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Archived Proposals / Re: Compensation for Jaap's work with BiblePay
« on: May 08, 2018, 08:30:29 AM »
I think it's a good idea that one gets compensation for the efforts, and in your case they have been outstanding.

Not an exchange but do you want me to request for listing in

It’s a nice MN follow service. It’s pretty cool to control MN from several coins at the same time.

Archived Proposals / Re: BiblePay mobile wallet (Android & iOS)
« on: May 03, 2018, 04:49:49 AM »
LoL, I just finished the iOS version with the older interface and libs... and then the Bread developers push all the changes since January into the repo.

Good move, Mr. Murphy.  :o

Anyway I cannot test this latest version with the Mac VM because it depends on go-eth (the SPV client for Ethereum) and I cannot install this dependency in the VM, so we will stick to the original plan and launch the version we have, and then revamp it when we have the real Mac machine.

If all the chainparameter layers have been properly isolated, I could even make the wallet app BTC/BCH/ETH compatible (along with BBP) but I cannot make any promises until I see the code.

Edit: nope, they didn't isolate all chainparams properly so it would be a BBP+ETH wallet, at the most   :(

Archived Proposals / MacOS compiles - iOS version support machine
« on: May 03, 2018, 03:22:15 AM »
We had some pending topics that converged at the same point: the lack of a platform and dev license for MacOS and iOS compiles.

I sort of made the iOS version (development is practically over) with a rented VM at MacinCloud, but I had almost constant hang-ups and connection cuts. It has been a real pain.

The problem with this VM (apart the mentioned usability ones) is that you can't install any special packages or SDKs out of the "regular" ones. This invalidates the VM for permanent compile platform and also for a long-term maintenance tool for the iOS version.

Also, I could not test the phone's camera and QR scanning on the XCode simulator for obvious reasons.

As a result, I proposed Rob to purchase a second hand Mac to overcome all this limitations and start working on MacOS compiles and better iOS version maintenance.


- Purchase a 2nd hand Mac with at least i5 proc and 8GB
- Install development license
- Prepare MacOS signed builds.
- Test iOS with real hardware and then launch beta version.


- 2nd hand Mac (770€)
- Developer license for 1 year: (99€) --> already budgeted in Mobile app proposal = 0€
- Prepare and support MacOS builds: voluntary = 0€
- Test and launch iOS app: already budgeted, 0€

After 1 year, only new Apple developer licenses renewal (99€) would be proposed.

770€ (BTC @ 7700€) = 0,1 BTC (BBP @ 37sat) = 270270 BBP

I had thought to distribute this in a year's amortization, but I would require to create a proposal each month, and actually, after all the expenses I have for my daughter's knee problem, it would be a financial effort I can't assume.

Of course any other use for this Mac that you think we can implement to support Biblepay would be welcomed.

Proposal has been added to gobernance. Kindly consider your masternode vote. If possitive:

Code: [Select]
gobject vote-many 3a89aed047f627edee22853b8a7b3b3fbb5b6298d42ff78a495c4e38c0107fff funding yes
Thank you!

It seems that is still catching up (now it's on 29th April). In my pitiful PC it took far less time, but it's true that if mongodb can use only 1 cpu at a time, it could be an explanation.

The queries run fast, at the cost of a slower indexing, as forecasted.

From my side, work on this proposal is over.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Android mobile wallet - TEST
« on: April 26, 2018, 03:09:42 PM »
Great job on the app, MIP! I have a suggestion.

Would the app work with a lower minSdkVersion? I'm worried that Android 6.0+ is probably not what most of the unbanked population have on their phone.

Furthermore, according to , Google recommends as a good practice to support about 90% of the active devices, while targeting your app to the latest version (targetSdkVersion).

