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Right now Sanctuaries and PoDC are supposed to each receive the same 38.5% of the emission.  However, due to DGW the Sanctuaries lag far behind this.  This does several things.  It weakens our whitepaper as our numbers do not add up correctly.  It weakens our marketing to Masternode buyers as the reward fluctuates for reasons that do not pertain to the Masternode holders.   It adds complexity to the overall system.

Putting numbers to it, the PoDC reward (and the reward until the next Budget Superblock) is currently 1,110,119.  This means the Sanctuaries to get the same 38.5% reward, need to average 5415 BBP per reward.  The maximum reward I've seen a Sanctuary receive over the last week has been just under 4600 BBP.  So on the BEST day, one Sanctuary got 20% less than the theoretical value it should have.  A quick look for August show the average Sanctuary reward has been about 4350, so the majority of Sanctuaries got 25% less than the theoretical value.

The two technical solutions (and admittedly very light on details) are either:

1) Have the Sanctuary reward static (subject to the 1.5% monthly emission reduction) and only subject the PoBH (heat mining) to the DGW.

2) Remove the Sanctuary reward from the block reward and move it to a daily Sanctuary Superblock.  Then award either the first 205 Sanctuaries in line the 1/205th value, or make it an equal distribution among all eligible Sanctuaries (this to me in the most interesting idea and would give all Sanctuary owners a daily reward).

Regardless of which of those ideas works best (or another idea that might work better still), I believe we need to correct the inequity that exists between the daily PoDC Superblock and the aggregate value of the daily Sanctuary rewards.

Archived Proposals / January Proposals - Superblock 30750
« on: January 27, 2018, 12:25:59 pm »
Updated 02/01/18 15:00 UTC (will update every few days)

The next SuperBlock will be block 30,750
Code: [Select]
getgovernanceinfoThe next SuperBlock will have a budget of 5,702,381.489514 BBP
Code: [Select]
getsuperblockbudget 30750
The current Block is 28,370 on this update which is 2380 blocks from Superblock 30750.
The average block time target is 7 minutes, which means the target Superblock 30750 is Feb 13 06:30 UTC.  The average block time is actually longer.

Given the above overall budget, the individual budget allocations are
50.0% Charity = 2,851,190.74
12.5% PR ----- =   712,797.68
12.5% P2P --- =   712,797.68
25.0% IT ------ = 1,425,595.37

ProposalCategory  Budget
2nd Biblepay Faucet  PR  110,000
Jan/Feb Reddit & Twitter   PR131,176
PR Communication and Marketing    PR130,000
Ubuntu Packages   IT 216,785
Proof of Loyalty (PoL) Coding  IT100,000
C++ Blockchain Developer Recruitment    IT113,274 website upgrade  IT81,500
BLOOM Charity  Charity  988,000

Of the above Bloom Charity is not passing.

Thus, the if voting ended today the totals are:
Charity 0; 2,851,190.74 remaining
PR 371,176; 341,621.68 remaining
P2P 0; 712,797.68 remaining
IT 511,649; 913,946.37 remaining

Archived Proposals / YouTube tutorials - Discussion Thread
« on: December 21, 2017, 02:49:31 pm »
Proposal Amount: <discussion>
Proposal Budget: P2P

I have done one tutorial for YouTube, the audio is poor and I need better equipment to do it correctly, but it gives an idea of what I envision they will look like.

I am a former radio professional, have a Midwestern clear accent.  I am willing to do video tutorials (based on Togo's guides, the board discussion and my notes) for the following topics (or those that would be suggested):

  • Voting with Sanctuaries  -
  • Setting up a Miner on Windows
  • Setting up a Miner on Linux
  • Setting up a Masternode on Vutlr
  • What is BIblepay?

I might need to find some better video editing software and learn to use it more proficiently.  I may need a better mic or small sound board.  I've researched a bit and think that would be in the neighborhood of a $300 to $400 expense, of which I would bear half.  I have a Sanctuary so I can do videos related to that.  I would like to see what people want before I make them, and see what the going rate would be.  With writing a script outline, recording and editing, I think most videos could be a 3 to 5 hour project.

So discuss, what topics are of interest?  What fee is reasonable, for doing them given the uncertainty the time factor.  And yes, I see why this is actually harder than just doing the work and asking for a fee lol.

Archived Proposals / Listing at
« on: December 21, 2017, 11:58:41 am »
Proposal Amount: 312,500 BBP
Proposal Budget: P2P

I have been in communication with the operators of the site and feel they offer a good service.  While their price is higher than, they do accept our coin as payment.  To be listed they require .125 BTC or the the equivalent in BBP.  They were not willing to reduce the rate for us.  Right now (12/21/17 17:20 UTC), BBP is at 40 Satoshi.   .125 BTC is 12,500,000 Satoshi, so at 40 Satoshi that would be 312,500 BBP.

I feel they offer a good service.  The other site (.pro) was down for about 2 weeks this year, so having a secondary site would be good.

I've filled out the proper forms and been in communication with them, but am not asking anything beyond the cost needed to fulfill the contract.

General Support / Masternode reward system
« on: December 21, 2017, 12:26:48 am »
Of the 493 Block Rewards (21549-22071), 146 have had the same masternode selected as the (primary) winner in back to back blocks.  There have been at least 20 nodes enabled for a vast majority of this time, and 30 has been the recent normal.  Using 20 as the most conservative estimate however, there mathematically should have only been 25 back to back selections.  So 146 is nearly an order of magnitude beyond what should be the average.

While not every time was a block rewarded (due to insufficient votes), it unfortunately leads to the conclusion that the random selection function likely needs tweaked.

BiblePay discussion / New Logo Contest
« on: October 15, 2017, 11:41:12 am »
There is a contest for a new logo at  I am shepherding it through.  We're getting a lot of response, may are unusable.  To facilitate better entries, it is a sealed contest, so until it ends in another 5 and a half days, there is little I can share.  Once the contest is closed, we'll have 14 days to select the winner and I can share most everything and let the community have the voice it should have.

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