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Hi again. I think there is still some kind of forking going on. I tested your command on my sanc and it worked fine.
On my controller wallet it created an error and I checked back and saw, that this was on another chain. So I restarted it with "erasechain=1".
Now I came home from work at it is synced again, but again on a completely different chain. Also the 2 explorers seem to be different/stopped.

Could anyone please confirm, that my Sanc (at least) is on the right one?
Code: [Select]
getblockhash 220161

I have my sancs stalled at block 220054 (I guess that would explain why they start piling up ban score).
My controller wallet is at the same chain as your sanc.

I will run reassesschain and see what happens.


Will you all please restart your sanctuaries with "-erasechain=1".  This will erase the LLMQ folder and resync.

Once you are done with this, 'quorum list' should return empty (in contrast to returning 3 quorums (50_60 and 2 * 5_60).

Please do this immediately, because we are trying to jumpstart the quorums before block 220,000.


My two working sancs are showing empty, but my controller wallet shows 3 entries in quorum list. Is this ok or do I have to do anything else?

General Support - Solved / Re: Wallet Export/Import Private Key
« on: September 06, 2020, 01:58:02 PM »
Biblepay mobile wallet uses BIP39 hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet.

The way it works is: it creates a new main address for each receive transaction, and a new change address for each change output.

Both main and change addresses can be found using a tool like this:

But the official one does not support Biblepay so I prepared one version that supports it.
I can send it to you by email or even upload it to download area.

The way to proceed is:
- Run the bip39 JavaScript tool locally in a browser (should be an offline machine)
- enter the 12 word seed and select Biblepay in the coin select field.
- In Derivation Path, choose BIP32 and “Multibil HD” client field.

You should then see all private/public keys and addresses
use a block explorer to test both main and change addresses until you find several empty ones or you are sure you have rescued all your funds from the mobile wallet.

IMPORTANT WARNING: this method should be used only for emergency recovery of mobile wallet funds, before abandoning the 12 word seed for good. This is, once the above method is applied, the (Hopefully empty) 12 word mobile wallet should be wiped out and replaced by a new 12 word seed.


The Block Subsidy is broken?

Please read about APM and other novelties in the last version of September 2020

Automatic Price Mooning (APM)
If the price of BBP stays the same or goes down, then the blockchain goes into money saving mode (we pay 99% less rewards to the Sanctuaries and to the Miners). This should give a strong motivation for the community to keep the price rising.

Its partially correct but there are many more variables to consider.

As far as the payment amount, that changes according to an ordinal in LLMQ - in order to keep the amount deterministic for the round.  So after 217K, it just had to run to the next ordinal.  Looking now, the sanctuary payment amount did jump from 3500 to 4679 with the same sanc count of 125.

As far as 1 bbp payments for POOS banned sancs, that only applies to  sancs who are in 700 but not in POSE banned state yet.

One issue we have between now and 220,000 is we are trying to restart our quorums again.  And this means LLMQ and hence POSE banning doesnt go into effect til after 220K and after quorums restart.

So we also have to wait for that to occur to actually see POSE banned sancs.  The code does attempt to vote bad sancs out of quorums that are not conforming to the rules this time (in contrast to the last time we had LLMQs).  So lets reassess the "slot" situation after LLMQs and POSE banning are on again.

4200 BBP

Wow thanks for the detailed explanation, it’s hard to imagine the complexity and subtleties of LLMQ and masternode interaction.

Official Block Explorer Upgrade has been upgraded to HTTPS (will redirect if HTTP url is used)

** Welcome to POOS (Proof of Orphan Sponsorships by Sanctuaries) **
Taking a look at the gravity of the situation, I see that 44 sanctuaries have paid for Orphans!  This is a great start, but, we have some work to do.
Out of our total 125 sanctuaries that are ENABLED, we only have 44 that paid.

This means that 81 sanctuaries are starting to be POOS banned.

Please check your sanc and spend the collateral if you don't want an orphan -- or -- alternatively sponsor an orphan.  Starting in 20 blocks, you will no longer be PAID.

I see that POOS banned get a 1 BBP reward, but they still keep a slot in the block payments. Also valid sanc rewards are the same as before 217000 (were they not supposed to absorb the charity budget for themselves?).

So in the aftermath even if a sanc is sponsoring 1 child, it is getting exactly the same rewards as before, and all the emission of the POOS-banned sancs is becoming "lost".

Is this a correct assessment, or is it just a temporary situation until a whole reward cycle is finished?
Thanks for the great job!

** UI LAG **

Also, after POOS was released you might have noticed a very slow Sanctuaries page in 
I sent out a version that fixes this (as a leisure).  Feel free to upgrade once this bothers you.

MacOSX is being compiled now.

(Btw, the lag does affect 'masternodelist' from the RPC also and is fixed in

MacOS version and Linux 64 (Ubuntu 16.04 compatible) are ready now.

Will the BiblePay mobile app work without any modifications for this mandatory upgrade?

2700 BBP

Both iOS and Android mobile wallets sync all the way up, so everything is in order.

I found an unrelated UI glitch in iOS version on the home screen, so I pushed a new version with the fix to App Store for approval.

MIP, I can't think of any issues, what do you think?

4200 BBP

It should, let me do a couple of checks today and I will confirm.

Thanks, I polished the article a little more and just published it so everyone can see

Any and all feedback welcome!

Nice one, added to Biblepay's Linkedin Profile

Please check the following wallet Linux/Mac downloads for v1.5.2.2:

Linux 64 (compatible with both Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04)


I defer to MIP on this issue.

I can try compile a linux build for both  Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04

The issue here is that a build compiled in 18.04 does not work in 16.04 with the standard compile options because it will complain about this runtime lib.

104 Upgrade for TestNet

- Add DashStake (dashstake, dashstakequote), autolocking of BBP collateral held in stakes, Dash Reward icons in QT UI
- Add right-click Copy UTXO action to coin control
- Fix DIP008 for Prod release, and, set new LLMQs params for PROD release
- Add show exchange button to QT
- (Fix cosmetic display bug in dashstakequote in

MIP will be building the MAC release soon.

MacOS release ready

I'll reach out to MIP now and see if he will build it.  He said he has been too busy for anything over the last couple months.

Thanks Rob for reaching. This weekend I am out in the high mountains and have very limited bandwidth so I don't think I will be able to upload the binaries (and in Mac it is required twice, once for notarising the DMG at Apple, and another one to FTP site).

On monday morning I will be back to a civilised place and I will be able to get it ready.
Sorry for the delay and the inconveniences..

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