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Voting yes. :) I was just taking another look at the current website, and I have a suggestion to make exchange links go to BBP trading page, instead of the main page. Like this: => => =>

Thanks for your work!

Production Proposals / Re: Crypto Bridge Exchange Listing
« on: May 19, 2018, 03:23:34 am »
Sorry, I misunderstood.

Down the bottom there is a tab, "Historical Data"

Thank you! I never noticed that tab.

So our average daily volume for the past 30 days is 0.51 BTC, more than I thought. Only 0.32 BTC for the last 15 days though, but still, Crypto-Bridge is so popular, that I can't imagine we'll fall below 0.25 consistently.

I am voting yes for sure, just wanted to be certain.

Good luck! :)

Production Proposals / Re: Crypto Bridge Exchange Listing
« on: May 17, 2018, 01:59:16 pm »
You can see 30 day volume here

I know that, I was talking about BiblePay volume.

Production Proposals / Re: Crypto Bridge Exchange Listing
« on: May 17, 2018, 02:49:32 am »
The minimum daily volume is on the edge I think, so I'm afraid we could waste 1 BTC. Is there a way to see our average daily volume over the last 30 days? Of course, we hope that having BBP on CryptoBridge will increase the volume, but one can never be too cautious.

Also, is it worth it to try and ask them if they could list a charity coin for 0.5 BTC? That was the original listing fee they were charging a few months ago.

Amazing wallet theme, I voted yes. :)

I hope you will stay in the BiblePay community and do more projects in the future.

I like the plan, voted yes! :)

BiblePay - TestNet Testing Thread / Re: Android mobile wallet - TEST
« on: April 26, 2018, 03:01:37 pm »
Great job on the app, MIP! I have a suggestion.

Would the app work with a lower minSdkVersion? I'm worried that Android 6.0+ is probably not what most of the unbanked population have on their phone.

Furthermore, according to , Google recommends as a good practice to support about 90% of the active devices, while targeting your app to the latest version (targetSdkVersion).

Here is a nice pie chart of the version distribution:

So 90%+ would include 4.4, but I know that's a drastic difference in OS, so if the app doesn't work on 4.4, maybe you could at least include 5.0-5.1, since the OS is basically the same as 6.0, so the app should work, and that would increase the app penetration by a whole 23%, which is around 500 million users more. :) And probably a lot of the unbanked would be in that 500 mil.

Production Proposals / Re: BiblePay mobile wallet (Android & iOS)
« on: April 07, 2018, 03:43:45 pm »
True! I found these ones:

I'll do an average of buy-sell spread.

CoinMarketCap does this automatically and the advantage is that they display a more accurate average price because they take into account the volume per exchange! So for example if exchange 1 has a 30 sat price at 99% of total volume, and exchange 2 has a 36 sat price at 1% of total volume, they will show 30 as average, not 33.

Here is their API for BBP:

Another advantage for you is that you will not have to update your code when new exchanges list BiblePay.

I've been talking to Cryptoshot for a while now, been verifying his accounts, and also have had a video-conference with him to make sure that he is who he says he is. And I am so sure that I will vouch for his legitimacy with my own BBP. I think that this proposal is a good PR-opportunity for Biblepay to start growing in Ghana (and Afrika in general).

I think that Afrika and Biblepay are a very nice match. First of all: Christianity is BIG is most of Afrika (Ghana included). Besides that, certain recent technologies have certain proporties that makes them able to propagate fast and wide in these countries. Two of them are mobile (smart)phones and crypto.

While a lot of people are poor, one thing is certain: it's almost essential to have a mobile phone in Afrika these days, especially when you are part of a young cohort (see also the research paper that Cryptoshot has posted in this topic). Besides that, more an more African people are beginning to see the potential of crypto, especially since cryptos are borderless protocols. So what seems like little value in the western world, can have big value in the poorer countries, and give people a chance to change their life-perspective.

All these things combined play nicely with the newest addition to our coin: earning BBP with a smartphone. With the implementation of PoBH, it has become possible to earn BBP with nothing more than a smartphone with Boinc installed and a Biblepay-address.

At the moment, we don't have a mobile wallet yet, but we've been searching for developers, and I've been in contact with Coinomi for a possible implementation of Biblepay in their wallet.

All in all, I think Cryptoshot has found us with great timing, and that this proposal is a chance for us to grow :)

If you see the same value as I do in this proposal, please vote 'yes' with the following command (which you can of course check in the pool).

Code: [Select]
gobject vote-many 045038724b047ba1908bc557777a5c5ae04703230449d1707865b69a162d8bbe funding yes

Thank you for all of your work, it's very valuable. Now after this message of yours I am also confident about this proposal. I will be voting yes. :)

Production Proposals / Re: BiblePay & CameroonONE
« on: February 28, 2018, 08:01:18 am »
Rob has suggested (and I concur) that we start with the sponsorship of two orphans with CameroonOne as a 'trial', so we can find out together if we can make some good things happen :)

Now I see I forgot about this part of your post from more than a month ago, but this goes to show I was thinking the same thing. So what happened with this suggestion (and your concurrence)? :)

Production Proposals / Re: BiblePay & CameroonONE
« on: February 28, 2018, 07:56:38 am »
@Rob: I'm sorry if I'm out of the loop, but are we having the recurring Compassion expense every month or not? If not, then this expense seems acceptable.

