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The 75 for utxoweight means it only staked at level 4 on the chart. So it only allocated say, 40K bbp in your coinstake.
You can fix this in prod by adding: polpercentage=50 in your bbp config file, or just wait and see if things improve on the next PODCUpdate tx.

You'd have to go to your PODCUpdate tx and look at what it spent (double click it in biblepay-qt).  Maybe you have some funds locked.  It used .05% currently by default.

Thanks Rob, it is ok, now I understand.

And have same question like jaapgvk.
One (minor) thing: the 'setgenerate 1' option makes the wallet hash at the old speed again (not 1%) on both the linux and windows wallets. I think it was also the case with the previous version.
So, to be clear: with the current wallet, when I do 'setgenerate 1 true', on my quadcore 4 thread system, I'm using about 25% of my CPU.
I am on linux and last two versions are back on 1 full thread ( was 1% of all processor).

Thank and excuse my english. I beleve that you understand my question :).

Hi Rob, please I have UTXOWeight 75:
"6785ded1f65063ef8f01f42deb31cf1d_UTXOWeight": 75,

I have balance over 1M tBBP but have not sanctuary , only wallet.

It is a problem ?


Could you please grab 1092b and try now?

I believe this syntax is required for cross platform compatibility.

Thanks Rob, now is ok.

Hi Rob, please, I can't compile biblepay for testnet on linux. I have this error:

rpcblockchain.cpp: In function ‘bool FilterFile(int, std::__cxx11::string&)’:
rpcblockchain.cpp:4473:52: error: cannot convert ‘std::basic_istream<char>’ to ‘bool’ in initialization
        bool bAddlData = std::getline(streamIn, line);

Looking at your spreadsheet, I only see the 591s and the .01s.  Are you looking at your own sheet, Where do you see sanctuary rewards on your node?

I see for example this:
false   14.02.18 18:45   Vy?ažené      yRThhHMA5rQqz5GTp37Ttn2dXajxpjKec8   5910.00000000   ebd77507e4e6aa1d6a2db1bb7d4eb226530255e2a55c05ddc2daf8207241a447-000

Try going to Settings | Options | Display and changing default language to another language first.

The .01 bbp to you is just a remnant of POL, that is going away soon.
The 581 reward is a heat-mining reward.
The 5800 reward is a sanctuary reward.
Anything over 6000 bbp is a PODC reward.
Tx list looks good.

Thank you very much, for answer.

Switch to english is ok
But why I have sanctuary rewards when I have not sanctuary created ? It is only on testnet (each node is sanctuary)?

Question out of PODC.
I tried to see the transifex page for biblepay but does'n exist. In slovak language have ? character for some special characters. I see corrupted (? character in words) biblepay_sk.ts file. I mean same problem are in another files(chinese for example)

It is possible run biblepay-qt in english (with some commandline parameter) ovveride system locale ?


HI all, I have compiled 1091 on linux.
I have some questions.
1. When I started biblepay-qt after compilation, in one second was added 15 transactions from mined blocks. It is correct?  I attach my transaction log.
2. Some mined block have 5900 tBBP but the majority of blocks have cca 590 tBBP. it is ok ?
3. How the tBBP from PODC are sent? If I understand, from each DC superblock by actual magnitude.   

Thanks for answer.

Hello from Slovakia,  my name is Imrich Schindler :)  (for klondike)
First, thanks to all, which cooperate on this nice idea(Rob, Togo, Alex, Lichtuscher .....) It is great and hard  job.
 I am minnig biblepay since december 2017. I like idea of Biblepay and I'm continualy reading main bitcointalk thread and now this one about PODC testing.

I am testing PODC in testnet on linux. I have installed biblepay from  Lichtsucher ppa(very usefull) and BOINC manager on ubuntu 17.10 .
Testing BOINC on android too (honor 6X)
From my side of view all is working.

Excuse my English, my children are better in english then me :).

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