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General Support / Re: Unable to send out
« on: Today at 06:25:16 AM »
I don't know how it is on windows desktop wallet, I have linux cli, but I would check the blockchain height to be the same as block hight:

That would mean you are on the same blockchain and you are synced.

On Linux command line I would repair the blockchain with:

./biblepayd -daemon -reindex

or even using -erasechain=1

Discussion and Suggestions / Re: Atomic Swaps feature
« on: January 14, 2021, 05:58:40 PM »
It would be fine for me to even have that feature with dash.

If you can pay dash with bible pay, should be possible to do atomic swaps with dash.

The thing about paying for dash with biblepay is that is a limit on the size of payment. But atomic swaps should work for any amount of  coins (if the send fee is covered).

Mining / Re: How much BBP should I get with 2 - 3 KH/s ?
« on: January 14, 2021, 11:29:26 AM »
Thank you for your reply.

But I thought APM feature was disabled.

Is it still enabled?

Mining / How much BBP should I get with 2 - 3 KH/s ?
« on: January 14, 2021, 05:57:59 AM »

Do you have an idea of how much BBP should I get right now if I have let's say 2500 HS/s mining speed ?

Discussion and Suggestions / Atomic Swaps feature
« on: January 05, 2021, 03:53:36 PM »
I've noticed monero guys funded (and will develop) atomic swaps feature, between monero blockchain and bitcoin blockchain.

That would be interesting as a feature to BiblePay.
Atomic swaps between BiblePay and Dash. There is now a feature where we can pay Dash with BBP but it requires a minimum amount of BBP coins. Atomic Swap would be nice, and should work for any number of coins (if that covers the network fee).

Mining / Re: My address not showing in the leaderboard
« on: January 05, 2021, 03:50:02 PM »
Hello lazysamurai,

can you tell me what the problem was? i am facing the same issue


Sorry for late reply, I took a break from social media...

I had to add my address (the one used by me to mine, to foundation section of this site, to mining address field).

Production Proposals / Re: Buy Latent Coins on SX
« on: October 28, 2020, 05:27:39 PM »
I am curious (regarding/related to buying latent coins) what moves does someone on southexchange regarding gridcoin. I see lots of positions with 2000 coins:


Is there a bot that pushes the price up in some way? I am curious what is doing...

Mining - Resolved Issues / Re: How to check Monero rewards
« on: October 28, 2020, 04:55:33 PM »
Found it, thank you!

You can also check the monero mining here:
Just add your monero address there.

Production Proposals / Re: Buy Latent Coins on SX
« on: October 20, 2020, 02:10:53 PM »
One more thing (not sure this is the right place but is somehow related with keeping the price up) at some point in time you will have to change the name to something more general. Please don't change it to some abreviations (like DAI) but choose a name that means something. Anything. Simple to be.

Richard Heard released a token called HEX, they made huge sell/buy volume in South Korea because gamers bought the coin (it resonates with the games, because of hex coding). So the name means a lot when marketing a coin. And HEX is just a token, it has no features BBP has.

Intense coin (itns) that wants to be a coin for VPN sharing was renamed lethean (lthn), many ppl did not like (liked intense more) but with time people get used to it. Intense was a nice name. Lethean, well is not a bad name comparing it to an abbreviation like DAI.

The other thing that could help (maybe) the coin (in case it has a more neutral name and lot more people would be interested in it) would be atomic swaps. Monero fully succeeded to crowdfund a project to implement atomic swaps. Such feature would be nice for a coin like biblepay when the coin became more broad.

Production Proposals / Re: Buy Latent Coins on SX
« on: October 20, 2020, 02:02:06 PM »
What I wanted to say, you try to do the same as the bot does, buy low, sell high except you don't sell all you bought but you put some aside.

Production Proposals / Re: Buy Latent Coins on SX
« on: October 20, 2020, 02:00:10 PM »

If we observe the price rising and staying higher (for example if we had a lot of value buyers actually waiting) then I think it would be worthwhile.

What if you don't try to hold the price up by buying high and selling low (making a loss that you are transferring it to the bot). Instead place massive buys orders at 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 ( with the most amount of buy at 0.1, less at 0.2 and so on until 0.4 ), let the coin crash and you buy cheap. And if the price rises you sell small amounts, if not you hold the coins.

And instead of the thing of penalizing mingers when the price goes down, you roll back the old way of mining (miners will still gain xmr) but you lower the block reward (lower from the time they are not penalized but not as low as when they are penalized).

Mining / Re: Hashrate failures
« on: October 17, 2020, 09:09:58 AM »
On some ocasions the bug is from monero mining pool. In that case if you see a drop in hashrate, restart your mining app (xmrig) and mining should resume.

I am thinking, maybe there's a linker option to just compile cli wallet, and not sanctuary support.

