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Mining / mining, may 2019
« on: May 08, 2019, 11:25:24 PM »
Is the PODC portion done? ive been mining on it (reinstalled last night) the heat mining paid in, but i see no magnitude on the wallet or any recent references to CPID or Boinc..

It doesnt allow me to vote, i understand you want real users, not botnets.

but IMO forcing people to stake the coin to get rewarded for mining the coin... is a HUGE mistake. Also, this huge convoluted process of boinc with the 2 projects and stuff... is potentially going to keep the range of users this coin gets used by, extremely small.   I've been mining for Several years, way before mt gox, and bitmain were even around. Not trying to say that i know more than any one, but i have been listening to "normal every day miners" for quite some time, and I think the way this is going with all the complications, is not going to do well for the coin in general, but i pray that you find a way to make it work... The Lord (and his word, and so forth) needs to available to all.

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