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Title: - Press Release
Post by: togoshigekata on September 12, 2019, 12:04:40 AM
Submit a Press Release


"The base price for press releases is $165 for up to 400 words.
Additional words are $.50 a word. Other add-ons are available."

"Add Media
 Logo or Photo +$40.00
 Video +$50.00"

"Also post on Religion News Association website
Religion News Association (RNA) is a sister organization of RNS
and provides resources for professional journalists +$50.00"



I am requesting $255 for article, logo and
$255 / $0.000413 per BBP = 617,433 BBP from the PR budget


We would still need an article to be written,
so this would be held as a PR fund until that is figured out


Christ Coin

Christian Traders
Title: Re: - Press Release
Post by: sunk818 on December 22, 2019, 10:01:00 PM
It takes a little more effort, but when April of BLOOM was involved... the idea of contacting media to "pitch" stories to write about with BiblePay in mind somehow requires no money. Just time to build relationships and to build a contact list. I think a lot of funds have been spent on advertisement and marketing without a lot to show for it unfortunately. I think Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations (the three triads of outreach) is important but we have to be judicious with our spending. You need to have the start up mentality and prioritize what is going to have the most bang for the buck and effort.

We could start up a PR campaign again and build a list again?
A good place to start might be the domains resulting from:

You and I can talk more offline Togo.
Title: Re: - Press Release
Post by: togoshigekata on December 23, 2019, 07:02:00 PM
This is the Google Spreadsheet that I, Jaap, You and April worked on:
It has 6 tabs

If your interested to jump on any of this Sun, you have my vote for any funding you need


More documentation from my Open TODO List:

"Christcoin is a dead coin now, but look what places it got articles:"


I currently get us free publicity with Masternode Buzz,
they used to use our tweets, but now they seem to only like blogs and medium articles



It can be hard to quantify marketing effectiveness, its hard to track what led someone to clicking to learn more about BiblePay and investing into BiblePay, for instance Dash paid for marketing for an MMA event, how many people came to learn about Dash from that? and then invested? I dont know, and they dont know either LOL

The last 1/3rd of this recent video from Tao and Amanda of Dash talking about marketing/pr was interesting


Of the monthly budget about 1/8th of it is portioned for PR/Advertising/Marketing,
if anyone wants to take a stab at using that money, Im all for it! :)


We also still need help with Facebook if anyone is interested