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Sorry it seems I got the wrong URL

This is the Masternode hosting place.

Archived Proposals / Add BBP to managed masternode hosting SatoshiSolutions
« on: November 16, 2018, 03:15:38 AM »
I contacted these guys that started few weeks ago

these are similar to GIN and others.

- Fee is $0,07 a day ($2.1 a month). Account must be funded in their coin, SatC (trading in Graviex currently)
- Listing fee = $250

At current prices BTC $5560 and BBP = 6 sats = 750000 BBP in all.

Thanks for your consideration.


Please test the new and confirm that you can connect with boinc client (once you download it and place it in the forementioned folder)

Thank you

Once this is complete, will it cause the BBP Core Wallet balances to update and get corrected?  The Mac shows 1000 (from the faucet) and the PC still shows zero.

This is something different. Do you have the same wallet.dat file for both Mac and PC?

Change is finished and tested for MacOS, but it involved changing the internal system call to boinccmd so I will have to test this carefully in Linux and Windows before releasing the new version. I'll start working on this tomorrow.

I am preparing a change to make Biblepay look for boinccmd in /Library/Application Support/BOINC Data/boinccmd
Now it's looking for it in global path

For this you will have to download the Unix command version

And then move the contents of 'move_to_boinc_dir' folder in zip into /Library/Application Support/BOINC Data so boinccmd can be found there.

Finally wait until I compile version of BiblepayCore.DMG then use that version.
I will keep you posted here.

Where are you getting this error -- you are using the QT wallet to add BOINC?

For macOS, you should install the zip  file:

I'll ask MIP to review this since he has a Macintosh. Looks like the code is confusing your macOS with Linux.

You only need to register your CPID once. If you did it on the PC, it is not necessary on the mac.

It seems that BOINC manager and boinccmd command line are installed separately on MacOS ( After you install the former, you have to download the latter and copy the contents of "move_to_boinc_dir" to /Applications/" or to some directory within global PATH.

And finally I should prepare a quick fix that takes the MacOS case into consideration and goes to the right folder and expect it's already there.
I will have to think about some way to do it in a clean way withour relying on the user accuracy.

Another workaround until this is ready could be just creating the account separately on [email protected] website and then just associate it  (or as Sunk said, create it on a PC)

General Support / Re: Bible Pay Transactions Not Going through
« on: October 29, 2018, 03:15:25 AM »
Android wallet should be working properly (mine is updated and in sync).
Please post the transaction id and your android's wallet destination address to check.

Also, in your Android wallet, check that the Syncing process is finished.

That's correct. You just press "enter" and you go back to command prompt. By this time daemon is already running on the background.

Just run
biblepay-cli getinfo

and if you see the data then the daemon is running and responding.
The fact that it does not respond does not mean the daemon is not running (RPC server might be down or not properly configured) but this is an easy way to check it.

Archived Proposals / Re: in Spanish (
« on: October 22, 2018, 03:21:43 AM »
If it is just a translation, I would leave it in a resource tree.

There is another option of creating a subdomain, so you can create your own website with more contents oriented to the spanish-speaking comunity, but still keeping the domain.

What I am trying to avoid with this is the proliferation of several "biblepay" websites that may confuse end users and community (like .es for Spanish, .de for German, .nl for Dutch, .pl for Poland, etc.)

At the same time, subdomains should be issued only to community users that want to contribute, under some sort of "integrity agreement", this is, website creator commits to control content in the local website to avoid profanity and obscenity among others.

These are my thoughts on this.

Hello Bible Team, i just install and run the IPFS on my Sanc but seem it issue now with port 8080. How can i  fix this ?

run this to check whether the port is already being used or not:

sudo netstat -plnt

Windows is deployed.

EDIT:  Ok, the two boinc diagnostics commands should work in windows now (1155c has been deployed).

MacOS testnet version also available.

Oops, after I removed QT, I just realized one of the chain parameters in testnet was adjusted to look back 30 days for the QT 'governanceinfo' prior total (this was for future qt).... Sorry...

Please all, upgrade to

Building windows now.

MacOS version for testnet also available.

All, please upgrade to so we may resume testing QT.  Bug is fixed.

EDIT: Windows has been released.

MacOS version is also ready for testnet.

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