Here is a nice pie chart of the version distribution:

So 90%+ would include 4.4, but I know that's a drastic difference in OS, so if the app doesn't work on 4.4, maybe you could at least include 5.0-5.1, since the OS is basically the same as 6.0, so the app should work, and that would increase the app penetration by a whole 23%, which is around 500 million users more. :) And probably a lot of the unbanked would be in that 500 mil.

This was commented and explained before. Android under version 6 lacks the security measures to protect the wallet keys against a theft or root attack, because it has no built in  encrypted storage.

And i fully agree with them. Why create an unsafe wallet thar can be tampered easily and you can lose thousands? I don't want to be responsible, even morally, of that.

Let's hope Androids under version 6 get outdated soon as tech advances and become more affordable.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Android mobile wallet - TEST
« on: April 26, 2018, 01:29:16 PM »
MIP this is really awesome. I deleted your "beta" version app, then install from Google Store and recover.
All without problems. Awesome. Thanks a lot.
Importing key is not working for me now, with message "The private key is empty". Will be waiting for explorer :)

Yep... That's the reason. As google play might take a random time to publish the app, and I'm leaving for a long journey tomorrow, I preferred to publish it today. Surprisingly it became searchable in less than 2 hours.

I sent Rob the badge for download section in the web and I leave him the honour to make the official announcement. Import will be available as soon as Licht's explorer is upgraded next sunday.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Android mobile wallet - TEST
« on: April 26, 2018, 08:53:15 AM »
Awesome, awesome, awesome! It it correct that it is already released?

I sent it for release but it's better to wait until explorer is ready. And I would prefer Rob to do the honours and the announcement  :)

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Android mobile wallet - TEST
« on: April 26, 2018, 04:52:36 AM »
Private key imports tested with Licht's test explorer. As soon as he considers it's worth moving to Live explorer, we release the Android wallet!

Tests are taking a while as Licht's test server is still indexing blocks... it's now on 39638. getutxos seem to be working as expected. As soon as it catches up I'll test with one paper wallet and if it works we will publish the android version.

How about applying for Graviex? looks good with a GDAX-like interface

Ok, I think I finished polishing, development is finished.

I sent the update to Lichtsucher so he can do a final test of the last version on his environment.

As soon as this is published in biblepay-central explorer, I will release the Android mobile app in Google Play.

Great job!  Im glad you got the API path to expose the UTXOs, and figured out a way to persist the UTXO value in the database!

Im sure Lich will be happy to resync his chain!


It's better to give it a good try first on a test environment, I want to be sure that this add-on is not impacting on the performance (it should not). However it will eat some storage, for example addresses collection takes about 180MB now and processing time for each transaction is slower than before.

I also found some glitches in PoDC staking addresses, as some UTXOs are not properly removed from the database array.
But we are quite close.

Archived Proposals / Re: BiblePay mobile wallet (Android & iOS)
« on: April 14, 2018, 01:56:53 PM »
About the iOS wallet, I had 2 possibilities:

- Use the same BRCore SPV client as in Android. This would mean "upgrading" all the iOS development to use this version.
- Use the last iOS version that compiles for me (build 156 from Nov 2017) and then adapt the older BRCore  version back to connect BiblePay network.

As I am more a "orange belt" in iOS development, and "black belt" in C/C++, I went with the second option.

First transaction sent from iOS!

I loaded the same wallet as the android app, so in fact you can see my other test transactions made in the last days from the Android device.

Here is the import transaction we made yesterday from a paper wallet in Android, as seen in the iPhone

UI is not the "cutting-edge" version.., but feature-wise it's exactly the same app we have in Android.

Now I will proceed to change colors, icons, strings, etc.

TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: Android mobile wallet - TEST
« on: April 14, 2018, 06:27:36 AM »
I've downloaded latest version and I have still there "Bitcoin Nodes" in advanced settings, but after clicking on that there is "Biblepay Nodes".
So I don't know if it is still bug, or I have bad version.

The version you have is fine for testing. The version with the label fix is still in develepment, I will wait until the paper wallet sweep is ready to publish a new one.

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