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Pre-Proposal Discussion / Listing on (no fees)
« on: February 04, 2019, 02:16:58 am »
I got this through discord:

We can list biblepay. On
This would cost you nothing we donít have a listing fee
This would increase your exposure and offer your community a one-click service at a very convenient prices 1.99$/mo
We also offer you to show your banner during installation this give you access to over 50 new crypto masternode holders every day a targeted advertising
Only requirement is to announce the listing on your discord and retweet our announcement about biblepay listing

As there is no listing fee we can go ahead and give exposure.
But we need to announce in Discord and Tweeter

What do you think?

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: January 22, 2019, 04:10:05 am » Upgrade for TestNet

- Highlight user in POG leaderboard UI
- Fix bug in POG block checker (IE compare rounded amounts) before
failing a block
- Add POG Leaderboard to toolbar menu

** Note:  Please upgrade as this version hangs up on old clients **

MacOS testnet version ready and Ubuntu testnet PPAs building now

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: January 12, 2019, 02:32:49 am »

On the DIP002, I agree on doing this on a longer term scale - for "best practices".

Completely agree on this. We will have enough  "fun" even making a workable devnet on the first approach so this would go on a later stage.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: January 11, 2019, 10:28:10 am »
I think you can (given your availability) port the GetTitheParams function(s) (just the math function(s) like quantize, not the UpdatePogPool stuff) into the mobile wallet, and call the Pool API for the pindexBestHeader->chainTip() POG difficulty level (IE 0-65535) (only because the pindex during sync wont have your current diff since the blocks arent stored but instead computed in the large client), once you have that int you can then call for the GetTitheParams, and that gives you the 3 things we can quote the user (age, max, min).

I see this clear, POG diff level must be retrieved from sowhere else.

The POG transaction does not require, but we should, transmit the <nickname> XML and the <tither> address in the ".sTxOutMessage" field - I dont know if you have implemented that field in the mobile client yet, would that be hard to add that field to the broadcasted transaction?  Then you would need to ask them for their nickname somehow during setup (not sure if there is a config in there).  It actually is OK to skip those two as users will receive POG payment rewards back to the sending address but I still recommend us going the extra mile to add the ability to send the message, because it is frowned upon to send rewards back to the change address (in addition a lot of clients try to anonymize the change address, and also it creates more spam, IE mobile user jumping around in the pog pool with many addresses etc).

sTxOutMessage is already supported as it's part of TxOut structure (otherwise mobile app outcoing txs would not be accepted by the network once broadcasted). So far the string goes blank but I don't think there will be any problem to send nickname (once configured by the user) and other data.

BTW on a more long-term discussion, Dash-rebased version we will probably have to move all this sTxOutMessage dependant behaviour into "special transactions" infrastructure provided by DIP002 (which is conceptually the same but using the "payload" concept instead sTxOutMessage).

At this point, the tithe should be accepted in the pogpool, so I think it should be doable....  Of course we should talk more about our apple situation as what is the use in doing all this if we cant even get listed in the Apple store.

Well it could be available on Android version... and even if we can't get listed on App Store we could someday provide the iOS app as downloadable like Binance does (if we ever obtain an enterprise dev license)

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: January 11, 2019, 02:27:09 am »

I wanted to make a small record of this so we dont forget - POG should theoretically allow us to help the unbanked - I believe all we need is the current POG difficulty level, a 'pog tithe' button, and the ability for the mobile wallet to send a tithe.  At that point, the user should enter the pog pool.

Ok noted. As long as tithing does not require to have full blockchain data loaded, it is possible to implement. Remember that mobile wallet only stores block headers and your own wallet's UTXOs and TXs.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: January 09, 2019, 03:00:55 am »
Did you get your nickname working btw?

Only if  I pass it through command line, not config file. Same happens in Mac, I can try debug it when I find a moment.

BTW, the chat menu is not visible in MacOS, probably because the "About" menu role in QMenu has a special meaning in MacOS GUI (that moves the "about" menu options to the top-left position, besides the system "apple" menu option).

The only way for it to work ok is commenting both lines in src/qt/bitcoingui.cpp

ln 438 // openChatGeneralAction->setMenuRole(QAction::AboutRole);
ln 443 //  openChatPMAction->setMenuRole(QAction::AboutRole);

This way it shows fine as in Win version.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: January 08, 2019, 03:33:19 am »
I launched and resynced and all my previously mined coins in the last week dissapeared. Is this the expected behaviour?
Can someone post current block hash to check if I'm in the right chain? Thanks

Sunk818, MacOS testnet version is ready. 

Testnet PPAs are also building as we speak.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: January 03, 2019, 10:03:16 am »
Oh, ok I remember something now - when your nickname is not set up (IE its empty) Chat does Not work - it needs a name to work.

On your nickname, I think I know the problem - Im not sure if you saw my prior message, but please create a biblepaytest.conf here:

If you place:  nickname=yyyy

In there, you should then be able to reboot and see the nickname in 'pogpool'?

Thanks, I did read your message and already tried, in fact I changed "MIP" to other larger lowcase nick, in case there was some issue... but it seems to keep ignoring me. And I don't know how to troubleshoot.

