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Good morning, Biblepay, and Happy Wednesday!
in the last three days, there have been some pretty massive credits entering my wallet. For weeks, the results of dual mining were coming in pretty low, such as 0.3, or 1.0. From Monday (9/28) on, I have seen credits as high as 2700+! I am surprised at such a drastic change. Did anyone else experience the same? Should I expect it to stay that way, or is this an anomaly? Thank you and God bless!

1000 BBP

Rob -
Its still happening. I am using Chrome Version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Please see attachment to see what I am seeing.
However, the change does allow me to download the wallet with https!

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I Believe this is fixed now.

Its funny because the menu dropdown did not have this bug, but the Wallet page did.
The wallet page redirected the download from HTTPS to HTTP.


Please try now.

Rob -
Its still happening. I am using Chrome Version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Please see attachment to see what I am seeing.

1000 BBP

marcelogamboa -

I followed the link you provided and found that the page loads fine. I was able to download the file as well.
If your computer does not allow you to navigate to that, then try the git site. Anyone know the git site for the BBP Wallet?
Edit - I took a look at the site again. There is an issue with the site not being "Completely Secure". Perhaps your security software is stopping you?

1000 BBP

Hi guys, where do i find the download of the wallet version for windows?

When i try to access the website i get this error :

You don't have permission to access this resource.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."
marcelogamboa -

I followed the link you provided and found that the page loads fine. I was able to download the file as well.
Perhaps your computer is confused by the https to http on the page? The page is http, port 80. If your computer does not allow you to navigate to that, then try the git site. Anyone know the git site for the BBP Wallet?

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BiblePay Core Upgrade

- Disable LLMQ (send it back to testnet)
- Add POOS POSE banning (to resolve Sanctuary payment slot issue)

MIP is building MAC.

4200 BBP
I upgraded my wallet to and it is stuck on blocks from Monday, 14 SEP 20. I have not erased my chain - should I?

1000 BBP

** The Last Days Remnant will Teleport **

I remember hearing a couple testimonies of Sundar Selvaraj teleporting from an airport bathroom (to Britain) and I think one other place.  I also heard of Henry Gruver teleporting.
Mike444 recently had a dream of last days saints teleporting (to be able to evangelize efficiently) and he mentioned the place in the book of Acts where Philip did this, here it is:
Acts 8:39

4200 BBP

Absolutely! If the Lord wants you to be in a specific location, He will get you there. Either that, or we'll be running like Elijah!

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Official Block Explorer Upgrade has been upgraded to HTTPS (will redirect if HTTP url is used)
Nice Job on the Explorer, MIP! It looks really good and HTTPS is much better all around!

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Francis Chan on What's Wrong with the Prosperity Gospel

2700 BBP

Excellent add - Thank you Sun! I agree 110%!!! :-)

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I believe what happened a few months ago was there was a rumor that Kim was sick, but he denied it, and he missed the big parade, and his sister was being prepared to take over, but they told the US nothing is wrong hes fine.  The rumor was he had a heart attack and almost didnt recover. 

But this time, I believe one of their govt officials leaked that he is actually in a coma.  Yes it will be verrrry interesting to see if it is confirmed and especially the part about N & S uniting, and possibly a revival in China too.  It does make a lot of sense prophetically, because if God is going to bring in the Tribulation soon, he would want his spirit to be poured out on those opressed areas to give them all a chance (The gospel of the Kingdom will be preached around the world then the end will come).  China is something like 95% opressed, and the true Christians are in hiding and the underground churches.

I also find it interesting that there are many churches (particularly in the US) that are preaching a gospel different than the one that Paul preached, and DROVES are going to them. My Pastors are preaching directly from the Bible and not watering-down the messages. Praise God for men that aren't afraid to preach the words of Jesus and the full Gospel message!

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Some very interesting prophecy news has just occurred:

- Kim Jong Un reportedly fell into a coma and his sister Kim Yo Jong is taking over - what is interesting is Kim Clement prophesied this would happen, before he died, I believe about 6 years ago (I need to find the video) - (he also prophesied Donald Trump would be re-elected a 2nd time):
Kim Clement:

Kim Jong Un rode in on a white horse recently, trying to look like the Messiah (as you know in N Korea it is required to worship Kim like Jesus).

I Will take Both the North and South, and make it one.  Kim your days are numbered
"You are no longer alive -- you are a vegetable -- you are brain DEAD, I will cause that to bring about unity in N and South Korea - the greatest move of the spirit"
N Korea then S Korea will UNITE then CHINA
--Kim Clement


- A Rabbi in Israel (on Breaking Israel News) prophesied the Antichrist will be revealed on Rosh Hashana or shortly thereafter:

4200 BBP

Some very exciting times! Looking to see how this all plays out. Didn't we go thru this same thing ~2x months ago with Kim Jong Un and then he miraculously came back and was seen in public? Or, was that just a sham?

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And also another thing that appears to be coming to pass - one of the prophecies in Dana Coverstones dream (this is one I tweeted out) was that first dimes and nickels wont be available (and thats happening now), then dollars and fives, then (as Sundar Selvaraj said) the world will want to go cashless - in order to usher in the mark of the beast.

Today the Federal Reserve announced they will be making a digital currency soon:

This is a pretty large sign, that a cashless society is on its way.

4200 BBP
Pretty interesting article. AND it was updated just last week. To me, the most interesting part was the final line: "In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, prominent economists have noted that a digital currency would have made it easier for the government to send stimulus checks to workers." Just like the gov'ment to make it all about supporting the people...

1000 BBP

Unsure why this happens, but this is the second or third time I have seen it since mining on Foundation. The BBP awards are down to less than 50 BBP per cycle right now, sometimes less than 5. I was receiving 300+ for weeks, sometimes as much as 1K+. Is it just cyclical and the wallet catches up after a while? My worker address is:
Also, I have not seen any funding from posting yet. Is there a cache that will pay out after a certain amount is "earned"? Thanks for your help in understanding this cryptocurrency mining thing!

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My apologies for such a late reply. We have been trying to continue
contacting various hospitals to hopefully get moises the surgery he needs.

He is soon to be moved to Denver, Colorado.

Thank you very much.

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Thank you for letting us know about Moises' situation. We are praying that God would heal him and provide for his family. I am sending some support as well. God bless!

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Transitioning from Non-Believer to Believer:

4300 BBP
I really like the table you created, Rob. My favorite one is about Samson. Overall, God's Will be done, particularly if He is set to make a precedent! Praise Him!

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