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BiblePay discussion / Economical model thoughts and current state
« on: February 09, 2019, 04:39:24 am »
I'm BBP supporter since almost the start of the project but I would not "invest" in BBP without being Christian and considering charity factor.
At the beginning I just took it like "fancy"  way howto support orphans, preach gospel via cryptocurrency project.  So here we are. 
I was buying most around ATH not much thinking about the project from investment PoV.
However I hoped that much more Christians world would grasp this idea.
I invested into this project something about 3 BTC when BTC was much more valuable  and tried to help the project from time to time.

Now BBP is dry. Hovering around price 4-6 sat. Funds of the initial investors (like me) are spent. It was pretty obvious during BBP spike yesterday. BBP up, BBP down to 4 sat.
I understand faith and things like that but how about finally admit that BBP was not based on sustainable principles but rather on denying them. I will list few issues:

1. Proof of (whatever) - why there is  so much effort around this, I can see no value added by constant changing consensus/reward algorithm but quite the opposite (confusion, new bugs, etc.). To me simple PoS would be the best. Mining times are over, maybe Bitcoin can keep it but I'm skeptical. BOINC is centralized and all other approaches seems awkward to me.
2. 10% - understanding support mission to orphans, but frankly this is not tithe because tithe is from profit. If you want to have model based on 10% from profit then build oracle, recalculate BBP to USD and if there is evaluation, then automatically cash 10% of that profit. Now it's more like pillaging the initial funds before we reach zero level. As this is not sustainable orphans will probably (unless God makes some miracle) not be helped in the future and investors will avoid this project.
3. Inflation/Deflation - BBP emission is higher than pace of adoption which necessarily leads to price crash. Again it would be nice to have self-adjusting emission model so that emission would adjust according to market price trend - probably connected to USD or at least BTC.
4. Misusing funds - in the past I've seen cases where thousands of dollars were approved for various non BBP or orphans-related activities (surprisingly to some slovak and other people)  without giving BBP or Jesus / Christianity any publicity.
5. Income side - BBP has no demand increasing utility

Simply summarized: I would rather like to see BBP as simplified PoS project supporting orphans from USD market value increase (we pay orphans with USD, don't we?)  and with strong demand increasing utility. Without that, I'm unable to see any long-term vision for BBP. Wake up! Now BBP is heading to it's crash. I believe Rob is a good guy but BBP really need some serious changes. God bless!

General Support / Created proposals are not visible in Proposals list
« on: August 23, 2018, 01:39:13 pm »

after creating some proposals (from QT Wallet - BBP Wallet version:; Linux-64) these proposals are not yet in the proposals list. Transaction is done and fee is paid but proposals are not visible.

What bothers me is that XML transaction details are quite empty

Seems to me that proposals were sent somewhat empty into the main chain from the wallet. It might be a bug.

Should they be visible immediately after few confirmations or after next super-block or how it works?

Thank you for help.

MCT+ (My Crypto Trade Plus) is evolving P2P alt exchange. Listing is currently very cheap (even for prime position on the platform - 7000 MT = 0.09 BTC) = 900,000 BBP (at 10 satoshi), rest will be sent back to BBP foundation)

I suggest listing as prime (7000 MCT fee) because it's not expensive and it add extra status.

BBP needs to expand further and this is imho a great opportunity to bring BBP before more investors and increase awareness. And it's still very unexpensive.

It can be listed for less but I highly suggest pay for Prime position to keep BBP on top and while it's as easy as now.


Archived Proposals / Proposal - listing BBP on GIN MN platform
« on: August 21, 2018, 05:57:45 am »
GIN is a few-clicks platform for hosting masternodes already supporting tens of of various MN projects.

Listing fee is 300 GIN (300 GIN = 0.2 BTC = 1.9M BBP no proposal (depending on price, rest will be sent back to BBP foundation).

Having BBP on this platform would take BBP MN on another level and reach much greater MN investors audience. It's also very handy platform for MN owners who don't want to bother with things like VPS configuration and node maintenance.

Feel free to ask further questions if you have any.


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