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A meeting of two friends from two non-profit organizations in Slovakia in 2014 resulted in an idea to organize regular canoeing trips down the river Malý Dunaj for children from childrenīs homes. Matej from the civic association TJ Dynamo DK had experience with organizing sporting events, and Marek from the civic association Púpava had experience with organizing events for children from childrenīs homes. However, Matej didnīt dare to organize a canoeing trip without people with pedagogical skills, and Marek, on the other hand, was afraid of the technical aspect of the trip, particularly of how to make it happen so that the safety of children is secured.

The first canoeing trip took place in 2014 and despite initial concerns came out as a great success. As the kids were utterly excited, it became clear that it could not end up being only a one-off event, and thus Matej and Marek launched into organizing further four annual trips. Pictures from individual years can be viewed here.

First year 2014:

Second year 2015:

Third year 2016:

Fourth year 2017:

Since the beginning, it has been necessary to solve in particular where to get money to organize these canoeing trips for the childrenīs homes kids. Each trip cost around EUR 3000 (USD 3600). The trip takes 3 days and the price per person for the entire trip is EUR 125 (USD 150). This includes accommodation in the camp, food, lease of rafting equipment, and travel costs. Entertainment and activities are provided free of charge by volunteers who take part in these trip regularly. Year by year, these canoeing trips attract outstanding personalities with experience who prepare a tremendous program for the children.   

A lot of the volunteers, including the founders of the trip tradition, are practicing Christians, however, as the event is organized for children from a state childrenīs home, the canoeing trip is of secular nature. Its key goal is to arouse passion for sports and physical activities (which the trip contains a great deal of) among the children without parents. In spite of enduring plenty of physical activities and feeling tired, the kids are always very excited about the next year to come. 

Until now, we have been financing the trip strictly from our own resources and contributions of our friends. After we learned about the project BiblePay, we decided to ask for a contribution in the amount of EUR 1000 (USD 1200, 400k BBP (current price now is $0.003064)) , as we feel that the above mentioned annual event falls into the scope of activities supported by this project and the very purpose thereof. The remaining costs are again going to be paid from our own resources.

Matej,  OZ TJ Dynamo DK
Marek, OZ Púpava

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