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Archived Proposals / Re: Whitepaper update
« on: May 14, 2018, 10:34:25 am »
really impressed by the visuals.

with the road map, it wasn't clear to me various status projects. inwards is more completion? maybe white can be green to show progress. more green, more progress... the legend "estimation of maturation vs probable manifestation range" was not helpful to me. very words without telling me project status.

also citation is at the end of the white paper but is not linked. might you provide anchor links within the document to those citation links at the end? any statistics, if you could provide the links within the web site itself. also consider using web archive to save the snapshot of the page and link to that so you don't have to deal with link rot later on.

Archived Proposals / Re: Biblepay Charity Commission - Revised
« on: May 14, 2018, 10:25:16 am »
1) What happens if the BBP/BTC pair rises? Is there be a mechanism for giving at steady accelerated rate versus giving spending the entire amount? Spending each month becomes a feast or famine approach. If there's a surplus, I'd be for a steady rise in giving like 5% more each month... It's a way for all organized structure to adapt to growth slowly from BBP side and charities.  If the BBP/BTC price drops, I think a similar approach of reducing payments slowly could also occur.

2) @jappgvk "is have some fixed BBP address for every charity that we are partnered with, so that people can send BBP to those addresses if they want, knowing that their BBP will go to the right place."

I agree with the idea but I also see some issues with potential fraud. Third party could advertise addresses not authorized or slightly different from the charity to siphon donations. Once you open this up, there's a lot of potential for fraud. Centralized giving in some ways is more secure.

3) I don't know what country each charity manager lives, so I'm curious what income tax reporting looks like for all three of you (compassion, cameroon, and bloom). For example, Rob A. gives to Compassion on his AmEx. Does he have to report this as personal charity giving on his income tax because he pays with his American Express. And his American Express, I'm assuming, is a personal credit card?

4) Is the BBP Foundation already a non-profit, LLC, or some sort of business entity? Is all the giving already recorded under the umbrella organization of BBP Foundation?

5) I just worry if wallets or Rob or jaap dies, the charities may miss a payment... are there recovery plans for disasters like this?

I don't know how others feel, but I get confused by the amounts because net amounts are not shown. PODC updates especially showing spend very little, but sometimes take big starting amounts and end with big amounts. I think visually the QT does it right by showing the net amount. I think explorer should work the same way. Details should show gross amounts being moved around. I know this isn't exactly what the upgrade is to support, but if it is easy enough to add, I'm in support of it. It would add consistently to UX/UI between QT wallet and Explorer. btw, the green color for receiving and red for sending is a good visual hint that I enjoy.

General Support / Re: Standalone biblepayd and biblepay-cli
« on: May 11, 2018, 10:11:44 pm »
To build from source files, these instructions worked for me using Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS:

Run each line one at a time.

General Support / Re: Buying BBPs
« on: May 11, 2018, 10:08:55 pm »
Use GDAX instead of Coinbase. ACH transfers are free (bank to GDAX). You pay a small fee to buy BTC. But you pay no fee to withdraw that BTC to CCEX or SouthXchange. Coinbase just charges a lot of unnecessary fee because they are simple to use. Just learn the GDAX interface and save yourself on network fees.

Can't say I was happy with the fees on the exchange  BBP is listed on. They seemed a little higher than other places I've used like Bittrex, Bleutrade, Cryptopia, etc. But what can you do... you go wherever the pair is. I've done some small deals under 5k BBP over Discord, but you have to be comfortable with the risk...

General Support / Re: Purepool Support
« on: May 11, 2018, 10:03:00 pm »
If you are taking enhancement requests, I'd be curious to see who the block finder for blocks on purepool are. Also, stats on which addresses find the most blocks on purepool. You know, the typical pool stats that is somewhat useful. I'm most curious though about found blocks as a ratio of pool hash power. I seem to get paid a little more than proportional of my hash rate if I throw more hash power at purepool, but that's just my guess. Having the stats would prove helpful.

Can you make Magnitude 0 to 100 instead of 1,000? 0 to 100 makes more sense as a percentage than 0 to 1000. Easier to comprehend right away.

Where does Rob live? Our work has computer sales and have off-lease business Macs for sale sometimes. I'm in California. Shipping would be expensive for a desktop... I think mac Mini is likely the least expensive way to go, or a mac desktop if you wanted something a little more powerful. macbook pro/air is okay, but they are a premium cost wise.

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