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Mining / Re: Troubleshooting new setup please
« on: May 12, 2018, 04:42:31 pm »
Hi all!

I am trying to mine some BBP for several days now but to no avail. I am using my Laptop for both the Rosetta project and the wallet. I have staked only ~600BBP, is the bare minimum for mining 1000BBP?

Also, i noticed on the above list there is a question (q. 6) whether the controller wallet is connected to the Internet 24/7. Is it necessary to be connected 24/7 in order to mine BBP? Obviously this is not the case (and could not be) with my Laptop as i only use it a few hours per day. I just want to get a feeling of BBP mining before i invest time (and money?) on setting up a dedicated machine (or go the VPS way) for mining.

Thanks everyone for suggestions!

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