Otherwise, 1,000,000 BBP is a hefty amount for a start. Why couldn't we start a little slower for the first month, say sponsor 7 instead of 14 children or better yet sponsor the proposed 14 children, but for half a year? Then see how everything goes and if it's OK, repeat the process in the next budget.

Also, it's been said that $4,000 will cover the 14 children, but 1M BBP is around $2,950 at today's price.

By the way, thanks Jaap for all the work and communication, I think you should be compensated too.

Production Proposals / Re: Biblepay Charity Commission and Sanctuaries
« on: February 28, 2018, 07:37:09 am »
I guess I really didnt understand the idea fully at first, I was under the impression 100% of the donated funds were going to go towards saving up for a
 single Charity Sanctuary, one where 100% of the charity funds emitted by the sanctuary were then spent by this microorganization on more small charities - like alternatives to Compassion, or Los Angeles homeless etc.

But after Luke commented on the budget not being big enough, I am now under the impression this fund would be asking for 500K perpetually forever to start more and more sanctuaries? And it would never end?  I was going to vote for 1.5M over a few payments, if 100% went to a charity sanc.  But I wont be voting for perpetual payments.

As that would mean we need to trust a centralized entity to run this charity, and remove the decentralized nature of our current DAC - We are forming a decentralized autonomous charity for a reason - so that not one single entity can be in a position to hijack the funds from the foundation and we can continue to operate into the future by replacing the tiny individual loss.

One example of this is Mike might have the best intentions, but if his cold wallet ever got higher than when the pools was 4 million, if someone coerces the money from him, he will just tell us "Sorry, it was stolen".  Thats what we are trying to prevent by having everyone control a small part of biblepay.  (Which btw, is actually fine Mike if you do run One sanctuary, or One charity) like me, I am the guy who handles Compassion each month, and I resist handling more than one charity as then I become a single point of failure for biblepay.

Maybe i need more clarification on the idea, but it sounds like the idea is to force all new charity funds through Mikes organization first, he does due dilligence then spends it.  I think that due dilligence is already being done as we take on new charities.  Jaap just spent a whole week of his time on due diligence for Cameroon One for example and did an excellent job.

I couldn't have said it better, generally these were my thoughts as well.

But this thread got me thinking, is there a possibility to increase the superblock amount, at the cost of miners and/or sanctuary owners? For example, if we only took 10% from miners and 10% from sanctuary owners, we would have about 6,765,000 more BBP in a superblock, for a total of 12,400,000 BBP, which is more than double.

I too believe this is a priority, but may I suggest what I think could also be viable and less spammy? Posting a GitHub job here:

I think it gives a pretty good exposure, but the downsides are: cost of $450 and the people viewing the ad are probably not as targeted as you would target them by manually searching.

And I think your door to door search could be really good in some aspects, but on the other hand I'm not sure why would someone have the time or will to join another project if they are already in one, unless it's a failed one, but that doesn't give me much confidence.

I've noticed that you were searching at UpWork and other websites, but you didn't put up an actual job offer, right? I would definitely try that. Also, here are some other websites I think are worth posting an offer to:

Production Proposals / Re: Reddit Advertising
« on: February 03, 2018, 12:04:17 pm »
Good idea, voting yes. :)

It's just a shame the whole budget has already been spent with 2 whole weeks remaining until funding.

Who is on our network with these clocks set off by 14 minutes?  Cmon, we are hit with every attack on a Christian Community possible huh?
It even looks like there are various nodes with varying timestamps 3575, 7200, 10000+ etc.

Anyway I cant tell what caused it to crash, but most likely whatever I merged in to fix instantsend, and the invalid vote.  The thing that is challening is Im running some sancs myself and do not mind valgrinding this, but Im not down so its a kind of elusive problem.

Blue, do you have more than 4Gb ram on your sanc?  If you do can you do me a favor?

sudo apt-get install valgrind

cd biblepay/src/qt
valgrind biblepay-qt

Run your sanc in valgrind with the defaults of valgrind set?

If you can do that next time you crash, you can send me the valgrind report which will contain the actual line number of source code that crashed it.


PS If your node is only 2gb RAM, its not worth it.
Btw, Ill run valgrind on my big dog also.

Regarding the protocol version, we can only up that when a large change occurs, but getinfos "version" is a hybrid of the software version and the protocol version, so Virus may be able to use that.

My MN is actually on a 512 MB RAM instance. :) And I don't have biblepay-qt nor the dependencies for it, because I installed only CLI. Is there any other way to record crash logs?

Also, now that you've mentioned it, those clock delays in seconds are almost exactly: 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 9 hours. Hmm, what could be the meaning of that, or what are they trying to achieve with that?

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