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General Support / Sanctuary disappeared overnight..
« on: December 28, 2017, 02:20:02 AM »
Woke up this morning to it being expired, and seemingly the daemon shutdown around 11.00pm UTC for some reason..

Both mnsync status and masternode status returned "error: couldn't connect to server"..

Restarted the daemon, and it synced eventually, and appeared enabled again..

I was assuming it was something I've done during setting it up, but it had been running on it's own for 3 days now, so was confident it was working.. But then I noticed a whole bunch of other MNs were in Expired states on the MN list.. Not just me.. Though as of writing this, that seems to have reduced somewhat..

I know there's not a whole bunch of technical info to go on, but just trying to work out if there's something wrong with my setup, or of some event last night, triggered the glut of Expired statuses..

Edit: Think I've got to the bottom of why it happened, seems that it was scheduled maintenance on the vultr network, which resulted in network being down.. Which explains the other Expired nodes I saw, they were probably all on the same server location.. Would that explain the MN service stopping ? Does it shutdown in the absence of network connectivity ?

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