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Announcements / Re: Mobile Wallet Announcements
« on: January 01, 2021, 03:51:23 PM »

IOS Mobile version   version

available in App store

Announcements / Re: Mobile Wallet Announcements
« on: December 31, 2020, 11:28:09 AM »
If after the upgrade you still experience syncing problems, please add a manual node:
Settings -> Advanced -> Biblepay nodes -> Switch to Manual -> enter trusted node IP

You can find a recent node IPs list here:!network

Announcements / Re: Mobile Wallet Announcements
« on: December 31, 2020, 11:27:34 AM »
Android Mobile version   version

available in Google Play store

- Fix syncing problems

iOS version still pending review and approval by App Store

Please give me the monthly reward amount for this particular stake from 'dashstakequote 1'.

I sent it to you through PM.

So I took a look at the actual block with the shorted payments, and I believe this was caused by an older staker (there is one in the block that was pre-September 2020) and then your stakes (post September 2020).

Actually, this logic is not absolutey 100% certain (its certain that we have a mix of pre-post wallet stakes), but its not certain about the FIFO order causing the overlimit issue - actually let me put this on the debug list and see if we need a stronger rule for the Jan 2021 release... 

Ill look into this and add it to testnet.


4400 BBP

I checked today and saw that I didnīt receive the Dash Stake rewards last 23/12 on block 240895.

If you need any extra info to debug it just tell me.
Thanks a lot.

I am thinking, maybe there's a linker option to just compile cli wallet, and not sanctuary support.

Did you first compile all depends successfully?

For those you need in FreeBSD as a precondition:
Code: [Select]
pkg_add gmake cmake libtool
pkg_add autoconf # (select highest version, e.g. 2.69)
pkg_add automake # (select highest version, e.g. 1.15)
pkg_add python # (select highest version, e.g. 3.5)

Your error means one of the depends (chiaBLS lib) is missing.

I feel God is male, female, transgender too.

"So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them."

Trasgender category does not exist actually. It is a marxist (satanic) invention.

I received this listing proposal via discord

hello friend,sorry for contacting you without your immediate consent.I am Renata from FINEXBOX exchange.

We have 6 pairs to choose, BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC,USDT,TRX. Each pair is 0.2btc.

Any thought?

Production Proposals / Re: Buy Latent Coins on SX
« on: October 20, 2020, 11:49:51 AM »
I think its more like :  Place for sale any BBP owned at 1 sat higher than it bought it for, and re-reserve a buy for a certain % of capital at 1 sat below the market.
Therefore imho, it digs us in a deeper hole every time we let the bot have the coins (in contrast to a long term holder that gets the coins).

One way or the other the conclusion is the same. Unless there is some important volume that pushes the bot out of its trading range.

We donīt have much room to the downside (which could cause it most damage in losses), and if it is to the upside, the bot would cash out it last sell positions with a gain, and it would be out of the market until it detects a new lateral range happening.

Of course having buying pressure is always better than selling pressure on the price of the coin, but as I said, the bot plays to "never lose".

Production Proposals / Re: Buy Latent Coins on SX
« on: October 20, 2020, 10:51:25 AM »
I have the impression that this is some bot algo, because of the "waves" it generates on the bid-ask level.
So for example if it detects some buy presure that raises the price, it adds up to selling possitions higher in the order book.
If it notices sell pressure, it adds up to buying possitions lower in the order book.

Itīs premise is "never lose" this is, it never sells higher that the average buying price (and vice versa) and the only risk it takes is that it buys and the price goes down even further, or that it sells and the price goes up even further (so it "misses out" higher gains, so not a real loss here).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a prophet to see that the current economic system will fall like domino pieces sooner or later.

How it unfolds eventually and how the faithful can be protected from the disgraces remains unveiled to us.

Maybe some privileged (I hope that Rob is found worthy among them) will receive some hints through praying or direct revelation.

I saw the Dash stake rewards came in smoothly last friday, thatīs a great way to get some ROI for hodled BBP coins!
Thanks again to Rob for the effort taken on implementing this.

Ok I did modify a spork that might be it, please try restarting the client and try again.

Wow!! it worked! Thank you very much!

Oh ok, yes, I see your Dash Stake is good, (4.5) and has the correct vout.

I think the problem is you are not allowed to use sanctuary collateral as a dashstake (we block both sanctuary collateral, 4.5MM, and 1000DASH).  Imagine someone trying to use 1000 DASH LOL.

This is because in theory they can double dip if we do that.  (I think we forgot to put in a specific error message for that).

Please try a different BBP UTXO and let me know if that was the problem.  Then I will add a todo item to add an error message for that case.


Hi Rob, I guessed so after writing my first post about it, thatīs why I moved one collateral utxo here: a9dc5156f59cba9261dccc92d31ea597bb9b9f877070f828f695e7d5311e4ac8-1

Which is 1 BBP less than the official collateral amount.
But the result message is the same

This is what I read in debug log:
Code: [Select]
ExtractAPM Height 221839=3.000000 GetDashStake::Using bbpaddr BG54CPavbTGBy54LdjaoSww6ZmMfhupwZe and dash addr  dash amount 0.000000
Deciding between bbpvalusd 286.810000 and dashvalueusd 0.000000 and qty of 0.000000 and 4500001.000000 = 0.000000 VerifyDashStake::REJECTED Dash amount too low.Consensus::ContextualCheckBlock::TestBlockValidityLite  (code 0)

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