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To increase the popularity and acceptance of Biblepay, we should provide multilingual supports as many as possible.  Chinese is one of the most important languages. Unfortunately, as you may know, the Chinese translation files of Biblepay Core wallet are not containing the correct content. In order to achieve this target, I'd like to provide the following works:

  • Update source code to provide the correct translation
  • Translate Biblepay specific words, phrases, terms and sentences
  • Fix mistakes and typos of the original translation
  • Fix context inconsistency issue
  • Fix punctuation issue
  • Fix other obvious errors

The original translation file is almost identical with Dashpay but the quality is very poor so I have to spend massive time to improve it.  I would also refer to the translation of Bitcoin Core wallet to ensure the best accuracy and quality.

I've spent about 15 hours for these tasks and I'd expect more works, e.g.  Biblepay specific translation, in the near future.

Budget request:
100,000 BBP * $0.003116/BBP = $311.6 = $20/hr * 15.58hr
This can be from PR or IT, wherever it's suited.

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