This is what I have now:

Code: [Select]

and then after relaunching:

Code: [Select]
  "ySwRWw1EEEMyGSz4iiWVAwryXbxBTumiPG": "Amount: 879.00, Weight: 1.0000, Payment_Tier: 0, Height: 101722, NickName: randrews",
  "High Tithe": 879.3,
  "Total Tithes": 879.3,
  "Total Participants": 1,
  "POG Difficulty": 14084.597503552,
  "My Tithes": 0,
  "My Nickname": ""

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: January 03, 2019, 05:21:30 am »
I seem to be in the right chain but still have problems to see my nickname in pogpool and the chat shows blank

Code: [Select]
  "ySwRWw1EEEMyGSz4iiWVAwryXbxBTumiPG": "Amount: 637.00, Weight: 1.0000, Payment_Tier: 0, Height: 101505, NickName: randrews",
  "High Tithe": 637.2,
  "Total Tithes": 637.2,
  "Total Participants": 1,
  "POG Difficulty": 10206.64793502028,
  "My Tithes": 0,
  "My Nickname": ""

Also I can't tithe but I think this is because my coins are not old enough at current diff level (2-3 days).

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: January 02, 2019, 02:29:24 am »
Correct, 13.87 days if the diff was static - but it fluctuates.

When you say chat doesnt work, what did you try -  pm or public and what username did you page if it was PM?  (I havent been at the computer). 

(Ive tested them both across nodes and it appears to work though).

I did both, public and PM. I see the screen empty at every moment. I am behind a NAT so I don't know if you need an IP in the internet like sancs or not.
In any case I will be online for the next 8 hours in case you want me to do some testing.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: January 01, 2019, 12:49:23 pm »
This is what I get

Code: [Select]
exec titheinfo
  "Command": "titheinfo",
  "POG Difficulty": 15151.39403913321,
  "24 Hour Tithes": 11350.8,
  "pog_diff_chain_tip": 15151.39403913321,
  "min_coin_age": 13.87,
  "min_coin_amt": 5780.66,
  "max_tithe_amount": 230.87,
  "Tithable_Coin_Quantity": 0,
  "Tithable_Largest_Coin": 0,
  "Tithable_Coin_Avg_Age": 0,
  "Tithable_Total_Coin_Balance": 0,
  "Tithability_Amount": 0,
  "Tithability_Summary": "NO",
  "Tithe_Cap": 49096,
  "Daily_Miner_Emissions": 96188,
  "Pool_Emissions": 76950.40000000001,
  "Lowest_ROI%": 78.5,
  "Highest_ROI%": 339

I have 370000 coins so I guess I don't need more, but I don't know if I can start tithing now.

Code: [Select]

  "blocks": 99878,
  "blocks_tip": 99878,
  "currentblocksize": 1000,
  "currentblocktx": 0,
  "difficulty_podc": 6.964404506368992,
  "difficulty_pow": 0.1056952030005922,
  "difficulty": 6.964404506368992,
  "pool_url": "",
  "poolmining_use_ssl": false,
  "pool_high_tithe": 5048.1,
  "pool_my_total_tithes": 0,
  "pool_total_tithes": 10929.6,
  "pog_difficulty": 14589.16343254311,
  "pog_min_coin_age": 13.36,
  "pog_min_coin_amount": 5566.19,
  "pog_max_tithe_amount": 233.44

If I tithe

Code: [Select]

exec tithe 1000
  "Command": "tithe",
  "Error": "Sorry, your tithe exceeds the maximum allowed tithe for this difficulty level.  (See getmininginfo)."


Code: [Select]
exec tithe 200
  "Command": "tithe",
  "TXID": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000"

I guess that if min coin age is 13.87 days and mine were generated today I will have to wait 13.87 days?

The chat is not working for me (apparently). You may want to contact me perhaps it works the other way.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: January 01, 2019, 06:38:51 am »
If you set your nickname (nickname=yourname) in the config we can test:
1) Private chat call and answer
2) You can help us test the ROI on a brand new POG node; IE be sure to write down exactly what you started with before POG started, then tally your total expenditures (IE donations to the foundation over the duration) and tally the "POG rewards", and paste the ROI level here.  You should receive about a 50% profit on what you spend over a certain period.

I registered by nick on conf file but it does not seem to get it. This is my conf in %appdata%\biblepaycore\testnet3\biblepay.conf folder

Code: [Select]

Regarding PoG, I have like 350.000 tBBP, but very recent coins. I have tithe=3 in conf but I don't know if that's enough or I have to do some manual command (I don't even know if it's getting it because of the conf problem I mentioned above).

Sorry to be so noob on PoG but I really didn't have the time to follow these days  :D

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: January 01, 2019, 06:31:43 am »
I think at this stage we just wait for someone who has been crashing on windows to set 'boincmetrics=-1' and confirm it doesnt crash.

Then once we know it was that API call, you can make the decision if we want to fix the Win API call or wait until Evolution rebase is released.

I remember reading that the BOOST (later version boost that is with the MAC include you found for us) does support the WIN "hide" switch, so imo that would be the easiest (just let everyone live with the flashing screens for a while) and then we leverage that arg.

I haven't found anything yet that shows the flag CREATE_NO_WINDOW can create crashes (unless you launch a full Win GUI app which is not the case). I was thinking on a buffer overflow but I am leaning towards the case when the user can't launch boinccmd for a number of reasons. This way we enter

Code: [Select]
// If an error occurs, exit the application.
    if ( ! bSuccess ) {

and this would explain the apparent "crash". I can change this with a better error handling instead exiting. I'm pretty sure this would fix the problem (but user could not interact with boinccmd). I'll tell you when it's ready.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: December 31, 2018, 08:23:23 pm »
ok so how do you recommend me to proceed to start testing? Any specific cases?

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Testnet - Test Proof of Giving
« on: December 31, 2018, 07:52:36 am »
I got a crash on windows even without tithing but that was not a debug session. I will try to see if I come across one in the Mac

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