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Well, do you suggest I delete the chains and resync? I'm pretty sure I'll be on your chain then.

I'm doing that, because my CPID 1BBP transaction disappeared and I'm back without registration... let's hope it works this time

Yes for sure. Been a busy week!
Looks like your explorer is down?

So the botnet will be kicked due to mandatory at block 33400.
But 33400 on our chain or the bot chain?

I would say that bot is already out of the "official" PoDC chain because we are getting our own confirmations (finally) and bot is 30 blocks ahead on its own chain. It can go on like that forever.

If bot tries to upgrade and hook to the "official" PoDC chain, he will mine by PoW until 33400 is reached (not likely as we are pretty close now).

I finally see my CPID after confirmations started working. However I want to separate the controller wallet for PoDC from the MN controller one, to another windows machine.

Can I run QT wallet on a new windows machine and re-associate to Rosetta, or do I have to "un-link" the current association first?
Thank you

Backup Block Explorer updated to v1.1.0.2c

I see three blocks numbered 33281 with their respective different hashes (?!)

On the unconfirmed, if you could double click it - if its an associate, please reassociate, if its a PODC update, just do a new one.

Those will probably stay unconfirmed forever - then later do a restart with -zapwallettxes

I did that, and the transactions dissappeared. But 5 minutes later they appeared again from nowhere and got a confirmation... interesting. No problem so far.

One of those was the 1BBP for CPID I sent 8 hours ago (42cad1f72d9b5578c6e67edd8fd2001d5312c930c5f5caa964e328b6b70dbbf1-000),

 I'll wait for 6 confirmations to see if CPID finally shows up.

EDIT: now I see the transactions as unconfirmed again... there must be a conflict somewhere

Alright guys, I think we are starting to be pressured into a mandatory upgrade.

Lict has raised a very valid point in prod - since I upgraded and the pool server, now the pool is enforcing the 1102 chain, which is causing questions.

So I suppose we need to hurry up and test 1102 and make a decision for release candidate.

I just checked my ca89 cpid association in prod and it was successful and I have utxo weight.

Luke, do you have utxo weight now?

Are we experiencing any other problems?

Im going to upgrade a few sancs now.

I have and the transactions I made a few hours ago show as "unconfirmed" (one of them is the 1BBP).

At this point I don't know which chain I am on. Is blockexplorer in the new one or the old one?

I already upgraded the MN without apparent issues though.

podcupdate gave true last night but my CPI is still not associated. I moved the cpid from my controller wallet to the sanctuary. Updating to the latest version now.

By the way, make -j4 doesn't seem to be doing anything, it seems to still use only 1 core.

I tried to compile once in a 16 vCPU with -j4 and -j8 and gcc crashed badly. -j2 worked fine though.

Yes, im on 33235 also.
Whats your exec getboincinfo output?

The same I posted some hours before

exec getboincinfo

  "Command": "getboincinfo",
  "CPID": "",
  "Address": "",
  "CPIDS": "",
  "CPID-Age (hours)": 422317,
  "NextSuperblockHeight": 33620,
  "NextSuperblockBudget": 760165,
  "Total Payments (One Day)": 0,
  "Total Payments (One Week)": 0,
  "Total Budget (One Day)": 0,
  "Total Budget (One Week)": 0,
  "Superblock Count (One Week)": 0,
  "Superblock Hit Count (One Week)": 0,
  "Superblock List": "",
  "Last Superblock Height": 0,
  "Last Superblock Budget": 0,
  "Last Superblock Payment": -2,
  "Magnitude (One-Day)": 0,
  "Magnitude (One-Week)": 0

The funny thing is that the CPID-Age (hours) is correct, but CPID itself is blank. Also I saw the 1BBP charge but as we have been in current block since then, transaction (e6e5d60e2c4d85d1e6f7ccec7dbae61ccacda8f9947b2d6a8277de2260c07206-000) is not confirmed yet.

I still don't see my CPID. My prod client says we are in 33235. Am I in the right chain? Do I have to upgrade/clean files? Thank you

When you registered your Rosetta account, was there a window welcoming you to the cancer research? And was there an outgoing transaction of (I think) about 1 BBP?

Yes to both questions.

EDIT: I see we are not mining blocks so this might be the cause, as long as the 1BBP transaction is not confirmed.

