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Title: Exchange Listing -
Post by: togoshigekata on October 04, 2019, 01:38:53 AM



Headquartered in Estonia, most of their traders are from Eastern Europe


I emailed their listing address, and talked with their head of listing Max over Telegram

"Your project is engaged in charity work and this is a very correct decision. In this regard, I can give you a discount. We always support such projects and I hope that I can get discount approval with my CEO"


Listing Roadmap


Official Listing Price


"Head of Listing / IEO |, [04.10.19 01:26]
The best offer for you:

- listing on
- announcements in social media accounts (FB, Twitter, Telegram group, Telegram channel) of the exchange and email marketing campaign for more than 300K users
- announcements on the exchange (News, blog)
- Support Volume for 3 months for each pair 3-5 BTC / per day)
- provides API Trading Commission: 0% for 3 months (up to 4 accounts)
- Trading pairs: token / BTC, token /  ETH, token / USD, token / USDT, token / UAH, token / EURO
- personal listing manager
- quick listing 3 work days

- fee - 2 BTC upfront payment


Head of Listing / IEO |, [04.10.19 01:27]
We can split the payment into 2 parts if it is convenient for you. 50% deposit and 50% after 2 weeks"


Exchange comparison
Title: Re: Exchange Listing -
Post by: togoshigekata on October 04, 2019, 01:43:01 AM
I cant edit my post, here is smaller image of Official Listing Price:
Title: Re: Exchange Listing -
Post by: Rob Andrews on October 04, 2019, 08:16:30 AM
It looks like they offered us a quote for 4 btc.

But how would we pay that fee?

I think looking at the budget, we have a deficit of about $2000 per month for the next year (as this month we had to skip the compassion payment), not enough for payroll (I have to start taking a 50% pay cut now), and also BBP owes me almost 1.9 btc for tokok still.

So I think we have a budget of more like .25 btc for a new exchange until we pay off the tokok deficit; and be candid I think the .25 would have to spread out over at least 6 months (.25 is too much for us to handle in one month even in our current condition).  In reality unless we get a really killer deal, I dont think we can afford another exchange, or any new payments unfortunately. 

Title: Re: Exchange Listing -
Post by: togoshigekata on October 11, 2019, 01:53:21 PM
Reporting back, Max followed up, I told him we could only afford 0.25 BTC,
he lowered the offer down to 0.5 BTC with contingency that the offer will only last till the end of this week