I tried to follow this:

But running:

# git pull origin develop

returns me conflicts:

warning: redirecting to
 * branch                develop    -> FETCH_HEAD
Auto-merging src/version.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/version.h
Auto-merging src/validation.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/validation.h
Auto-merging src/validation.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/validation.cpp
Auto-merging src/smartcontract-server.cpp
Auto-merging src/rpcpog.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/rpcpog.h
Auto-merging src/rpcpog.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/rpcpog.cpp
Auto-merging src/rpc/misc.cpp
Auto-merging src/rpc/masternode.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/rpc/masternode.cpp
Auto-merging src/rpc/blockchain.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/rpc/blockchain.cpp
Auto-merging src/rest.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/rest.cpp
Removing src/qt/res/images/crownium/unchecked.png
Removing src/qt/res/images/crownium/splash_testnet.png
Removing src/qt/res/images/crownium/splash.png
Removing src/qt/res/images/crownium/drkblue_walletFrame_bd.png
Removing src/qt/res/images/crownium/checked.png
Removing src/qt/res/images/crownium/about.png
Removing src/qt/res/icons/light/toolbar_testnet.png
Removing src/qt/res/icons/light/toolbar.png
Removing src/qt/res/icons/light-retro/toolbar_testnet.png
Removing src/qt/res/icons/light-retro/toolbar.png
Auto-merging src/qt/masternodelist.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/qt/masternodelist.cpp
Auto-merging src/qt/coincontroldialog.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/qt/coincontroldialog.cpp
Auto-merging src/pose.h
Auto-merging src/net.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/net.cpp
Auto-merging src/llmq/quorums_dkgsessionhandler.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/llmq/quorums_dkgsessionhandler.cpp
Auto-merging src/llmq/quorums_commitment.cpp
Auto-merging src/llmq/quorums_blockprocessor.cpp
Auto-merging src/init.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/init.cpp
Auto-merging src/httpserver.cpp
Auto-merging src/governance.cpp
Auto-merging src/governance-vote.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/governance-vote.h
Auto-merging src/evo/providertx.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/evo/providertx.cpp
Auto-merging src/evo/deterministicmns.cpp
Removing src/crypto/pobh.h
Removing src/crypto/pobh.c
Auto-merging src/consensus/params.h
Auto-merging src/clientversion.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/clientversion.h
Auto-merging src/clientversion.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/clientversion.cpp
Auto-merging src/chainparams.cpp
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/chainparams.cpp
Auto-merging src/activemasternode.cpp
CONFLICT (add/add): Merge conflict in qa/rpc-tests/
Auto-merging qa/rpc-tests/
Removing qa/pull-tester/
Auto-merging contrib/
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in
Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result.

And after that compilation is not working:

  CXX      biblepayd-biblepayd.o
In file included from protocol.h:16,
                 from chainparams.h:12,
                 from biblepayd.cpp:11:
version.h:14:1: error: version control conflict marker in file
   14 | <<<<<<< HEAD
      | ^~~~~~~
version.h:16:1: error: version control conflict marker in file
   16 | =======
      | ^~~~~~~
version.h:18:1: error: version control conflict marker in file
   18 | >>>>>>> 8e419161e1eab114e448fc791dc224cdbc97036e
      | ^~~~~~~
version.h:27:1: error: version control conflict marker in file
   27 | <<<<<<< HEAD
      | ^~~~~~~
version.h:29:1: error: version control conflict marker in file
   29 | =======
      | ^~~~~~~
version.h:31:1: error: version control conflict marker in file
   31 | >>>>>>> 8e419161e1eab114e448fc791dc224cdbc97036e
      | ^~~~~~~
gmake[2]: *** [Makefile:10898: biblepayd-biblepayd.o] Error 1
gmake[2]: Leaving directory '/home/ovi/wallets/biblepay/biblepay-develop/biblepay-evolution/src'
gmake[1]: *** [Makefile:12213: all-recursive] Error 1
gmake[1]: Leaving directory '/home/ovi/wallets/biblepay/biblepay-develop/biblepay-evolution/src'
gmake: *** [Makefile:686: all-recursive] Error 1

I am trying to compile biblepay on FreeBSD and I get this error:

[email protected]:/home/ovi/wallets/biblepay/biblepay # gmake                                                                                                                                                            Making all in src
gmake[1]: Entering directory '/home/ovi/wallets/biblepay/biblepay/src'
gmake[2]: Entering directory '/home/ovi/wallets/biblepay/biblepay/src'
gmake[3]: Entering directory '/home/ovi/wallets/biblepay/biblepay'
gmake[3]: Leaving directory '/home/ovi/wallets/biblepay/biblepay'
  CXX      libbiblepay_server_a-activemasternode.o
In file included from evo/deterministicmns.h:9,
                 from activemasternode.h:14,
                 from activemasternode.cpp:5:
./bls/bls.h:14:10: fatal error: chiabls/bls.hpp: No such file or directory
   14 | #include <chiabls/bls.hpp>
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.
gmake[2]: *** [Makefile:7216: libbiblepay_server_a-activemasternode.o] Error 1
gmake[2]: Leaving directory '/home/ovi/wallets/biblepay/biblepay/src'
gmake[1]: *** [Makefile:12213: all-recursive] Error 1
gmake[1]: Leaving directory '/home/ovi/wallets/biblepay/biblepay/src'
gmake: *** [Makefile:685: all-recursive] Error 1

I want to disable masternode support, I only need the wallet.

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