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TestNet Discussion Archive / Re: TestNet Testing Thread
« on: September 13, 2017, 04:44:42 pm »

Wow, you have some great ideas here.  Well as you know I believe you wrote #1 before we had the NeedsWritten column decimal (1 or 0), however its still valid in the sense that it would be nice to see outgoing leters to a distinct orphan grouped together, the list order by added descending, and maybe the top page has the most recent activity.  I dont mind doing it but this brings up one sorely needed feature for the web list that is missing: pagination.  Maybe I need to step back, and add pagination to the web list first.  If you want you can put a ticket in for me to group outgoing letters by orphan and added descending - assign to bible_pay for programming.

On #2, I agree very much that these  letters are personal and up til now didnt think we had anything we could do to combat that (I thought you know we are doing the greater good here, so we have to live with it).  But you bring up a great point, we could probably just as well allow one on one private letters, but that brings up the original problem.  The reason they are public is so the community can do the work of upvoting in order to 'approve' the letters so I dont become a letter policeman for my day job - so I can be free to keep programming.  So the condundrum is, if we allow private letters how do we know the letter doesnt contain expletives and things about my house is so big I wish I could share it but too bad?

Since letters are likely going to occur in batches, could letter reviews become a Sanctuary oversight function? Perhaps tie vote power to accurate review of letters (which could be done by distributing each letter to 2 or more sanctuaries and using a 2of2 of 2of3, 3of4, 4of5...etc approval process)? That way it decentralizes the review process but at the same time limits the public exposure to those nodes that are part of the governing org of the crypto.

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