindly help us to assist you in this by providing a checklist  (in simple layman's terms, please. Thanks  :) )  so that we can test specific aspects and report on.


Code: [Select]
  "outpoint": "51a7d0cdb93fb3377d274f1b448af3c260618eb23c145a52c6c2fc081192b4dc-1",
  "service": "",
  "proTxHash": "3fdfa35533185427856e07d7a966714d118c7434994b5d6a349c11558e79e290",
  "collateralHash": "51a7d0cdb93fb3377d274f1b448af3c260618eb23c145a52c6c2fc081192b4dc",
  "collateralIndex": 1,
  "dmnState": {
    "service": "",
    "registeredHeight": 65387,
    "lastPaidHeight": 171297,
    "PoSePenalty": 0,
    "PoSeRevivedHeight": -1,
    "PoSeBanHeight": -1,
    "revocationReason": 0,
    "ownerAddress": "yhDJCUZq19CVLiuDa4wEoY4PxWg17bZuTx",
    "votingAddress": "yhDJCUZq19CVLiuDa4wEoY4PxWg17bZuTx",
    "payoutAddress": "yRKdex8fFcDyjqx618Cz4hsQcQFjp55jRg",
    "pubKeyOperator": "05f58c1b79e898cf31a0375ded7a8e5bb6b0e5aacb48dc79f7c87e38eb0533bdf85c610cee5cf94b79c425c20f423cc4"
  "state": "READY",
  "status": "Ready"

Again I notice that all the sancs appear to be "valid" although I know that only one of my sancs ( is online and the other ( is  not (see below). Would this affect the quorum if we have zombie sancs?

Code: [Select]
telnet 40001
Connected to

telnet 40001
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

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