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Announcements / Mobile Wallet Announcements
« on: Today at 03:47:12 AM »
Android Mobile version   version

available in Google Play store

- Fix block header serialization bug causing crashes (reinstall if crash persists)
- Bump protocol number (match Core client June 2020)

Linux 64 bit testnet links are valid again (latest testnet version)

Linux PC 64bits Daemon:
Linux 64 bits QT:


I finally have the sanc online.

Code: [Select]
datalist spork
  "DataList": "SPORK",
  "BPL (1-1-1970 00:00:00)": "",
  "CPKDIARYWL (1-1-1970 00:00:00)": "",
  "GETBMSCRYPTOPRICEXMR (05-22-2020 17:18:13)": "Server?action=XMR_PRICE_QUOTE",
  "PRAYERSMUSTBESIGNED (1-1-1970 00:00:00)": "",
  "SLEEP_DURING_EMPTY_BLOCKS (1-1-1970 00:00:00)": "",
  "SPORK43 (05-16-2020 15:19:55)": "SPORK43VAL",
  "SPORK_8_MASTERNODE_PAYMENT_ENFORCEMENT (1-1-1970 00:00:00)": "",
  "TEST3 (05-14-2020 16:25:22)": "VALUE3",
  "TESTSPORK3 (05-16-2020 15:19:55)": "TESTSPORKVAL3"

I see a couple of SPORK proposals, which I voted for.
I also created the GETBMSCRYPTOPRICEXMR|sx_api_xmr_price, I hope I did it correctly

I have 2 nodes now in block

getblockhash 41364

I will promote the one in the vps to sanc in a while

Hi all,

Did we accidentally have the permissions on this board set so new users could not post?

I'm sorry if we did.  I reset the permissions.

Please feel free to post here as our new general discussion area.

I donít seem to have issues to post here.

Production Proposals / [MIP] Feb-Mar-Apr 2020 compensation
« on: May 15, 2020, 04:18:56 AM »
Hi all

I would like to kindly ask some compensation for Feb/Mar/Apr 2020 support/development tasks

Evo binary compiles for Linux x64 & ARM and MacOS, mainnet and testnet
User support in discord/email/other channels.
Mobile wallet: wallet bugfixes, Apple certificate renewal process.
Dash 0.14.x and 0.15.0 codebase merges in develop branch.

In all a capped amount of 1M.

Thank you very much!

The Executive Summary of Jesus, Video:

Link 2 for download:

Feel free to use this video as you see fit.

Note:  The BiblePay Logo is in this video.

I read your comment about your Adwords account being closed because of advertising the video.
But donīt expect too much from youtube... you are on enemy territory there.

** XMR+BBP parternship appears to be a success **

I'm very pleased to announce a small update regarding our RandomX initiative. 
The other equally important facet of this initiative is we have successfully found a way to eliminate 100% of the drawdown on the BBP currency ticker (remember, in the past, with our huge orphan charity expenses, each time we liquidated for compassion, we sent our price spiraling down by 70% as we raised money for orphan charity); those days appear to be over!

This is great news for both orphans and price action. It was a bit unfair to see this penalty on the price, and even more knowing the project has improved to become a rock-solid chain.

Letís hope in the coming months we see the spiral but up for sponsorships and price.

Are we racing towards the mark of the beast?

Cryptocurrency patent #060606 using body activity data in place of POW (apparently with the assumption that someone is already chipped):
I find it highly disturbing how many times the word "blood" is used also.

I almost didnt believe this was # 060606, so I incremented the number by one and sure enough its valid:

I believe they will try to put us the chip with the excuse of a remedy for CV.
If you donít follow then you will be considered an outcast.

Sanctuary Discussions / Re: Fractional sanctuary (shared masternode)
« on: April 20, 2020, 04:47:55 PM »
This is a very useful application of sancs and covers the gap left by several MN hosting ventures that ceased activity.

Rob, how do you create new sancs as a full 4.5M share is reached? Manually? If so I can help you with this task.

** BBP-Xmrig 5.10.1 - Mandatory Upgrade for Miners **

- Remove automatic tithing from the miner

* Note:  The old version of the miner tithes 10%.  Please start using the new version, as the pool now holds back the 10% orphan-tithe automatically.


** Mac is still building, MIP will notify

MacOS binary available in

« on: March 17, 2020, 01:23:33 AM »
Thank you MIP, excuse my ignorance on the matters with Mac, as I understand the part about being able to compile it and not digitally sign it (and that the user has to disable gatekeeper).

The part I am hazy on, are you unable to test it because Gatekeeper will make your whole system insecure if you test it, or are you unable to test it because of time due to the coronavirus problems?  Another words, will anyone be able to use this or do we need to find a way to sign it?

We can't sign it with our iphone app key can we?

It's mainly lack of time for signing and for testing because of the CV emergency. I will try to create a signing script and DMG today. Without signing, anyone can use the binary but disabling the gatekeeper protection for that specific binary.

« on: March 14, 2020, 02:30:52 AM »
I could compile our xmrig for for MacOS, please find it here

However it comes unsigned, so at the moment whoever wants to use it will have to disable gatekeeper to use it.
I could not test it myself yet either.

« on: March 11, 2020, 05:24:11 AM »
Mined this block so far

Code: [Select]
Status: 10 confirmations
Date: 11/03/2020 03:21
Source: Generated
Credit: 3665.44027172 tBBP (matures in 92 more blocks)
Net amount: 0.00000000 tBBP
Transaction ID: c2e2bb92dc0e747c57f55178c1ea6aded6078f1c5d6c154e87808ba683ac6808
Output index: 0
Transaction total size: 197 bytes

Generated coins must mature 102 blocks before they can be spent. When you generated this block, it was broadcast to the network to be added to the block chain. If it fails to get into the chain, its state will change to "not accepted" and it won't be spendable. This may occasionally happen if another node generates a block within a few seconds of yours.

Height: 34052
Difficulty: 0.03
Time: 03-11-2020 10:21:09
Subsidy: 3665.4403

Credit: 3665.44027172 tBBP
To: yc5ooxeM3L2So41KzhJQ2GEWmQHU26w3kg 3665.0000 BIBLEPAY

CTransaction(hash=c2e2bb92dc, ver=3, type=5, vin.size=1, vout.size=2, nLockTime=0, vExtraPayload.size=38)
    CTxIn(COutPoint(0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, 4294967295), coinbase 03048500044967695e)
    CTxOut(nValue=3665.44027172, scriptPubKey=2102268878100f3f7aa982a5eb0354)
    CTxOut(nValue=6516.33826081, scriptPubKey=76a914874f7a2ed177e38b1685e4ff)

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