I updated in Windows (production), unlocked my wallet, and registered my Rosetta user, and I get this


  "blocks": 33220,
  "currentblocksize": 2646,
  "currentblocktx": 2,
  "difficulty_podc": 0,
  "difficulty_pow": 14054.13127284258,
  "difficulty": 0,
  "errors": "",
  "genproclimit": 10,
  "networkhashps": 136662306069.4784,
  "hashps": 0.2939447383891828,
  "minerstarttime": "03-06-2018 08:05:18",
  "hashcounter": 4,
  "pooledtx": 2,
  "testnet": false,
  "chain": "main",
  "biblepay-generate": true,
  "poolinfo1": "Failed to sign CPID signature (unlock wallet)?; Failed to sign CPID signature (unlock wallet)?; Failed to sign CPID signature (unlock wallet)?; ",
  "poolinfo2": "",
  "poolinfo3": "",
  "miningpulse": 4,
  "poolmining": false,
  "pool_url": "",
  "poolmining_use_ssl": false


exec getboincinfo

  "Command": "getboincinfo",
  "CPID": "",
  "Address": "",
  "CPIDS": "",
  "CPID-Age (hours)": 422312,
  "NextSuperblockHeight": 33620,
  "NextSuperblockBudget": 760165,
  "Total Payments (One Day)": 0,
  "Total Payments (One Week)": 0,
  "Total Budget (One Day)": 0,
  "Total Budget (One Week)": 0,
  "Superblock Count (One Week)": 0,
  "Superblock Hit Count (One Week)": 0,
  "Superblock List": "",
  "Last Superblock Height": 0,
  "Last Superblock Budget": 0,
  "Last Superblock Payment": -2,
  "Magnitude (One-Day)": 0,
  "Magnitude (One-Week)": 0

Chain seems to be ok and sync.

Is this correct?

Haha, great to see that you've solved your own problems ;D

Yes, I think the MN will be enabled soon.

There is always a first time for everything my friend.

Hi, I set up a MN on a Vultr instance (all exactly the same as in the instructions in and everything went apparently fine.


$ ./biblepay-cli masternode status
  "vin": "CTxIn(COutPoint(0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, 4294967295), coinbase )",
  "service": "[::]:0",
  "status": "Not capable masternode: Masternode must accept connections from outside. Make sure listen configuration option is not overwritten by some another parameter."

I set up the firewall with rules as in the instructions, and did not create another extra firewall group at Vultr dashboard.

Any ideas for troubleshooting? Thank you

EDIT: just in case:

$  ./biblepay-cli mnsync status
  "AssetID": 999,
  "Attempt": 0,
  "IsBlockchainSynced": true,
  "IsMasternodeListSynced": true,
  "IsWinnersListSynced": true,
  "IsSynced": true,
  "IsFailed": false,
  "MasternodesEnabled": true

EDIT 2: ok it was my fault, for some reason I had "listen=0" in conf.

Now it says "Not capable masternode: Masternode not in masternode list"

I understand that it's fine now and I have to wait a few hours to get it listed, don't I?

thanks again!

EDIT 3: now it says "Masternode successfully created", but controller wallet still says "PRE_ENABLED". I will wait few hours more and see...

From my side it seems it's working as expected, I get some payments although I can't evaluate whether they are correct or not-

I got 8 payments of 841 tBBP yesterday and 3 of 16259 tBBP each today.

  "Command": "getboincinfo",
  "CPID": "xxxxx",
  "Address": "yWKX5CXuPCJNLLSwUjqwQcUifnYToco1zM",
  "CPIDS": "xxxxx;",
  "CPID-Age (hours)": 421879,
  "NextSuperblockHeight": 11286,
  "xxxxx_RAC": 451.65,
  "Total_RAC": 451.65,
  "Total Payments (One Day)": 54699,
  "Total Payments (One Week)": 55545,
  "Total Budget (One Day)": 13652100,
  "Total Budget (One Week)": 52085880,
  "Superblock Count (One Week)": 66,
  "Superblock Hit Count (One Week)": 39,
  "Superblock List": "11187,11088,10989,10890,10791,10692,10593,10494,10395,10296,10098,9702,9108,8613,8217,8118,8019,7821,7425,7326,7128,7029,6831,6732,6633,6534,6435,6336,6138,5940,5841,5742,5643,5247,5148,5049,4950,4851,4752",
  "Last Superblock Budget": 1386000,
  "Last Superblock Height": 11187,
  "Last Superblock Payment": 16259,
  "Magnitude": 1.066411856725854

I hope this info is useful


Another question: do we have to "setgenerate true" in the controller wallet, or classical BoPh churning it's not needed any more? What happens if we do/don't do it?

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