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General Support / Re: Unable to sign in [email protected]
« on: March 20, 2018, 02:22:18 AM »
Thanks 616,

I was hoping my wallet would function also. I sent 6000 BBP to southexchange and it has not come up in the balance on that site. I also tried sending BBP from one wallet to another (miner t ominer) as I had done in the past, but that didn't work either.

I have tried to install the wallet a few times but nothing changes? it really p's you off uno, three months to mine 12000BBP and all gone in a matter of days,

BTW  for anyone wondering, all my troubles started after I attempted to do a clean install. DO NOT DELETE ANY FILES FROM YOUR WALLET!!!   

General Support / Re: Unable to sign in [email protected]
« on: March 17, 2018, 06:33:55 AM »
thanks 616,

that was exactly what I needed to hear, at this point I'm going to put my efforts elsewhere. I still don't have my miner running, so instead of concentrating on that (writing code is not my strong point) I'll put my efforts into PR on this side of the pond and do what I can to make it heard.

unfortunately most people in oz, won't be able to set up the miner, or at least get it going. So perhaps purchasing may be an option.
  One problem, can the wallet work without Rosetta?


I think I can help, a little.
1 and 2 sound pretty right, 3? I am in the same, or worse situation.
4. check your CPU, GENPROCLIMIT shouldn't be higher than 8, but it is dependant on your processor. Google your processor for how many cores. If you want to still use your computer, set it to 75%
5 It used to be, downloading a wallet to a new computer, adding the worker to pool and saving on config file to mine with multiple, its similar now, that is if you can get it to mine.

If you have been mining for 3 days for 15 BBP, I would stop immediately, you are better of buying them, (if you can) it took me 2.5 months to mine 6000, which is quite low. I have lost that amount, and can't set up my miner. If this keeps up BBP is set to suffer exponential decay. I would say the main reason is staffing problems. I think there is only one person actively working on the project and a handful of people helping.

running 2 PC's I was mining about 200 per day, I really wanted to see how Rosetta would do

General Support / Re: Unable to sign in [email protected]
« on: March 13, 2018, 11:36:51 PM »
I'm going to stop the CPU for a little while, just till this gets figured out with Rosetta, seems like it has some bugs?

Biblepay was great at the start as all crypto was, I suppose the greed of a few people did it again. No time right now, uno earn 18c in BBP, which takes 4hrs of problem solving, or go to work to pay mortgage??

I am actually earning money by staking a coin which I never even mined??? I earned about $30 in one month, off of a $500 investment. purchased in January, BNK (ICO has finished)

I wreckon not long from now, a method will be created to put extra weight or brakes on the CPU/GPU/ASIC farms.

Rob, seems to be talking sense about that with the RAC/MAG stake thing?

Hey Mate,

If it was to a vote, I would say no. China isn't exactly known for playing fairly, and your asking to translate code to make it easier for Chinese computer farms to understand and change if needed?

Does that seem fair?

General Support / Re: Unable to sign in [email protected]
« on: March 13, 2018, 04:04:06 PM »
Hey T-Mike,

thanks for the feedback. by reverting to, wrong blockchain, but BBP restored, and then update to new client, I was able to add myself to Rosetta. not sure what was different?

The only thing is now I don't see any rewards after almost 24 hours. My work shows in Rosetta homepage, but nothing converts to BBP in the wallet.

Can you tell me, have you accumulated 1000 RAC, if so how much is that in terms of BBP?

General Support / Re: Unable to sign in [email protected]
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:40:54 PM »
note about above post, after reading the reason DC was introduced, it seems like something to stop users producing Mhash/sec and increasing the block difficulty>>>can't the difficulty be increased for individual users who are mining the block as opposed to the block itself.   In a horse race, a stronger horse has weights added, these weights aren't distributed to all the horses!

about my problem, after clean install, I lost my BBP. I installed version, from late January, I now have my BBP back. I am going to leave it on for a few hours to see if it is mining, in solo. in the amount and rounds field it say 2000BBP/2rounds. does this mean anything.

Still not sure how to tackle the CPID signature in DC computing tab. Seeing as wallet is a GUI, can I add the key manually in a .dat or .config

NB for past attempt, I couldn't get wallet to work on Linux Mint. I used Togo's reddit/wiki ? I'll try on Ubuntu soon, I thought the platform was the same

General Support / Re: Help with Mining Set Up
« on: March 12, 2018, 06:42:32 PM »
and not to forget, anyone who is thinking of doing a clean install as per the wiki. don't do it. you will lose all your BBP, I may be wrong, I lost my entire wallet value, with zero balance, I can't even enter my CPID in DC..go figure

I say again, be VERY careful about doing a clean install, or deleting the files from the config.

I was mining on pool for a few months, I'm going to try solo for next few days, to get a few BBP, and then contact an administrator  to try and retrieve my balance.

General Support / Re: Unable to sign in [email protected]
« on: March 12, 2018, 05:35:09 PM »
The wallet sync'd when i ran the wallet repair, it was about 29 weeks behind. I will try to retrieve the deleted files, or to run the version of wallet which had my balance, but his won't solve my CPID problem.

upon checking recycle bin, wallet.dat is not there, all other files and folders which were deleted for clean install are there.? running version didn't help, still zero balance. I had it running for around 12 hours.

I hate to say it, but due to the time it now takes to set up mining, plus all the BBP I've lost, it has become cheaper for me to purchase BBP.. Coincidently how does it work for a new starter? you can't mine in the pool, because you have no CPID, then you can't have 1 BBP to assign your CPID......this level of difficulty, I think BBP just witnessed its first wrong turn. I agree to help Orphans, but now cancer research aswell.

General Support / Re: Unable to sign in [email protected]
« on: March 12, 2018, 03:26:38 AM »
Hi All,

Just wanted to ask if someone could provide a little help. I have the same problem as the previous post, Unable to sign CPID? although it returns my CPID in the message.. ???

I had about 6000BBP which took me months to mine, which are now somewhat lost. I tried the wiki, and also the clean install of the biblepay files in appdata, thats when I lost my BBP. I had two computers mining BBP, both are working on DC as is visible in Rosetta home page. My RAC is 654. I have joined team biblepay, but no result with the distributed computing tab (unable to assign CPID)

The wallet has sync't after the clean install, but lost BBP. I'm on version

Can anyone help retrieve my BBP and assign my BBP

This is my exec getboincinfo {
  "Command": "getboincinfo",
  "CPID": "",
  "Address": "",
  "CPIDS": "",
  "CPID-Age (hours)": 422457,
  "NextSuperblockHeight": 34235,
  "NextSuperblockBudget": 2660579,
  "Total Payments (One Day)": 0,
  "Total Payments (One Week)": 0,
  "Total Budget (One Day)": 2660579,
  "Total Budget (One Week)": 7981737,
  "Superblock Count (One Week)": 3,
  "Superblock Hit Count (One Week)": 3,
  "Superblock List": "34030,33825,33620",
  "Last Superblock Height": 34030,
  "Last Superblock Budget": 2660579,
  "Last Superblock Payment": -2,
  "Magnitude (One-Day)": 0,
  "Magnitude (One-Week)": 0

lastly thanks to the developers, I am trying to spread the word here in Oz


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